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Dr. Sal Martingano is a featured motivational speaker, educator, and author. His career has taken him from teaching industrial arts in high school and college classrooms to be coming a leading Doctor of Chiropractic. He continues his educational expertise with 21 years of radio and cable TV broadcasting and has authored numerous health and wellness articles.

Dr. Sal is an avid historian who believes that “Words Have Meaning” and that education is the key to understanding the political environment of today’s society. His latest book: “The Declaration of Dependence”, empowers and entertains minds of all ages on the complex world of politics, and inspires thoughtful conversation on our “American Dream”.

Sal’s book: “Boys of Brooklyn: A Time When Life Never Sucked” reflects on the exciting memoirs of life as a first wave Italian baby boomer from Brooklyn, and shoes how the lessons learned from that era are now more relevant than ever.



Peruvian Chiropractic Convention
Guest Speaker – Lima Peru

Sherman College of Chiropractic
Graduation Keynote Speaker for Continuing Education

Palmer Chiropractic College of Florida
Guest Speaker for Philosophy Seminars

Life College and Dynamic Essentials Seminars
Guest Speaker – Atlanta Georgia

Schools, Public/Civic Groups, and Media Events
Guest Speaker on Careers, Research, Biology, Neuroanatomy, and Related Science Topics, References Upon Request.

“Sal tells an awesome story that integrates life as it was, life as it is, and life how it should be – with amazing, real life experiences to back it up. Wow, I can’t say enough!”

Mark Roehrig
Author – The Amphigeo Story


“Sal delivers an eye-opening, timely, and thoroughly researched message with a refreshing, courageous style.”

Dr. Patrick Milroy
Medical Advisor – Runner’s World Magazine



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