America At The Breaking Point


FREEDOM is creating one’s destiny by capitalizing on the advancements of others for the benefit of mankind.

Sal Martingano

America May Not be Perfect But I Am Forever Grateful


As a first-wave boomer, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to live life as it was meant to be by our creator, free from oppression and the controlling dictators of other countries.  America may not be perfect due to the destructive powers available to its leaders but in the end, it’s the resolve of the people that will decide its future.

The Conservative Blame Game


Below is a summation of some of the present-day events designed to incite violence, remove the U.S. as a superpower and create the false narrative that conservatives are to blame:

  • The recent agreement between Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and China to use their own currencies to trade in the oil market, instead of the “dollar”, effectively makes the US dollar a third-world currency.                                                                                                                                            
  • A new digital currency will emerge from the central bank, totally collapsing our present economic structure.                                                                                                                            
  • Digital currency is the beginning of a “police state”, where our every purchase is scrutinized and controlled.
  • The U.S. Bill of Rights will be gone.  In fact, most of our sovereign rights are gone already and nobody is paying attention.
  • Where are the opposing voices in government?  Where is the Republican leadership? A quick review of Congress reveals massive socialist representation as in the “squad” and congressional members like Bernie Sanders who actually ran for President as a devout socialist.  It is obvious that Congress will soon be “one party posing as two”.
  • The Trump indictment ignores the fact that the court system must recognize a person’s innocence until proven guilty.  The mainstream media is intentionally priming the average American that what they are doing is “social justice”.  In today’s world “social justice” is the equivalent of a “banana republic” not a “representative republic” upholding the democratic rule of law.
  • Tucker Carlson, by releasing an unseen video of the Jan 6th event, all but proved that the capital police and the democrats are complicit in orchestrating the illusion of an insurrection, to insight anger and unrest among the conservative electorate.  The capital police literally led the “Shaman”(U.S. Navy veteran Jacob Chansley) throughout the capital, including into the congressional chambers, then used selected surveillance video to arrest him for illegal trespass, putting him in solitary confinement for months, without being charged.
  • Make no mistake, the indictment of Donald Trump has little to do with justice or keeping him from running in 2024, but everything to do with inciting the conservative base into striking out against the insanity and go violent so the democrats can again perpetrate another insurrection. The ultimate message is a well-documented socialist talking point that states: “You see, this is what happens when you let FREE PEOPLE be FREE

The Liberal Socialist Media

The liberal “socialist” media will never allow our society to see what “they” have done to our society; what they have done to collapse our economy and allow our FREEDOM to be flushed into the abyss of a socialist state where freedom is forbidden, and society has no idea what happened.  The socialist elites need the conservatives as a “cover distraction” for their devious actions.


How devious is the socialist rhetoric to blatantly allow democrats to commit acts of treason, as in the Hunter Biden Laptop files that expose the depth of treasonous actions allowing China access to our secret military files in exchange for money?  Similarly, what are the chances that someone other than Hillary Clinton could go unpunished for having secret government documents on servers in her home that a hacker trainee could achieve access to?

We are being treated to events that have taken place throughout history in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, and countless others that have given up their sovereignty, willingly, for the illusion of utopia, only to become another victim of the default ideology of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism. It should be no surprise that on the same day the Jan. 6th charges against the “Shaman” was dropped and he was released from prison, the indictment of Donald Trump was enacted. Civil unrest is the ultimate goal of the social elites. 

History Will Repeat Itself

Unfortunately, history will repeat itself with intentional actions that insight anti-American behavior, ultimately ending in war.  Our FBI, NSA, CIA, DEA, and some 13 others are NON-FEDERAL law enforcement agencies controlled by entities outside our federal executive departments, congressional jurisdictions, or the office of the President; yet, we are taught that these agencies are controlled by the executive branch of government.


The fundamental transformation of power in the United States, as promised by Obama, is effectively complete.  In just 2 years post-Trump, the U.S. is no longer viewed as a superpower and predictions are being made that as early as 2025 the U.S. will be at war.  

An American Symbol

Donald Trump has become a symbol of the average American that keeps getting beaten down for noncompliance while watching the elites being rewarded for criminal, treasonous behavior. Our country is not void of patriots willing to fight for what this country was founded upon, with some 100 million+ other boomers who understand what this country represents and will not stand idly by allowing this corrupt political administration to continue.


Nonviolent civil disobedience rather than ESG scores need to be our guiding principle.  It has been said many times that “Freedom Is Not Free”, and it is once again time to prove it.  To the many who will not understand the socialist agenda until the reality of oppression overtakes the promise of utopia, I hope common sense awakens you before it’s too late. 

Look long and hard at what America, with all its shortcomings, has afforded you.  With the flick of a switch, all that we aspire to will be gone.  The statements and concepts above are not all my own but are the collective wisdom of others, along with historical events from those who came before us. 

One thing is for certain, the fall of America will be the crowning jewel of the all powerful elites. I pray that historical wisdom overshadows the civilian ignorance, expected by the controlling elites.

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