Sal Martingano: Author, Educator, The Brooklyn Boy


  1. As a 1st wave baby boomer, I experienced life in America during its greatest years. Parental guidance and achieving goals through hard work and a plan, allowed me to achieve many life goals
  2. As a parent it was imperative that my children had a universal role model to follow, that taught that failures are learning tools ONLY if they remain focused, independent and confident.
  3. As a teacher, doctor, radio and TV personality and now author & mentor, giving back and educating the community is the fulfillment of my life’s work


  1. To hold fast to the founding principles of this country by teaching the lessons of history.
  2. As a believer in Judeo/Christian principles, I will serve my country and creator with a universal life plan for the preservation of traditional values and cultural awareness.
  3. I am a conservative that understands the value and reason for limited government. “Freedom is not Free”, it requires a depth of commitment and responsibility never before experienced in any country on earth.

What am I about?

  • Education: I’m all about educating the general public, specifically our next generation of voters (Mellineals), by making complex ideologies easier to understand for better decision making. “Words have meaning”
    • DOD will be a 4 book series that covers past and present administrations; their ideologies and how they impacted on our society and culture.
    • Summary of events that fits the present
    • Purpose and goal of book as a blueprint for common understanding

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