Jury Nullification… the power of “We the People”


Recently I read a story of a man who was charged with a criminal act, without involving any victim or physical damages.  His only offense was the legal expression of his rights.  The question is, do behavioral issues reach the benchmark of a criminal offense”

The founders of our constitutional judicial system

The founders of our constitutional judicial system (most of whom were lawyers themselves) knew that judges and lawyers could all be corrupted. The founders knew that if they didn’t give the jury the final authority to prove guilt or innocence, the legal system would become a tyranny for those who would profit from criminalizing non-criminal activity, which is exactly what we have now in our court system.


Jerry Day, of www.FreedomTakers.com  states:

  • Our criminal justice system is out of control.                                                                                             
  • The U.S. has 5x as many prisoners, per capita than any totalitarian country like China, Russia and N. Korea. 
  • More than 85% of U.S. prisoners had NO VICTIM but were jailed for BEHAVIORAL issues such as drug possession, traffic issues or false insurrection charges on Jan 6th.
  • Those numbers make a mockery out of what we call a FREE COUNTRY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9kFgmeRUGA                                                                                                                     

The term “Jury Nullification

The term “Jury Nullification” caught my attention, as it will yours since our judicial system never discusses the proper function of a jury before a trial.  By definition, “a juror may nullify the law and refuse to convict.  That means a juror can refuse to convict, despite court instruction, if in his judgement, the punishment is unjust.”  https://www.findlaw.com/criminal/criminal-law-basics/what-is-the-role-of-a-jury-in-a-criminal-case.html

  • No matter what the judge states, a juror may never be “forced” to rule in favor of the law.  The    judge often misinforms the jury that they MUST rule as the court wishes.

The legal Definition of a Criminal

The Legal Definition of a Criminal is someone who has caused damage or injury to someone else.  There has to be a victim and the victim has to “swear” to the injury.

  • Serving on a Jury, you may have convicted someone who never harmed anyone.
  • Instead, the courts are prosecuting people for BAD BEHAVIOR issues.
  • The courts love to punish and fine VICTIMLESS crimes because they can keep all the fines for themselves since there are no victims.
  • The prisons also make a fortune when judges incarcerate people for years for non-criminal offenses.

Real Example: 

In California, a man was stopped by a deputy sheriff on a motorcycle who did not tell the man why he stopped him.  The man handed the officer a written “reservation of rights”.  The officer asked for his driver’s license which the man asked, based on his” reservation of rights”, if the information on his driver’s license could be used to incriminate him.  The officer became belligerent and screamed at the man.  Without any more conversation, the officer arrested the man, put him in handcuffs and into a patrol car, and impounded the man’s car.

  • The man was arrested for asking a legitimate question of an officer who stopped him without any explanation. Under California law, the man stated his “reservation of rights” which gave the officer no right to ask for his driver’s license unless the officer was enforcing a vehicle code. 
  • As a result, the man opted for a Jury trial, where the man, NOT the officer must appear in court to defend what he did at the taxpayers’ expense as well as any imposed fines.

This is known to be illegal, yet the courts, judges and attorneys continue to profit from an ILLEGAL ACT.  The traffic stop was an excuse to extort money from an “unaware” citizen.

The term JURY NULLIFICATION allows a juror to refuse to convict if in his judgement, the punishment is unjust.  No matter what the judge states, at the end of a trial, “the jury alone is responsible for determining the facts of the case”. https://www.uscourts.gov/services-forms/jury-service/learn-about-jury-service Keep in mind that jurors have NO understanding of the law and are often dismissed if they do.  Therefore, jurors can easily and unknowingly convict an innocent person of a non “criminal act”, thinking that the court demands it. Courts and judges PROFIT from this misinformation.

Think about it…if the law was all that mattered, there would be NO NEED FOR A JURY SYSTEM, since the judge and lawyers are experts in the law.  The LAW is NOT what a jury is there for.  Justice, Fairness and Conscience is what the jury is there for.

An informed jury may be your only chance to obtain true justice. 

Jury Duty

Jury duty is usually considered a burdensome task for which most of us are called upon during our lifetime.  My observation is that the involved attorneys get to select or reject jurors based on their real-life experiences.  However, attorneys are not necessarily looking for the most knowledgeable jurors, since that might imply internal bias that could influence a juror’s decision despite the law implications. My experiences with Jury duty involved traffic violations or drug possession but mostly “victimless crimes”, better stated as “bad behavior issues”.


Choosing jurors with little or no understanding of what their true responsibilities are, makes it easy for judges and attorneys to manipulate or convince jurors to simply follow what they present and not use common sense, which is what they are truly there to judge.

Behavior alone is not enough to deny a person his property, rights, and liberty.  Behavior alone is NOT a crime.  To commit a crime, there must be a victim, damages and the intention to cause damage.  Declaring a guilty verdict for behavioral misconduct will destroy the intent of our legal system.  A juror is there to cancel any conflict of interest within the law.

Hard to think in these terms but when prosecutions are petty, or no harm has been done, we should not convict or find “criminal guilt” where there is none.  You may be dismissing behavior issues like drug possession, speeding or other behavior issues you may find offensive, but when we allow people to be criminalized for behavior issues, then the government can prosecute literally anyone for anything it deems offensive.

Once labeled as a “criminal”, it will go to every employer and law enforcement officer in the country for the rest of your life.

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