Collapse of The Golden State: A Prelude to What Could be America’s Future

Articles like this one on the deceit the Media and Government are forcing on us daily are part of my regular reporting on what is really going on with our country today. After decades of “down & dirty” research and learning, my mission today is to share information in this forum, and in the books I have authored, to educate, enlighten, and empower my fellow citizens to truly understand what is at stake in our country. You can get many more details and the full story in my book: The Declaration of Dependence. I urge you to buy it and read it. Today!

The following information came from a 2020 documentary from Turning Point USA, an American nonprofit organization that advocates conservative narratives on high school, college, and university campuses, and is responsible for its accuracy.

The story is about California and its relentless push toward socialism and anti-American values.  

California’s slow demise is the blueprint for other democratically controlled states. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democratic Party openly espouses socialist values in all facets of our economy. The result can be seen in the slow demise of The Golden State.

So, what happened to California? It succumbed to the default wasteland of socialism to the point of considering succession from the United States.

Let’s talk facts you may not know:

▪ California was once the crown jewel of America, a paradise and the end location for millions of pioneers and explorers, using any means of transportation possible just to experience its beauty and explore its resources

▪ Large prosperous California cities have become partial TENT CITIES due to ever worsening poverty, homelessness, drug use and the destruction of historical landmarks 

Why California?

▪ California was huge and prosperous and by 1850 it became the 31st state of the United States

▪ California first experienced a gold rush, then an oil boom leading to an agricultural boom that led the country in production

▪ Hollywood became the entertainment capital of the world 

▪ Finally, a tech boom which lead to the growth rate doubling its population every 20 years

Starting 2004, California began to change in almost every aspect of its former self. Liberal minded politicians began to infiltrate the state, convincing Californians that its state government could provide goods and services for its citizens at far less cost than independent businesses. This began the corporate takeover of private enterprise and the loss of jobs statewide. 

▪ Over the past 20 years, the GDP of California is less than 1%

▪ Over 5 million people have lost their employment and left the state with over 300,000 leaving just last year

▪ The resulting drop in family income and resulting drop in overall birth rate is hovering around a 17% decline 

▪ 63% of millennials want to leave the state followed by middle-to-lower-income families

The reason is that everything is more expensive in California.

▪ Housing costs are double the national average. The average cost for a home is over $600 thousand dollars while the average annual family income is under $75 thousand dollars   

▪ To afford housing alone, one has to earn $50/hr

▪ The average cost of gasoline is close to $4.00/gallon, and rising

What happened to California? . . . SOCIALISM

  1. Government leadership has allowed the interests of government excess over people
  2. Businesses are being crushed by extreme regulations
  3. California citizens pay some of the highest taxes in the country
    1. Sales tax is 7.25%  
    2. Corporate tax is just under 9% 
    3. Individual income tax is a staggering 13.5% 
  4. Over 15,000 businesses have fled the golden state

Californians have accepted the socialist lies of over promising and under delivering.  

California’s government advocates that all means of production, distribution, and exchange of goods and services should be owned or regulated by government entities. 

The wealth of California has shifted from the individual marketplace to the corporate marketplace. The average person now serves at the pleasure of the government rather than the family.

▪ As a result, 3.8 million jobs have been lost, leading to the biggest surge in poverty ever seen in any state (1/10th of the state’s population) 

▪ California has 12% of the nation’s population, but 34% of the nation’s welfare recipients, and has half of America’s homeless population including 10% of our nation’s veterans

Lesson to be learned:

  • California is proof that the promises made by the socialists of equality and justice for all, are LIES
  • California has been espousing socialism for the past 20 years, resulting in the highest levels of income inequality in the nation
  • California is experiencing 3rd-world conditions where multi-million dollar homes and neighborhoods are surrounded by mass homelessness leading to never-before-seen crime.

California has successfully destroyed the middle class, resulting in a 2-class system; the rich and elite get richer, and the rest of the population eventually become wards of the state.

Socialism is a relentless default governmental system that preys on the uninformed with promises that are never fulfilled.

California is one of many socialist-leaning states, most bordering on the vast perimeter, where waterways of trade and commerce congregate and with it, high populations. 

America must understand that returning to a lost democracy, where government is responsible TO THE PEOPLE, and freedom, not dependence, is the norm, is virtually impossible to re-obtain without mass revolution.   

Examples of a few countries turned socialist: Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, Laos, Nicaragua, Portugal, Viet Nam, Uruguay, Slovenia, and most recently, Venezuela, just to name a few.

At the present rate of democratic “socialism” that has infiltrated our country, it will not be long before America joins the list, unless the silent majority take our country back.  

Feel free to share this information with others to help stifle the relentless default government takeover known as Socialism.

The freedoms found in America are the result of a rebellion against the Monarchy of King George III of the British crown. The freedoms soon lost in America will be the result of ignorance to the fact that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

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