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Patrick Michaels, chief climatologist at the CATO Institute stated that in the last 100 years the global temperature is 9/10th of a degree Celsius higher; hardly the devastation climate scientists want you to believe.

Basic Facts:

  1. Our entire “global-warming” public policy is built on a phony climate model.
  2. There were two periods of warming during the 20th century.  One in the early 1920’s not caused by humans because not enough C02 in the air, and another in the mid 1990’s caused by several years of El Nino.
  3. 31 world government computerized climate models are making systematic errors, predicting far too much warming.
  4. However, the Russian climate model is the only one consistent with reality.
  5. All other computer models are using data from the 1920 .4 deg increase in warming while ignoring the leveling off trends that followed
  6. Since 1970 actual global climate data found no relationship whatsoever between cyclone energy (hurricanes) and the surface temperature of the earth, thereby contradicting government computer models. 

The Endangerment Finding Act

In Obama’s inaugural Jan 20, 2009 speech, he introduced the Endangerment Finding Act, and just 90 days later, his EPA produced the first preliminary Endangerment Finding for C02.  The EPA was told by the supreme court that if it found C02 levels would endanger health, it had the power to regulate under Obama’s Endangerment Findings of the Clean Air Act.  The EPA findings were 100% based on the faulty computer models

Where it began:

How did the government become such a dominant influence on technology, energy, commerce, etc.? Toward the end of WW2, FDR realized that the scientists involved in the development of the first atomic weapon, under the Manhattan project, needed to remain on the government payroll for other projects.  The result of government takeover of science was that government could now control the direction of the global warming narrative because of funding.

Part of our government plan is to use a global warming excuse to get our country off oil and into renewable energy.  The reason is that people are waking up to the “fossil fuel scam.” 

NOTE: Oil does not come from dead dinosaurs but is a renewable energy source made within the earths mantle. Therefore, the limited resource model is shattered, and government loses its control.  The push toward wind and solar allows government-controlled scientists to once again control the politics and economics of our country.


The Academy of Science is dependent on government funding; they are not doing independent work but are bought off by government grants and licenses, which are funded by taxpayer money. 

Government has intentionally suppressed the science that with an increase in C02, our planets is increasing its “green” growing potential by 5% every year.  C02 is not an enemy, it is a government scapegoat to get our country off petroleum energy.

The Heartland Institute has extensively documented “increased plant and forest growth, bigger crop yields and longer growing seasons as benefits derived from rising concentrations of carbon dioxide.”

  •  C02 warms only the coldest temperatures on the fringes of the growing seasons, therefore more growth time for food.

Government climate models are based on 1920 models that do not take into account that the warming stopped after 1920; instead, these models continue to demonstrate the opposite of what is actually occurring.

What is the Green Movement?

The “green” movement is a global initiative that began in Sweden during President Carter’s administration. Carter was lobbied by the energy group who wanted nuclear energy instead of oil.  The ‘Green” group didn’t want nuclear power but instead, solar and windmills. Carter decided on safer Green energy.

As a result, oil energy was demonized. President Carter’s “Windfall Tax” on oil producers, cut domestic oil by almost 50% which led to America’s dependence on foreign oil.  Carter pushed the false narrative that oil and natural gas were running out and that solar was the answer.

Government grants insured scientific literature was consistent with the government’s false narratives.  International governments within the UN and the Paris Climate Accord also perpetuated the false narrative, relying heavily on U.S. government funding.

Reality set in with President Trump:

President Trump realized the Paris Climate Accord scam and pulled the US out because the only country who actually reduced carbon emissions was the US.  India and China actually increased their carbon emissions.

Specifically, The Paris Climate Accord cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion in reduced output, over 6 million industrial jobs, and over 3 million manufacturing jobs. 

Summary of climate realities

  • There is no demonstrably measurable man-made warming or climate change on Earth
  • Carbon dioxide does not cause any measurable warming on Earth but rather adds a slight delay to nightly cooling and does increase the growing cycles on earth by 5% per year.
  • The Earth’s climate has constantly changed over the course of its 4.6 billion year history.
  • Variations in the solar system such as planetary motions, the Earth’s tilt or axis, solar and planetary gravitational fields, and the Sun’s radiative output have a profound effect on the  Earth’s climate.
  • Climate change is used as an excuse worldwide by governments to tax carbon as a means of revenue generation
  • The cornerstone of the climate change fraud and deception is the incorrect notion that hydrocarbon fuels contribute to manmade warming.
  • It is conclusively demonstrated that only hydroelectric, hydrocarbon (petroleum fuels) and nuclear generation can supply the vast amounts of energy a worldwide population of 7.8 billion people require.

In 2006, Al Gore produced “An Inconvenient Truth”, where he stated that “we had only a decade left to save the planet from Global warming.”  In short, every prediction he made has never occurred because Gore also used the 1920 climate data and extrapolated the continued increase as if factual. 

Al Gore’s 20 room mansion in Nashville Tennessee uses 21 times more energy in one year than the average American household uses in 21 years.

But hey….the entire climate change hoax is based on ”Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

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2 Responses

  1. Sal, thanks for taking the time to distill the trends in this country and the world successfully. The insidious nature of the consequences of government funding are also inherently present in many other areas. Objectivity becomes supplanted by agendas. Trust is a virtue that is earned. Individual people earn it. As soon as it devolves into organizations, one needs to understand the biases of that organization, too often negatively influenced by agendas.

    1. Well Stated!! We should never forget that government funding comes from tax payer money. Democratic government are usually preceded by a Monarchy, where people have no choice but to follow the “leader” of the Monarchy. A democratic Republic is a government where the people choose their leaders, who are responsible to their electorate. Over time, people forget that to maintain a democracy they must participate and remove those leaders unwilling or intentionally not committed to what they were elected to do. The end product of a government based on “agendas” is that the very people governed, become part of the agenda instead of maintaining their independence. Not stopping disingenuous agendas results in the loss of control over taxpayers money

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