Chaos Theory…The Science of Unpredictability


Chaos Theory is the science of surprises and unpredictability.  It teaches us to expect the unexpected.  Chaos Theory deals with things that are impossible to predict or control.  Recognizing the chaotic nature of our world today gives us insight into the destructive power of a tyrannical government.

What Exactly Is Chaos Theory?


Here is a thorough overview by Fractal Foundation?

Your Ability To Think Clearly and Rationally Is Being Challenged


Have you noticed that your ability to think clearly and rationally is being challenged by the complexity and diversity of “game changing” events being thrown at us in rapid succession, every day in the media?  Have you finally asked yourself; ”what the hell is happening to our country”

Since when is spending more than we have, without regard for a budget, good for our country? Since when do our elected government representatives vote against the best interests of the people they represent?  With the change in political control within our government, comes sinister ‘backroom” deals designed to push an agenda on the population consistent with the destructive policies of a Socialist / Marxist ideology disguised as Democracy.

Here is part of the content of an actual TV news broadcast:


A startling 5.5 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern boarder since Biden took office. Over 362 million doses of Fentanyl have come into the US; enough to kill every citizen.

Biden’s plan to drop Trump’s Title 42, will double border crossings, increase human trafficking and diseases.

The $1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill received congressional approval. The 4,155 page bill is 3 times the size of the Bible. Congress was given 1 day to read it before passing it…(sure they did)

Covid on the rise again, new vaccines available. As of 12/16/22, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), reported that 635,000 Americans have died from adverse effects of the vaccine

Redefining Gender Identity. The World Health Organization lists 16 different genders and states that a person’s sex is not the same as their gender.

Commercial Break: My Pillow, Relief Factor, Balance of Nature, Liberty Mutual, Nutrisystem, Progressive…..all within a 3 minute commercial break

Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX executives received billions in hidden loans, and was the 2nd highest donor to the Democratic party to defeat Trump

Inflation at a 41% high, causing a looming recession with a 33.7% increase in fuel costs and an 11.9% rise in food across the US

Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter reveals massive FBI and CIA corruption

There were 611 mass shootings in 2022; Arguing for stricter gun control, while avoiding the effect that Chaos Theory has on the mentally unstable.

Biden authorizes an additional 33 billion dollars to the previous 54 billion to Ukraine

The above content is upsetting and adds to the Chaos Theory

Confusing Terms Without Explanation


Have you also noticed that confusing terms without explanation are also adding to the chaos?

Omnibus: An omnibus spending bill is a type of bill in the United States that packages many of the smaller appropriation bills into one larger single bill that can now be passed.  (Sneaking in pet political project bills hidden within the Omnibus bill)

How Big is $1.7 Trillion: If counting one dollar every second, it would take 87,199 years to     reach 1.7 trillion

Illegal Immigration:  Immigrants from 106 countries have crossed our southern borders, receiving bus or plane transportation to all parts of our country including hotel stays, debit cards, cellphones, healthcare, education, food and clothing for illegal migrants crossing the southern border. Is it not obvious that the Biden administration is securing millions of “forever” Democratic votes at the expense of our national sovereignty?

Title 42: Prohibits entry into the United States when the CDC believes “there is a serious danger of a communicable disease into the United States.  Democrats want to drop Title 42, so the incoming republican “House” majority will have to take responsibility for another health crisis.

Policies To Save Our Democracy… Yeah Right.


Biden often states his policies are working to save our democracy. What people don’t understand is that Biden is correct, except that his policies are following the Marxist agenda disguised as Democracy.  Does it seem chaotic to speak in terms of protecting our Democracy, by following the game plan of the Marxist Revolutionary Catechism? 

“The only form of revolution beneficial to the people is one which destroys the entire State to the roots and exterminates all the state traditions, institutions, and classes…..Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction”

The reality is that Biden has destroyed our economy, eliminated our southern border, made us energy dependent and is fixated on the climate change agenda of the World Economic Forum.  Is it chaotic or insane to believe that starving millions of human beings to prevent cows from emitting 2% of the world’s carbon / nitrogen emissions, is enough to save our planet?

Citizens on both sides of the political isle need to vote with their conscience not their political party. U.S. citizens had better “wake-up” and understand that The World Economic Forum is a fanatical political organization masquerading as a “neutral entity, with specific policy goals that involve centralizing world power into the hands of hand picked global elites as the only means to save the earth from a climate emergency.

A Solution to Overcome Chaotic Thinking: 


Time Management: “Critical Thinking” always defeats “Chaotic Theory” 

Train your mind not to take on ALL problems at once, as in a 60 minute news broadcast, which metaphorically divides “one pie” into an infinite number of unsolvable pieces.  Instead, devote 100% of time to one problem at a time until complete or dismissed, then take on the next problem to completion, effectively creating an infinite number of pies, each given your full attention without stress or partnership in Chaotic Theory. Democratic freedom is a precious gift that must be earned and nurtured.  Democratic freedom is also the enemy of global elites.

There is no need for war if a country is willing to trade its freedom for a chaotic principle. There will be no second chance at FREEDOM.

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