Let’s Talk The Social Media Government Connection (Part 1)

By Dr. Sal Martingano FICPA

“Information is only as relevant as its source.  The question always is, “who do you believe and where is the proof?” Disinformation is just as relevant as the information itself.

PLEASE NOTE: What you are about to read is APOLITICAL on this authors part; its only intent is to inform.

The Surprising Origins of “Fake News”

George Washington is thought to be above reproach and incapable of mistrust, and volumes have been written that prove otherwise. A perfect example of this is in Mike Purdy’s Presidential History Blog that discusses author John A. Nagy’s book: “George Washington’s Secret Spy War: The Making of America’s First Spymaster”.

For instance, during the Revolutionary War, General Washington’s outnumbered military outsmarted his British General counterparts by leaking “disinformation” about strategic military information. Washington did the same thing during the French and Indian war- being successful in both ventures. In todays’ language this would be the equivalent of media “FAKE NEWS”.

U.S. Government and the Modern-Day
Social Media Spy Ring

In an exclusive interview with TV personality and political activist Joe Rogan, the social media watchdog group Spinquark demonstrates that our modern government actively participates in social media espionage toward its own citizens.

Consider the Following “Coincidences”:

  1. The head of the digital algorithm policy at Facebook worked for the State Department under Hillary Clinton.
  2. The head of the content policy at Facebook worked for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. 
  3. The person in charge of public policy and who oversees hate speech for Global Elections at Facebook was on Obama’s National Security Council.  
  4. The primary spokesperson for communications at Twitter during the 2016 election was Kamala Harris’ former press secretary. 
  5. Silicon Valley owns all of its digital platforms for social media, and receive protections by government alliances with the progressive Democratic Party.

Why should Americans care about the implosion of Venezuela- with a population smaller than the state of California?
Simple: Venezuela is the result of the same policies pushed by today’s American Democrats.

He Who Controls the Data, Controls
the Government

For years, the American people have been debating… what the hell is happening in our media and government? Why are the obviously-illegal activities of the Democratic Party ignored while “conservatives” are under the microscope? Finding answers from the media or social media platforms (ex: Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) is like “giving the fox the keys to the hen house”. Essentially, Silicon Valley has outsmarted government oversight by having control over DATA.

During the 1980’s “oil” was the world’s most valuable commodity. Today, “data” is the new world commodity that spawns lucrative and fast-growing industries. Government quickly realized it must “partner” with Silicon Valley to restrain corporations like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., who control the flow of data. Secretly, government made the ultimate leap into deception by striking a deal with Silicon Valley to “own” social media platforms, in return for government protection from prosecution and additional security from competition.

The Invention of “Economic Pluralism”
and what it Means for U.S. Citizens

In my book, “The Declaration of Dependence: A Betrayal of the American Dream“, (new edition coming soon to Amazon.com) I use the phrase “WORDS HAVE MEANING”. Be advised that what follows is THE example in point.

The pluralism in economics movement is a campaign to change the teaching and research in economics towards more openness in its approaches, topics and standpoints it considers. The goal of the movement is to reinvigorate the discipline… [and bring] economics back into the service of society”.

source: wikipedia.org

To the unengaged reader, “Economic Pluralism” (a “made-up” word used any the government) implies the same “feel good” emotion as “Common Core” education and the “Affordable Care Act” but it is far more sinister. The term “pluralism” is an attempt to integrate mainstream economic teachings to include other schools of thought such as “Keynesian Economics” (government taxes those that can work to support those than can not work) as well as “Marxist Economics” (price, production and consumption decisions made by “central planners“.)

The Illusion of “Informed Voters”

The main reason Economic Pluralism is so sinister is its position on voting. When you “privatize” government, you exert influence over the public. “Pluralists” do not trust the public to make correct decisions that best enhance government. Economic Pluralism eliminates our constitutional right to vote for our representative republic. Political parties no longer represent diversity of thought since only the elite corporate owners (of data) know what’s best for the country.

Gatekeepers and Data Censorship

Progressive operatives and media “talking heads” are gatekeepers for the data we see. If allowed to persist, even the Declaration of Independence can be censored as “hate speech”. Freedom of speech can become labeled as racist and un-American if the central planners decide what type speech to allow.

Government Infiltration of Corporate Policies

The DNC is taking up residence in corporate policy departments across the web. They shape conversations, push agendas, pick who is featured, who is blocked, and who is banned for life. The “Pluralists” dictate the data algorithms we’ll never see and will surely continue making the case for conservative censorship.

Dependence on Social Media

I urge all patriots of this country to reevaluate your dependence on social media. Easier said than done, I know… but remember, disinformation helped win the war against the British war machine; perhaps we can once again learn from our founding father’s leadership. The war to preserve our FREEDOMS is on our doorstep. It cannot be won by bullets or elegant oration in congress. It can be won by “non-participation” in the data power grab. Freedom always comes with a price… let’s not give it away.

*** Come back next week for Part 2 of this blog: which discusses the role of “corporations” and the clandestine alliance they have with our government. ***

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