Let’s Talk The Social Media Government Connection (Part 1)

In this 2-part blog, Sal goes through the surprising revolutionary war origins of “fake news”, governmental influence on corporate policies, and how dependence on social media has led to the unfortunate rise of “Economic Pluralism”.

Let’s Talk Media Deception: Sold to the Highest Bidder

Media Deception

“You can’t believe everything you hear”- especially when it comes to the extreme bias shown by the media conglomerates. The “top stories” are often sold to the highest bidder- to where corporate or political sponsors use their influence to CREATE stories rather than REPORT them. Sal outlines the history and reasons behind the deception and provides questions that every U.S. should be asking to help recognize American policy from planned agendas.

Let’s Talk Mexican Tariffs and Immigration

Read more about how President Trump has backed down from imposing a 5% tariff on Mexican imports (that would have started June 10- then increasing 5% per month- up to 25%) after Mexican negotiators agreed to an aggressive crackdown on Central American migrants.

The Presidents: White House Leaders or Residents

Until the election of 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt was voted into office, most of the U.S. population never had the ability to hear or see who their president was. They voted based on what they read about and what was happening in the country. In comparison to our modern election process, where every word, […]