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The comparison between the Trump Presidency and the Biden Presidency begs the question… why all the continuous turmoil in every facet of our country since Biden became president?

It was obvious that during the Trump administration, the country’s economy, national defense and security, foreign relations, border security, and morale were the best it has been since “the good old days”.


The only turmoil that existed was within the democratic party, which suddenly found itself in control of both branches of congress yet unable to establish its ideological control.  Democrats have moved so far “left” that they are firmly encamped in the Marxist ideology which doesn’t resonate with a prosperous population.  Simply put, the democrats could not force compliance to their ideology of the government in control of every facet of public life when the public had no need for their intervention. 

Keep in mind that Trump essentially neutered the print media, social media, congressional backlash, and racial instability to the point that the democrats had to resort to “foul play” to gain back public attention.  The democrats take the position that every Trump decision to bring constitutional unity to our republic MUST be confronted and stopped for the Democratic party to gain control over all of society (the Marxist playbook).


It should also be noted that on the same day as the explosion, the Baltic Pipeline was opened, which will carry non-Russian natural gas from Norway through Denmark to Poland and other countries nearby.


Democrats don’t want their constituents, especially black Americans, to see the truth about how the Trump administration didn’t offer useless handouts to black Americans, but instead promised: “unwavering support” for the nation’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). In December 2019, President Trump signed a bipartisan bill, known as the FUTURE ACT. The law permanently reauthorized hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for America’s 102 historically black colleges and universities.

Blacks are Traditionally a Demographic Group that Democrats Can Count on to Support Them No Matter What:

Look at the 2017 Alabama special Senate election where 96 percent of black voters blindly voted against Judge Roy Moore, who wrote numerous legal opinions involving education, taxation, separation of powers, and governmental operations that benefited all Alabamans and fought with legislation to protect the human rights of all citizens including the right to recognize religious freedoms. Instead, blacks voted for the liberal Democrat Doug Jones, who was big on talk but has done nothing substantial for Alabama except support the Democratic extreme liberal agenda.


During the Trump presidency, job creation was at an all-time high until Covid hit. Schools were well-funded and safe from neighborhood violence due to his support for the police.  There was less crime in all inner-city demographic and racial groups along with safer borders.  Trump’s success as a conservative Republican was the Democrat’s worst nightmare.  Democrats know that if blacks connect their prosperity, safety, and success to Trump’s policies, they will lose the black vote and their power base.

Therein lays the difference between Trump and the Democrats. Democrats love power, not America.  The democrats know that Trump worked for the people, not the Washington swamp; therefore, democrats must stop Trump from running again in 2024 at all costs.


The democratic media talking points are constantly attacking all facets of Trump’s legal and private life in order to maintain the false narratives that have proven to be fabricated.  Keep in mind that all this attention is on a private citizen.  The most recent DOJ raid on Trump’s private residence represents the first ever such attack on a former president and a shameful attempt to take Trump out of the 2024 presidential race.  This event alone has emboldened the Trump base.

What Does All This Mean 

It is my opinion that the democratic party has ceased to be a governing party for the American people, instead, it borders on a political dictatorship.  Much of the Democratic rhetoric comes right from the Marxist playbook, where overpromising and under-delivering is standard operating practice.  America’s two-party system was designed by our founders to offer robust debate on opposing views, ending in consensus at the ballot box. https://thebluestateconservative.com/2021/07/18/straight-from-the-marxist-playbook-evidence-of-election-manipulation-mounts/  


Presently, our election system has been badly compromised by internal and foreign actors.  The Dominion voting machines, according to computer scientist J Alex Halderman, can be exploited by sophisticated hackers from hostile nations, and the only secure ballot system is “pencil and paper ballots”. https://www.westernjournal.com/government-admits-dominion-voting-machines-vulnerable-hacking-16-states/

Few can deny the visual, time-stamped evidence of election tampering in the 2020 election cycle, as seen in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, 2000 Mules.  Notice, despite the overwhelming evidence, not a single government agency has followed up with any criminal investigation or charges; yet there is non-stop coverage of Trump’s alleged ‘post-presidential” documents, located at his Mara-Largo home.

With all the documented illegal acts by Hillary, Obama, and Hunter Biden being totally ignored by the FBI and Department of Justice, one surely has to ask: why is the American political and justice system so obviously one-sided…AKA corrupt?


I hope my readers can see through the incredible political injustices affecting the functioning of our government.  Conservatives, or as Biden states; The Violent Maga-Trump Republicans” are the biggest enemy to our country.  The translation of the aforementioned statement is:             

Dependence on the Democratic Party diminishes sharply when the public is prosperous, happy, and can be independent FROM government controls…..exactly as our founders envisioned.

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2 Responses

  1. Great job Sal. Someday, hopefully next month the American people will wakeup to the corruption and socialist doctrines of the democratic party. I have to wonder if all the democrats in congress have saw dust for brains or just power hungry.

    1. Jack… Unfortunately, today’s Democratic party has nothing to do providing an alternative view for America to consider. They are the outright extension of the socialist agenda. Both branches of Congress have been infiltrated by the Wall Street elites and their benefactors, which Trump labelled THE SWAMP. it takes an average of $10 million to run for political office in congress. Why would someone spend $10 million to make an average salary of $174,000?
      Here’s a good reason to consider. After leaving office in 2 or 4 years 50% of them leave as millionaires. Their benefactors are buying their loyalty and their votes. Example: the continued border crisis with no one held accountable or the out-of-control government spending which only supports BIG BUSINESS. Sorry for the long answer but I have a blog coming out “WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY” that gives great detail

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