The Declaration of Dependence

A Betrayal of the American Dream

By Dr. Sal Martingano
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In Book One of The Declaration of Dependence: Media and the Government, Dr. Sal Martingano goes over his years of research in government, the deception of the media, how social media has taken control of public opinion, the rise of fake news, and the lasting impacts of the Obama administration. He walks the reader through how the United States became The Divided States of America with solutions on how to stay united and gain back our independence!

Known for his work in education, Dr. Sal Martingano has spent countless hours in public speaking on the US Government's growing corruption, and how America has lost its most important value... Independence. Sal has been educating people of all ages for over 30 years with dedication to factual information and preserving the true American lifestyle: Freedom, liberty, and Independence.


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2 reviews for The Declaration of Dependence

WOW! This book is like a breath of fresh air in what seems like the utterly confusing world of politics and government. Dr. Sal Martingano brings well-researched viewpoints that aren’t just the typical armchair-politician rants you get from similar publications… He actually takes the time and care to explain everything- allowing the reader to be fully informed enough to make their own logical deductions on “What exactly IS going on with our government?”. This book is like a wake-up call for Americans, and I think should be part of the “syllabus” for us all. BRA-VO Dr. Sal! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!

(verified owner)

Patrick…Thank you for the kind words

I recently had the need and opportunity to meet Dr. Sal Martingano and was thoroughly impressed by him professionally and personally. When I noticed that he was also an author and lecturer, I decided to read his book out of interest and curiosity. Once started, I could not put it down. It was historically and politically informative. He acknowledged that he did three years of research before writing his first word. I found his interpretations of our history in writing and amending the constitution educational; but I thought his enlightenment of our contemporary political landscape and how it has changed in many different ways in recent administrations to also be noteworthy and astute. I found myself in total agreement with his personal beliefs and historical politics. I think that is one reason that it was the kind of book that once started, I felt compelled to finish reading it in one sitting. Congratulations Dr. Sal on your extensive research and knowledgeable insights that you translated and defined in understandable terms. I hope your work ends up in the hands of as many people as possible in our current society. Much could be learned and achieved by reading what you have written but more importantly, understanding your message to all Americans of this and future generations. It has been an honor to get to know you and to appreciate all the many talents you have as a person and a patriot.
Best Wishes and good Luck in the future,
Richard Gagliani

(verified owner)

Richard…Thank you for the kind words

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“Thought-Provoking Ideas.”


“In his book: The Declaration of Dependence, Dr. Martingano looks at the history of the U.S. and its current state of affairs, provides thought-provoking ideas on where we may have gone wrong, and unlike many others, suggests solutions to his ideas with supporting references.

Dr. Martingano challenges values that Americans hold as true today and shows how our government is intentionally and incrementally taking away our freedoms by circumventing the Constitution. No stones are left unturned with respect to today’s media and government, so that all Americans are empowered to make better political decisions- ensuring that we retain our freedoms.”

Jack M. Bourla
Chairman of the Board – IFCO



“Straightforward, Strategic Message.”

“This book is a straight forward, strategic message about how America has devolved, but also how to restore America by shoring up its time proven foundations.”

Brad Dacus Esq.
President – Pacific Justice Institute



“Refreshing Reminder of the Importance of Our Constitution.”

“Dr. Sal Martingano’s book is a refreshing reminder of the importance of our constitution and an unfortunate showcase of how far we as a nation have drifted from its original intent. He holds nothing back in critiquing the missteps of our leaders, our media and even the complacency of American citizens that have led us deeper into progressive ideals that are threatening to undermine the liberties that made us great. I recommend this book for anyone interested in making sure America doesn’t fall into the socialist trap and progressive ideals that are wreaking havoc on much of Europe.”

Andrew Dexter
Executive Vice President – Todd Dexter & Associates



“Eye-Opening, Timely, and Thoroughly-Researched”

“An eye-opening, timely, and thoroughly-researched book with a refreshing, courageous writing style. Thank you Dr. Martingano.”

Dr. Patrick Milroy
Medical Advisor – Runner’s World