Project Veritas Exposes Pfizer’s Secret Plan


It’s not often that the public gets an inside look at how the pharmaceutical industry can adversely manipulate the health of the population with impunity.  Project Veritas exposed what our CDC, FDA, NIH and WHO have failed to do, i.e., reveal the truth.

Dr. Jorden Trishtom Walker, MD, Pfizer Director of Research and Development for Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, became the unwitting bearer of the truth.  The following is a summary of an undercover video by Project Veritas exposing the hidden agenda of Pfizer in their quest to dominate the vaccine markets.  The video was immediately banned on social media platforms but the damage was already done.

Dr. Jordan Trishtom Walker met with an undercover journalist from Project Veritas discussing what he thought was a secret conversation.  Dr. Walker’s descriptions and lack of moral compass demonstrate how vulnerable the public really is. 

Project Veritas (PV): Is Pfizer ultimately thinking about mutating Covid?

JW: Well, yes but that’s not what we say to the public…Don’t tell anyone this by the way, you have to promise you won’t tell anyone.  You know that the virus mutates on its own, so why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we could pre-emptively develop new vaccines…right?  So, we have to do that.  However, there’s a risk, as you can imagine…no one wants to have a Pharma company mutating F**king viruses, which I suspect is the way that virus started in Wuhan.

PV: Sounds like Gain-Of-Function to me

JW: No…it’s not Gain of’s ’like….”DIRECTED EVOLUTION”.  We do these selected structure mutations to try to see if we can make them more potent.

As Dr. Robert Malone states in the video, “Walker has no moral compass whatsoever.”         Dr. Walker jokingly talks about the deliberate attempt to distort the natural biomechanics of viruses for the purpose of enhancing profit and controlling world populations.

JW:  This is a BIG WIN for all government officials, but it’s bad for everyone else in America because if the regulators who review our drugs stop being regulators, they will want to work for our company and stop being as harsh on the company where they’re getting their job.

PV: What is Pfizer doing now to optimize their vaccines since they are not faring well against viral variants?

JW: A Lot.. don’t know if I should say this… since viruses mutate on their own, why don’t we just mutate them ourselves so we can preemptively develop new vaccines.

Pfizer is actually considering the possibility of mutating the Covid virus in order to tailor a vaccine to sell to the public

PV: So, how would Pfizer go about mutating the virus?

JW:  Again…don’t tell anyone about this by the way… we would put the virus into monkeys and cause them to keep infecting each other, then collect the serial samples.  The ones that are more infectious will be put into more monkeys to actively mutate the virus.  Another way is to just sample the different surface proteins and force the virus to mutate the way you want it.  We must act slowly, not to advertise you are not figuring out future mutations.

JW: Even if the mutations don’t work…either way…it’s going to be a CASH COW for a long time going forward.

PV: You would think that creating viruses to sell a vaccine would be illegal…but NO

JW: Pfizer is a revolving door for all government officials.  In the Pharma industry, all the government officials who review our drugs, eventually come to work for pharma companies.  Just like the military, all defense government officials eventually go to work for the defense companies afterwards.

Dr. Malone states within the video:

  1. Pfizer is “gaining function” by creating a new function in “virus one” by adding elements from “virus two”.  That’s called “serial passage”, which was one of the technologies deployed at the Wuhan labs with the mouse strains.
  2. The arrogance displayed by Pfizer employees and scientists, has a total disregard for the human toll.  Pfizer is circumventing national and international law by capturing the U.S. Government’s regulatory apparatus.
  3. If this is the quality of individuals within Pfizer that are making these huge decisions and that are risking public health….the system is profoundly corrupt.

After the video, Project Veritas released it to the public.  Social media platforms immediately took it down stating that the video violated their “truth” policy.  Fortunately for America, Elon Musk disagreed and allowed the video in its entirety to reside on Twitter.

As you might imagine, the fallout from this telling video did not fare well with Pfizer or Dr. Walker.  Pfizer immediately fired Walker and tried to remove any written, verbal or video remnant of his existence within the company.

Of course, the damage was irreparable, casting a well-deserved black eye on the trustworthiness of Pfizer and other related pharmaceutical companies.

When Dr. Walker was finally approached by Project Veritas, in a restaurant, after his damming comments about what Pfizer has been doing to manipulate the Covid virus, Dr. Walker, as you can only imagine went ballistic.  Walker tried to disavow his damming remarks by claiming he was just trying to impress his date.  The following video link is the actual record of Dr. Walker’s reaction to the realization his career was over.×720/wmoakWkLq8HRz5pu.mp4?tag=14  

It’s no secret that BIG PHARMA money speaks volumes.  One can only imagine what other pharmaceutical secrets are being withheld from the public; of course, in the best interest of the public.

As a Democratic Republic, with a constitution designed to protect its citizens from a tyrannical government, there is no place for deceptive government healthcare agencies.  Pfizer sponsors the news media on ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN, 15 of the most popular TV shows in the US and spends more money on advertising / sponsorships than research.

With Pfizer’s 80 lobbyists in congress and a $10,870,000 budget, is it any wonder how easily Pfizer’s Covid agenda stays relevant within our healthcare agencies.

In With Pfizer’s 80 lobbyists in congress and a $10,870,000 budget, is it any wonder how easily Pfizer’s Covid agenda stays relevant within our healthcare agencies.

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