Dr. Sal Martingano


“It is my mission to insure that our present and future generations never lose sight of what it means to be free. Words have meaning; redefining words for personal gain is the basis of tyranny, and we MUST resist this temptation to maintain our freedom.”


The Author

“Words have meaning” and require the skill and historical reference to forge past the progressive takeover of our collective minds and spirit. As the author of “Boys of Brooklyn”, Sal shares meaningful “lessons learned” stories via a necessary nostalgia, while providing historical reference, courage, and wisdom for all generations.

The Educator

Life has a way of getting your attention, even when reality is not in sync with one’s dreams… but when the student is ready, the teacher appears. From his beginnings in engineering, to teaching industrial arts in New York City, this Baby Boomer overcame fear of the unknown to not only succeed personally, but empowered others to do so as well.

The Brooklyn Boy

Growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn was a magical experience. It was indeed “A Time When Life Never Sucked”. One can fail without ridicule and develop educational and economic successes based on self-reliance and strong family bonds, all while experiencing life as it was meant to be; raw, exciting, and filled with adventure.

Boys of Brooklyn: A Time When life Never Sucked

by Dr. Sal Martingano


Critical Acclaim for The Boys of Brooklyn: A Time When Life Never Sucked

Our story begins in the humble setting of the Bensonhurst neighborhood in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York City. It was a place that was not too different from the many other small communities around the country at that time. However, it became the one place that history will remember because of the “Boys of Brooklyn.” This is our story.

Jack M. Bourla, DC
"This One Will Challenge Your Beliefs"

Regarding – The Declaration of Dependence

Jack M. Bourla, DC – Says:

“If you are a status quo type person, you may want to stay away from Dr. Martingano’s book, The Declaration of Dependence. Dr. Martingano has looked at the history of the United States and its current state of affairs and provided thought-provoking ideas on where we may have gone wrong. Unlike many others, however, he has also suggested solutions to his ideas and supported them with references throughout his book for the interested reader.

This is not a read for the timid. He challenges many of the values that Americans hold as true today and he suggests that our government is intentionally and incrementally taking away our freedoms and circumventing the Constitution. Dr. Martingano leaves no or very few stones unturned with respect to today’s media and government in a way that empowers the average American in making better political decisions to ensure that we retain our freedoms.”

Brad Dacus, Esq.
Pacific Justice Institute

“This book is a straight forward, strategic message about how America has devolved, but also how to restore America by shoring up its time proven foundations.”

Andrew Dexter
Todd Dexter & Associates
Executive Vice President

Dr. Sal Martingano’s book is a refreshing reminder of the importance of our constitution and an unfortunate showcase of how far we as a nation have drifted from its original intent. He holds nothing back in critiquing the missteps of our leaders, our media and even the complacency of American citizens that have led us deeper into progressive ideals that are threatening to undermine the liberties that made us great. I recommend this book for anyone interested in making sure America doesn’t fall into the socialist trap and progressive ideals that are wreaking havoc on much of Europe.


11 Sep: The Declaration Of Dependence: A Betrayal Of The American Dream – Book One: Media and the Government – NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM!

Sal’s New Book: “The Declaration of Dependence: A Betrayal of the American Dream” “BOOK ONE: Media and the Government” is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM! Read this blog for a “Sneak-Peek”. From the deception of the media, social media’s control of public opinion, the rise of fake news, and the lasting impacts of the Obama administration. Sal walks the reader through how we became The Corporate States of America, and provides solutions on how to stay united to gain back our independence!

04 Sep: Social Media, Economic Pluralism, and The Bias Against Conservatism

The amount of censorship of conservative viewpoints on social media platforms is staggering- especially since most of the policy makers of these platforms are socialists with strong beliefs in Economic Pluralism. This blog is an in-depth interpretation of what that means for freedom of speech in social media, and explains exactly “how we got here”.

27 Aug: Socialism: 10 Concepts You Should Know Before Embracing It

This blog is a quick, 10-point checklist to “keep in your pocket” for the next time you find yourself wooed by the sugar-coated messaging of Socialism. Historically, it hasn’t worked out well for countries that embrace it with open arms, so let’s use knowledge and information to prevent the same fate in the U.S.


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Boys of Brooklyn

A Time When Life Never Sucked


The Declaration of Dependence

A big Central Government isn’t the Answer – Read Why!