Let’s Talk Lies by Omission: The True Russian Election Meddlers

By Dr. Sal Martingano FICPA

Ever Hear of “The Global Engagement Center”?

While most of America focused on the two year Mueller ‘soap opera’ investigation… few had any clue of the ‘sleight of hand’ politics taking place behind the scenes. “The Global Engagement Center”, is an Obama-appointed government agency that still exists under the U.S. Department of State.

The GEC Mission Statement is as Follows:

To direct, lead, synchronize, integrate, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and foreign non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United States and its allies and partner nations.”

Section 1287 of FY17 NDAA (as amended by the FY19 NDAA)

Consider the Following:

• While congress attempted to find the truth about the Russian meddling/Trump collusion story, the real crime was unfolding. The Mueller probe used the Russian troll/Face Book meddling story as the pretext cover for the real story… A Deep State Coup against a sitting president.

• The Senior Executive Service of The GEC was helping to form the illicit narrative of the Russian/Collusion story.

First… The Cover Story:

Mueller targeted 13 Russian Internet trolls for tampering in our 2016 elections to favor a Trump victory.


  1. Rob Goldman, VP of advertising at Face Book, slammed the media for misleading coverage of Russia’s meddling in American politics. 
  2. Goldman stated: “$100,000 in inconsequential ads from 470 “Russian” accounts placed on Facebook was the whole “Russian Election Meddling”. “The ads did not favor either Trump or Hillary, they created discord and chaos in American society”. “Half of the ads placed was after Trump was elected president”.
  3. By July 2018 Mueller had established no Trump/Russian connection. This led to Rod Rosenstein’s statement: “There were NO Americans involved in the Russian meddling or collusion story”; further, “there is no evidence that a single ballot box or vote was tampered with”.

As significant as these statements were, not a single media outlet reported Rosenstein’s or Goldman’s remarks except Fox News… WHY? The answer lies in the media being complicit in ensuring the Democratic/Progressive agenda to destroy Trump.


  1. Mueller hired former Clinton attorneys to investigate the Trump/Russian connection. The Mueller team jumped on the Russian troll/Face Book story and proceeded to indict 12 of the 13 Russian trolls. They knew the Russians won’t be extradited to the U.S., AND would play well in the media.
  2. One of the 13 Russian trolls casually knew Putin but was never charged.  The troll/Putin connection was leaked to the media as proof of Russian collusion instead.
  3. Mueller took the media coverage of the Russian/Trump collusion story and used it as proof for his investigation. The media coverage was FREE, came with no consequences and also played well in the public domain.
  4. The actual cost of the investigation will reach 20+million dollars of taxpayer money. A nice lesson in economic fraud!  


PLEASE NOTE: The below statements are not bias or conspiratorial. They exist in plain sight if you know where to look.

• Obama established the Global Engagement Center (GEC) under the U.S. Department of State, as the official agency responsible for investigating foreign influence affecting U.S. policy. https://www.state.gov/bureaus-offices/under-secretary-for-public-diplomacy-and-public-affairs/global-engagement-center/

• In 2016, the GEC did exactly the opposite of its mission. The GEC created lies like the “Russian Meddling” story and became Hillary’s propaganda machine. A machine backed by the DoD, CIA, NSA, with all the cyber warfare tools necessary to give the impression of protecting U.S. interests.

• The GEC created propaganda that the Mueller indictments referenced.  This deflected GEC’s involvement by blaming the 12 Russian trolls.

The functions of The Global Engagement Center changed drastically from March 2016 to December 2016. The GEC became a state-based propaganda/anti-propaganda tool of Washington and the Hillary campaign, NOT the tool originally designed to counter international terrorism. The reason why this information never made HEADLINE NEWS was that it did not fit the “Deep State” agenda. 

The “Deep State” and the Senior Executive Service

In previous blogs and in my book: “The Declaration of Dependence…A Betrayal of the American Dream”, the “Deep State” is covered extensively. Below is additional evidence:

• Yes, the Deep State exists and is an official government program, well-organized, comprehensive, and “in charge.”

• The Deep State is a group of 8,156 appointed government mangers in 75 federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy and tell new political appointees what they can and cannot do.

• Out of the 8,156 embedded government bureaucrats, over 7,000 were appointed by President Obama. They are known as the “Senior Executive Service”.

• These “Obama Holdouts” still control the executive branch of government a full year after Trump came to office.

“We the People” are sadly misled by parts of our own government. Is it any wonder that our country bears little semblance of just a few decades past? Our younger generations are not taught our founding principles and easily fall prey to ‘progressive’ propaganda.

It is this authors opinion that the resolve of this nation rests SOLELY in the hands of those willing to pay the price of freedom.  After just two years in office, the Governor of Puerto Rico was forced to resign by the very people he governed. The reason was simple. The citizens revolted against the blatant disrespect for what was in the best interest of the needs of the people.

“We the People” must decide: Is freedom worth the fight?


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