A Reality Check on Virology

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How sad that modern science has led so many astray in their understanding of human body functions by creating fear and panic while reaping vast profits for those in power as a result.

Fear creates distrust in nature and our own bodies, making it appear that we are powerless in the face of disease. We have come to accept that only the medical establishment can save us from ourselves. Perhaps it’s time to do a reality check.


How Do People Get So-Called “Deadly Viruses”

The question is, how do people get “deadly viruses” if these so-called “viruses” have never been demonstrated, experimentally, to transmit disease within an isolated pure culture of bacteria or viruses?   The main medical evaluation tool used for viral transmissibility is through mathematical or statistical models.   Technically, we don’t “catch” a virus, the virus catches us, based on our needs and susceptibility. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41579-021-00535-6


We are being poisoned and have been poisoned all our lives by organized medicine via pills, potions, and poisons all cloaked as pharmaceuticals to treat ailments when it’s the treatments and the “cures’ that are often causing the sicknesses, diseases, and chronic illnesses.  Viruses occur as a result of systemic body toxicity, not because the body has been invaded by some external threat. This is the medical fraud we’ve been taught by the system and which the medical profession relies upon to justify the use of vaccinations.

Why Viruses Attack Living Tissue

When the body becomes too toxic or acidic, cells will conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing specific non-living solvents known as viruses, which break down those substances into particles to be expelled out through the skin, mucus, and bowels. Viruses only dissolve dead and dying waste in almost all circumstances. The only time a virus would appear to attack living tissue is when metals are embedded in the tissue, such as polio cases, where viruses have to get into spinal column areas.


Since metals are difficult to remove from the body, it is natural for viruses to inadvertently break down living tissue to remove those metals, which gives the illusion that the virus is somehow working against the body.  In reality, the virus is attempting to heal the systemic toxicity of the body and reverse it.  Metals accumulate in the body from many sources, one of which is vaccine adjuvants. We have been told that adjuvants are added to a vaccine to boost the immune response to produce more antibodies and longer-lasting immunity.  Adjuvants like aluminum are added to vaccines to initiate an inflammatory response at the injection site to simulate the need for the body to initiate a response, but the reality is nothing more than poisons being injected into the blood stream to make us sick. Making us sick and providing the treatment is PROFITABLE. https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/health-and-nutrition-you-asked/what-are-adjuvants-vaccines The average citizen must trust his MD’s decisions on blind faith when vaccines are involved because vaccines are the “sacred cow” of organized medicine.  Try looking for vaccine information counter to our healthcare norms….good luck!

The Notion of Virology Is Medical Fraud

According to independent scientific research into the origins of life, the human body is occupied by a vast collection of microorganisms that have evolved with us since the beginning of mankind.  Science has discovered that the human body is inhabited by at least 38 trillion bacteria and an astounding 380 trillion viruses that are both inside and outside our bodies in a constant war to maintain homeostasis (equilibrium).  https://www.inverse.com/article/49747-what-is-the-human-virome

The whole notion of virology is medical fraud. Pasteur’s Germ theory was proven to be inaccurate by Antoine Bechamp because the germ theory did not take into account that “germs” mutate depending on the acidity and toxicity of the body.  What people are experiencing are allergic reactions to the toxins, poisons, heavy metals, and other foreign materials like tainted water and air, that cause havoc. https://darinolien.com/pasteur-bechamp-germ-theory/.  


When the bacteria / viral functions become imbalanced due to medications, antibiotics, vaccines or anti-virals, the body becomes compromised and open to the ravages of life-threatening infections.  We have no real idea which microbes are good or bad because each have alternating functions we have yet to discover.  The result is unforeseen consequences.  Cancer, for instance, is caused by viruses trying to dispose of dangerous cellular products.  If successful, the viral proteins encapsulate the waste products into a noninvasive tumor that the body can slowly dissolve.  If unsuccessful the capsule never forms, and the body is poisoned.  Our crude medical approach to cancer is to kill the tumor components with radiation and chemotherapy which also can kill the body as a result.  The non-medical approach is to feed the body ingredients it can use to better enhance microbial functions to get rid of the dangerous cellular waste products.

Not All Vaccines Are Created Equal

Vaccines, for example, are not all created equal. With any “EXPERIMENT”, there are many variables that affect the results of the “clinical trial.” All parts of the experiment are VOLUNTARY; even when stated as mandates (which ARE NOT LAWS) to intimidate people, which is why and how “THEY” get away with no liability.   EXPERIMENTS need VOLUNTEERS, those willing to line up and go to the slaughter house. It couldn’t be more obvious that there are placebos out there, too, which is why some are not being affected at all by the saline solution or other benign substance. If everyone dropped dead immediately, the sinister nature of the game would all be too obvious.  Vaccines have time released effects as well. Some people will experience the effects immediately, over time, in varying degrees, while some will drop dead or slowly die in agony.  The truth has been hidden by science for almost 200 years; that viruses are non-living agents that break down waste matter that come from within, not from without. Viruses are nothing more than proteins that cleanse. The body is miraculous and finds ways to heal no matter the circumstances.             

There is no other explanation for how the human body maintains itself. It is the only logical answer!

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  1. Sal, you’re ally did your research on this one. At times iit was alittle deep for this ole guy but yet very informative for me. Keep up you great work. Merry Christmes to you and Cookie

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