Leaving Afghanistan…The Truth Revealed

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Why Did Biden Leave Afghanistan So Abruptly?

The hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan after a 20-year occupancy without any deterrent for a Taliban takeover is a callous disregard for the 20,752 injured and the 2,456 American soldiers that lost their lives during the conflict.  This is not the forum for discussing the reasons for the Afghanistan war but is of great interest as to WHY the sudden and ill-planned exit.  What does the rapid withdrawal mean and what does it have to do with Afghanistan?

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There are questions that need answering:

  1. Why would Biden pull the remainder of US troops out of Afghanistan in the manner he did, and in direct opposition to advice from military and Pentagon advisers?
  2. Why would Biden pull all military personnel out of the country before removing an estimated 9,000 or more American civilians still scattered throughout the country?
  3. Why would Biden intentionally leave nearly $8 billion in highly technical military equipment in Afghanistan, knowing that the Taliban would take control of the sophisticated aircraft, helicopters, air-to-ground munitions, military vehicles, weapons, communications equipment, and more.


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The American Military News Report

In a report by the “American Military News,” it was revealed that despite “countless warnings” by Biden’s top military advisors that the Taliban was going to “swiftly” take control of Afghanistan, the Biden administration overruled his advisors and “failed to properly plan a coordinated evacuation of U.S. citizens, Afghans, and allied partners.” https://www.dailywire.com/news/report-biden-ordered-afghanistan-pullout-against-top-generals-warnings

None of it makes sense unless you follow the money. Someone (or some people) is going to get very wealthy because of the United States bailing out of Afghanistan in such a reckless, hurried, and bizarre manner.

The Answer in Part is LITHIUM & China

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  1. Biden stated he would bring ALL our men and women out of Afghanistan; he didn’t
  2. Biden signed an executive order setting a national goal for half of new cars and trucks sold by 2030 to be electric and other zero-emission vehicles https://www.bing.com/search?q=biden%20electric%20cars%20by%202030&qs=ds&form=QBRE
  3. Why would Biden hastily give up Afghanistan, rich in the very Lithium deposits needed for rechargeable batteries he wants all cars and trucks to have by 2030?   One word: China.
    • The Taliban quickly made a deal with Communist China to purchase all the Lithium mined in Afghanistan

Putting the Pieces Together

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  1. Hunter Biden holds a 10% equity stake in BHR Partners, an investment fund owned by the Chinese Government                        
  2. BHR Partners is a major shareholder in CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.), which is the leading Lithium-ion battery manufacturer in China   https://neonnettle.com/news/16701-hunter-biden-linked-to-chinese-firm-set-to-profit-from-botched-afghanistan-withdrawal
  3. Hunter Biden’s laptop confirmed that the Biden Family will receive millions of dollars, if Biden pushes the electric car demands on America. 
  4. The Biden family will personally profit from a prompt exit from Afghanistan.
  5. In doing so, China gets control of all Lithium deposits without American interference, thanks to Hunter Biden
  6. It appears that the Biden administration’s concern for a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was less concerning than protecting Hunter Biden’s investment partners in China
  7. The estimated value of Hunter’s investment in BHR Partners to the Chinese Communist government is about $1 billion or $100 million to Hunter himself.
  8. Joe Biden, ”the Big Guy” is guaranteed 10% for his cooperation


The push for “Clean Energy” and the removal of Oil and Coal energy from the American economy now takes on new meaning.  The excuse of environmental concerns pales in light of the “con” America is facing under the Biden Administration.  CATL, the Chinese-owned, lithium-battery company’s value has skyrocketed since Joe Biden took office. 


  1. There is a gold mine of lithium in Afghanistan
  2. Hunter Biden owns 10% of the Chinese-owned Lithium battery company
  3. The Chinese made a lucrative deal with the Taliban to buy all Lithium output 
  4. It’s becoming clear why Joe Biden hastily withdrew from Afghanistan.; to avoid the perception of a family conflict of interest rather than a failed military venture
  5. The Biden Family can only profit from its relationship with the Chinese government’s control over Lithium if all American interests in Afghanistan were severed.
  6. The Taliban is set to make trillions on selling their lithium to China and the Biden’s stand to make billions
  7. Biden has no intention of rescuing the 9,000+ Americans still in Afghanistan nor destroying the billions in military assets left to the Taliban………almost a sickening gesture of “good faith”


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Hard to believe how crooked the Biden Family is, and we just sit by and watch it happen.

America needs to awaken from its trusting slumber.  Marxism (see my previous blog) is a relentless evil force that cares little about life, only control.  The impending disasters that the U.S. will face without reliable energy sources will kill our economy and makes us forever vulnerable and dependent on a tyrannical government.

Not a word has been mentioned about the 11.8 million registered marine vessels in America that usually require more fuel per unit than cars.  Are we to expect a mandatory replacement of all watercraft engines, leaving only battery powered boats.  So many unanswered questions remain but……..ALWAYS follow the money, and you will find the answers to the baffling decisions that an out-of-control government makes

If I were a federal judge, and faithful to constitutional law, one word would be coming to mind: TREASON

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