Cages: Exposing the Globalist Agenda for Human Trafficking


“Every 2 minutes a child is forced into sex trafficking”

Exposing the Globalist Agenda for Human Trafficking

If you have not seen “Sound of Freedom” you may never understand the depth of government involvement in the human sex trafficking of children by ruthless cartels around the world. However, in March 2023, Lewis Herms, creator of “Truth Tour” produced the shocking documentary, “Cages: Exposing the Globalist Agenda for Human Trafficking”. Together with the “Sound of Freedom”, the 150 billion illicit human trafficking/government business has been finally exposed.

Bulleted summary of “Cages”

The following is a bulleted summary of “Cages” and the salient points that must be understood to stop the insanity of government-supported cartel human trafficking:

  • Mike Gill, the largest mortgage and banking broker in the world, lost it all by exposing the truth about human trafficking in the Pandora Papers.
  • American Cartels, not Mexican Cartels control Human Trafficking and drug smuggling. The World Economic Forum (WEF), Council on Foreign Relations, and Fortune 1,000 finance the cartels.  The Bilderberg Meeting in 2002 took place in Washington DC. 
  • American Cartels keep elected officials in power near the border.  Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, is in power for the sole purpose of letting illegal trafficking simply SLIDE BY
  • Your birth Certificate, paying taxes, and getting an ID, have opted you into THE SYSTEM without your knowing.
  • Child protection agencies are often guilty of doing just the opposite…LEGAL KIDNAPPING.
  • Social Service receives between $6,600/mo. to $35K/mo., when a child is installed into “private institutions” like group homes and boarding schools.  When the State or the County, takes a child away from the parent, that begins the human trafficking center, funded by the Federal Government.
  • Getting a child out of the Social Service system goes against federal money.  A child in the court system is more lucrative than an adult in the Prison system. 
  • The child’s brain goes into PTSD survival mode within 90 days after parental separation and often ends up in the prison system.
  • Arizona Child Protection Service was renamed Department of Child Safety, after a public scandal. A child is taught to think that someone out to “protect” them is deserving of sexual favors.
  • Requirements to get a child back from CPS are almost impossible to achieve, due to the number of meaningless requirements.
  • Some “homes” are places for satanic rituals and abuse, successfully being covered up by the media.
  • Reunification Camps: Brain washing camps in disguise.  Children are forcefully abducted from CPS homes and taken across state lines to a “ratty hotel” and told that if they do not obey what they are told to do, they will never see their parents or siblings again.
  • Resistance Therapy: Is brainwashing and the actual torture of a child.
  • Mitt Romney owns “Bain Capital”, which owns reunification camps in Utah. Kids are often given electro-shock treatments and told that their mom will be arrested if the child goes to her.  Often, the child will be released to an abusive father…..mental abuse.
  • Reunification camps are set up for wealthy parents and are there, not to protect their child but to protect the ABUSERS.
  • RIGHT TO JURY: Senate Bill 1431 gives parents a chance to expose the corruption of Judges.
  • American Cartel leaders got Rhino Arizona governor Doug Duce to sign a deal to have the only airport in the country, (Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport), to allow flights from Mexico to Arizona, known as A SKY BRIDGE, to enter the country without customs check, under CIA “operation Mockingbird”.  This airport bypasses the border and is known by both republican and democratic party leaders
  • GOOD NEWS: Special forces have arrested cartel members trafficking people at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
  • Arizona State University has received American Cartel funding through the Clinton Foundation and the McCain Institute, to continue their work sheltering the cartels. 
  • The President of ASU is Michael Crow and is also the chairman of the CIA IQT (in-Q-TEL), supplying all forms of AI technology for ALL the 3 letter government agencies in Wash, DC.   Important people tied to the project: Linda Rothchild, David Petraeus & former U.S. intel employees. 
  • There are massive underground ventilated tunnels from Phoenix to Tempi to Mesa, built with the consent and knowledge of the US government. Tunnels are deemed for “National Security” when their purpose is to assist in human trafficking. 
  • The Salvation Army has an entrance for migrant children to enter tunnels, which is directly under Tempi town hall.
  • Homeless shelters in AZ are encampments, apart from government services including police.  Therefore, the cartels have total control of humans.   Captives are given drugs and kept under control.  Murders are rampant.  Fake humanitarians are sent to encampments pretending to take them off the streets but instead are simply trafficked.
  • Humanitarians run cover for churches, pastors, and priests.  Hundreds of churches are being exposed for human trafficking. 
  • Most vulnerable are Native Indian girls.  They are snatched off the reservation and forced to make “sex money” for cartels.
  • Freemasons are prime cabal masters.  They also do good work in the foreground to cover for the evil done in the background.  Their “God is VEIL”, a herm-atrophic God with both male and female parts.
  • Adrenochrome is a chemical produced by the adrenal glands of a child when extracted at the apex of fear during a satanic ritual and is used by the CIA as a brainwashing technique.
  • Cathy Obrien is a survivor of CIA mind control. “No trauma is more important than a sexually abused child under age 5.  Pedophilia is controlled by a dark cabal hellbent on enslaving humanity.” 
  • The World Economic Forum is the center of human trafficking and mind control.  Bill and Hillary Clinton get human traffickers out of the country and are protected from authorities.  For example, a lady caught and charged with getting 33 children into human trafficking, was saved by the Clintons, and instead, she was installed as the President of AMBER ALERT
  • Cabal uses bones and ashes from crematoriums as additives to cement and pay handsomely for them.
  • Cabals fix all elections to get the power they want including installing a democrat (this time) under the pretext of denying Donald Trump who would have ended the trafficking business.
  • Arizona politics is all controlled by Cabal money. The cabal has put money into Dominion voting machines to overthrow elections for generations.  The Bush, Obama, Clintons, Dick Chaney are all from secret societies and are bought and paid for. 
  • The Cabal funds election MULES and the media, to turn a blind eye.  Republican Rhinos are the most important assets.

This unedited film is FREE for all to see.  You will not regret the experience

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