Deception and Fraud for the “Uneducated”

Deception and Fraud

Over the years, there has been a steady erosion of our constitutional guarantees, as the influx of socialistic policies slowly work their way into mainstream American policy.  Below are two of the most obvious examples of what Americans have accepted as “law” not understanding that these are socialistic policies void of democracy’s oversight.

Social Security Ponzi Scheme

Social Security began in 1935 during FDR’s administration, to ensure retirement benefits for those in the working class.  Sounds reasonable but let’s take a deeper look at the economic factors of the day.  FDR became president in 1932, during the Great Depression years (1929 – 1940), which began with the stock market crash in 1929. The U.S. economy had begun to contract earlier in the year.  The over-spending of the “roaring 20’s” left the dollar in short supply since the U.S. was on the gold standard (every dollar was backed by gold).  Investors began pulling equity from their stock investments and converting the equity into gold, causing the entire stock market to lose 22% of its value in just 4 days. Average stock investors lost the equivalent of $396 billion dollars in today’s dollars.   

Unemployment skyrocketed to 25% as the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) was cut in half, as the country went into hyperinflation. By 1935, life in America was miserable, as those who still had jobs saw their dollars devalue by 1/3. Citizens began withdrawing their money out of the banks, causing banks to fail and bankruptcies to rise.

Within the first 100 days of his presidency, FDR, an extreme socialist/liberal, promised to create federal government programs to end the Great Depression. FDR’s signature program was “The New Deal”, which ultimately created 42 new government agencies.  The “New Deal” was a huge “socialized” experiment that was willingly accepted by the public because of the financial hardships the country faced. Social Security became part of mainstream America, yet few understand that social security insured government solvency from that day forward, while promising a guaranteed retirement benefit.

What is rarely mentioned is that the government owns private sector annuities, pensions and trusts where they invest your money and have no direct connection to the stock market.  Dividends from those investments are used to pay retired beneficiaries. Presently there are 178 million people who pay social security taxes and about 69.9 million who receive monthly benefits.

The dirty secret about Social Security is that there is no account specific to your name or your money.  Social Security is funded through current workers’ contributions and cannot be touched until age 67.  That means the government has used your money for 45+years if you start working at 21 years of age.

The best solution would be to set up a guaranteed U.S. treasury private account in your name to secure benefits already paid into the system.  However, like other Ponzi schemes, this solution cannot work because social security requires NEW investment capital to replace needed funds for citizens receiving benefits. This is where the Ponzi Scheme becomes most apparent.  Benefits eventually stop unless a larger number of new workers enter the system.  At present, social security will go broke by 2034.

The Fraud of the 16th Amendment (Federal Income Tax)

The 16th amendment, better known as the “Law that never was”, became the signature program for another socialist/liberal politician, President Woodrow Wilson. The intrigue and deception regarding the 16th Amendment were never publicly reported by the press. Incoming advisor to the Wilson administration, Philander Knox, committed fraud when he declared the 16th Amendment officially ratified.

There were 48 states at that time, and three-fourths, or 36, were required to give their approval for the 16th Amendment to be ratified. The process took almost the whole term of the prior Taft administration, from 1909 to 1913.

Knox had received responses from only 42 states when he declared the 16th amendment ratified on February 25, 1913, under pressure by the Wilson administration to have his signature bill (The 16th Amendment tax code) ratified. Knox acknowledged that four of those states (Utah, Conn, R.I., and N.H.) had rejected it, bringing the count to 38, while Kentucky and Oklahoma had not responded, bringing the count to 36. The state constitution of Tennessee prohibited its state legislature from acting on any proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution sent by Congress until after the next election of state legislators, which dropped the count to 35, one less than that necessary for ratification at the time Wilson announced its ratification. By the final count, less than 20 of the required 36 states had ratified the 16th Amendment. Many attempts have been made to repeal the 16th Amendment under the grounds that it did not adhere to Constitutional law, but all have failed. If one allows the selective dismissal of the law, those that allow it must be held accountable.   

President Wilson knew that for the progressive movement to fundamentally change the rule of law under the Constitution, he must convince the citizens of the U.S. that the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st Amendment, could become a detriment to national security. While the Progressives differed in their assessment of the problems and how to resolve them, they believed that government at every level must be actively involved in these reforms while exempting themselves from their own laws. The existing constitutional system was outdated and must be made into a dynamic, evolving instrument of social change. In short, Constitutional law is to be enforced on the citizens but not on its elected officials.

President Wilson set his sights on breaking the 1st Amendment, especially the freedom of the press. He did so by “cozying” up to the independent media by having dinners at the White House, under the guise of “cooperation and transparency,” when in fact, the motive was to gain influence into what was being reported to the world.

Let it be known that the Federal Government lied to the public.  The Fed’s stated “income” meant profits on income, NOT income itself.  After ratification, the Fed’s changed the definition of income to include salaries and wages.  To this day the Federal government has no legal authority to collect federal income taxes!!

The freedoms found in America are the result of a rebellion against the Monarchy of King George III of the British crown. The freedoms soon lost in America will be the result of ignorance to the fact that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

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