America’s Democracy Betrayed

Solutions to Fight back

By Dr. Sal Martingano
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America’s Democracy Betrayed: Solutions to Fight Back is a no-nonsense guide that condenses more than a decade of research into an honest look at US politics from an educator’s perspective. This book breaks down the intentionally-complex terms and euphemisms used by the US government and political forums making them easier to understand for all citizens.

Dr. Martingano provides simple, yet effective, solutions, consistent with the US Constitution, to many hot-button national issues—allowing readers to become informed and empowered to decipher fact from fantasy. Words have meaning in our political system, but without a clear understanding of their intent, decision-making is futile.

If “history always repeats itself,” then understanding past historical events along with current political policies is a prerequisite to preserving our democracy. Without understanding the reasons for our beginnings, we too will become nothing more than a footnote in democracy’s playbook.


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“Thought-Provoking Ideas.”


“In his book: America’s Democracy Betrayed, Dr. Martingano looks at the history of the U.S. and its current state of affairs, provides thought-provoking ideas on where we may have gone wrong, and unlike many others, suggests solutions to his ideas with supporting references.

Dr. Martingano challenges values that Americans hold as true today and shows how our government is intentionally and incrementally taking away our freedoms by circumventing the Constitution. No stones are left unturned with respect to today’s media and government so that all Americans are empowered to make better political decisions- ensuring that we retain our freedoms.”

Jack M. Bourla
Chairman of the Board – IFCO



“Straightforward, Strategic Message.”

“This book is a straightforward, strategic message about how America has devolved, but also how to restore America by shoring up its time-proven foundations.”

Brad Dacus Esq.
President – Pacific Justice Institute



“Refreshing Reminder of the Importance of Our Constitution.”

“Dr. Sal Martingano’s book is a refreshing reminder of the importance of our constitution and an unfortunate showcase of how far we as a nation have drifted from its original intent. He holds nothing back in critiquing the missteps of our leaders, our media and even the complacency of American citizens that have led us deeper into progressive ideals that are threatening to undermine the liberties that made us great. I recommend this book for anyone interested in making sure America doesn’t fall into the socialist trap and progressive ideals that are wreaking havoc on much of Europe.”

Andrew Dexter
Executive Vice President – Todd Dexter & Associates



“Eye-Opening, Timely, and Thoroughly-Researched”

“An eye-opening, timely, and thoroughly-researched book with a refreshing, courageous writing style. Thank you Dr. Martingano.”

Dr. Patrick Milroy
Medical Advisor – Runner’s World