All Is Not What It Appears To Be

Many authors in history have said that “things are not always what they appear to be”.  Power, money, and control dominate mankind, and throughout history, most of what we have been told or accept as truth has been a planned deception by those in power to further capitalize on their dominance and wealth. The following are just 12 examples of fabricated and outright fraudulent events that have shaped the history of our U.S. 

12 examples of fabricated and outright fraudulent events

In 1942, American banker Prescott Bush, father to George H. Bush and grandfather to George W. Bush, approved a U.S. Union Banking Corporation loan to help fund the Nazis.  Under The “Trading with the Enemy Act”, Prescott was guilty of treason and his assets were seized.

In 2014, Hunter Biden’s investment fund, Rosemont Seneca Technology, invested $1/2 million in a company called Metabiota, which was involved in BioLab Projects with the corrupt government in Ukraine.  The same year, Metabiota is awarded a $23.9 million U.S. Department of Defense contract, while Joe Biden was Vice President, insuring massive profits deposited in the bank accounts of Hunter 

April 2023, Scientists at Boston University have created a hybrid Covid strain virus from the variants of the Omicron and original Wuhan Covid virus, that has an 80% kill rate. In May 2023, the World Health Organization stated: “The next Pandemic ‘even deadlier’ than COVID is Coming”.  Bill Gates stated: we need to be ready NOW!  Please note the subtle but significant change in language.  The yearly Flu season is no longer.  It appears we will have a yearly Pandemic from now on.  What is not mentioned is that the adverse reaction rate from Flu shots or vaccines, from 2006 to 2019 averages around 1,300 reports.  In 2020, the adverse reaction rate to the Covid vaccine jumped to 41.473 reported cases.

In 2016, Vice President, Joe Biden blackmailed a Ukraine prosecutor by withholding $1 billion in U.S. aid, unless the prosecutor dropped charges against his son Hunter. Hunter’s corruption and money laundering have been ignored by the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

In 2022, Russia invades Ukraine. The Pentagon discovered that a number of Biological Labs were set up and funded by the Bidens, now under the control of the Soviet Union.  Why weren’t the assets of the Bidens confiscated under the Trading with The Enemy Act, like it was for Prescott Bush?

Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief, exposes FBI & CIA crimes. He stated that the 1993 W.T.C bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 & the JFK Assassination, to name just a few, were ALL major cover-ups of the truth by the FBI & CIA. Gunderson was found dead by arsenic poisoning.

The Titanic and its almost identical sister ship, The Olympic, were owned by J.P. Morgan and operated by White Star shipping.  The Olympic, on its first voyage was badly damaged by a collision with the HMS Hawke.  Morgan’s insurance company would not cover the damages, so an insurance fraud plan was executed whereby The Olympics’ credentials were switched with the Titanic.  Morgan then ordered the captain of The Olympic (now as The Titanic) to intentionally scuttle the ship.  Morgan arranged other White Star ships to be in the area to rescue the passengers but due to a navigation error the rescue ship headed in the wrong direction allowing the disastrous outcome of losing 1,500 passengers as the ship sank. The real Titanic was retired from service in 1935

The U.S. is actually a corporation not a free government.  After the Civil War, the U.S. was bankrupt and defaulted on its war debt. Lawyers found a loophole that allowed for a duplicate entity of the U.S. called “The Corporation OF the U.S.A”, to replace the bankrupt “The Constitution FOR the U.S.A.” This resulted in the Organic Act of 1871, which incorporated the District of Columbia into a private FOREIGN corporation, charted in London as “THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION” (all caps)

The Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal, has no Reserves and is not a Bank. The “Fed” consists of 12 Non-Profit, independent, bank corporations.  The “Fed” was set up in 1913 to help support our government’s monetary policies. However, being a private entity, the “Fed” often makes monetary decisions based on what big “Elite” investors demand rather than the stability of the economy as we have assumed. Our present economic failures are the result of bad “Fed” decisions.

The IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican Trust controlled by the Crown of England and takes its orders from the Pope in the Vatican, which has strong ties to the Illuminati. The 16th Amendment (Income Tax) failed by one vote and was never ratified but is enforced.  The IRS has a long, ugly history but suffice to say: “There is no law to pay tax on income”.  Do your homework on this one!

The Nord Stream Pipeline explosion was ordered by the Biden Administration and blamed on Russia. U.S. Navy divers planted C4 explosives in June 2022 at 240 feet of depth and used sonar buoys to trigger the explosion.  The motive was to disrupt the Russian economy’s reliance on gas purchases by Germany.  Russia’s economy depends on the sale of gas and oil to neighboring countries, so it makes no sense that Russia blew up the pipeline.  The loss of Nord stream will put the U.S. in a fuel crisis since the U.S. still supplies natural gas to Europe but not to the U.S. 

The Durham Report totally exonerates Donald Trump from ALL the lies about Russian Collusion, and the Steele Dossier, and exposes Hillary and the Clinton Foundation for orchestrating and funding the entire voter fraud scheme.  Yet no one is likely to be held accountable because Biden’s D.O.J. was told to stand down.

America was a grand experiment to break free from kings, monarchs, and tyrants.  “We the people” are only as strong as our commitment to remain free.  I take no pleasure in exposing this truth. My hope is that “you” will awaken to the truth before all is lost.

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6 Responses

  1. Great blog, all true and it is time to take our country and freedom back. I love the quote at the end by Sal Martingano!

    1. Susie… thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, people really don’t understand that ALLLLLLLLLLL is not what it appears to be. everything we he hear has been filtered through numerous clandestine non gov’t elite organizations. My research shows virtually nothing we hear or learn has not been altered. That is the very sad reality

  2. Hi Dr. Sal,
    Thank you for spelling out all these truths that most people do not know or grasp. I have been praying to figure out how to approach my precious but liberal indoctrinated daughter about the truth as we know it. I have tried not to succumb to fear, which was about the loss of our otherwise good relationship. I recognize her fears about conflicting views of the last few years, as any time we touch on numerous current topics she gets emotional, (angry) and I have learned she is on anti-anxiety meds. I am hoping since this blog has verifiable history and is not specifically about the current events she defends, and does not carry the immediate emotional impact, that if I share this with her, it can crack the door open to more truth.
    Weds. night at Joannes, we watched “Enjoy the Show”, but I realize you probably saw it already. I did not know about the CAA / CIA of Hollywood connection, although it was easy enough to ascertain more evil going on behind the scenes than we can begin to imagine. I just hope and pray that as truth will prevail, Justice will be served in our lifetime. And since so many times I don’t know exactly what to pray for, I just say “Thy will be done” !
    The question now is, where do we, as in you and I, where do we go from here? I am praying about my next steps and what my next role is in this giant scenario. Stephen is 90% better and looking what he can do in life next. I would be just as happy to play with my grandchildren and continue to work part time. But I have a suspicion that life may not permit that to go on, uneventful for much longer. Ok, enough for now. Thank you for all you do! May you be blessed beyond measure.
    Love, Joyce

    1. Joyce…the sad reality is that these issues are not “family” issues. they are designed to affect the individual mindsets of humans based on what they have been expose to in life, including their personal fears apart from family upbringing. I face similar circumstances in my family. The only way to keep families together is to provide access to information from independent sources and let it be. Mind control is how countries are taken over, long before bullets fly. If you read the “Communist Manifesto” you will find that it wasn’t Karl Marx whose ideas are attributed to MARXISM, but that of Fredrick Engels who was the “behind the scenes Elite mind” behind Marx. Bottom line is the “elites” know that the best way to control a country like ours is to keep us divided and arguing about topics that the elites introduce, knowing that there are no real solutions other than what “they” want. they have used our Democratic / Republican parties to keep us divided.

  3. Right on…some I knew but !!! no more comment or might be accused of incorrect “vocabulary”!!!!!!

    1. Phyllis…. there comes a point when you fight fire with fire. Incorrect vocabulary is “mind control” for the masses. WORDS HAVE MEANING !!!

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