Secret Agenda Behind the COVID-19 Vaccine


Articles like this one on the deceit the Media and Government are forcing on us daily are part of my regular reporting on what is really going on with our country today. After decades of “down & dirty” research and learning, my mission today is to share information in this forum, and in the books I have authored, to educate, enlighten, and empower my fellow citizens to truly understand what is at stake in our country. You can get many more details and the full story in my book: The Declaration of Dependence. I urge you to buy it and read it. Today!

Source: Planet Lockdown                                                                                                                             

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for 16 years speaks out against the COVID-19 secret agenda

Analysis and summary of this amazing interview video

  1. Independent research is not tolerated when the funding source comes from private institutions or universities. Academics and “independent” researchers are easily pushed around by the politicians and those with the money to initiate the research for the intended results. The funding is looking for a specific outcome, not the research.
  2. Released research to the public is not INDEPENDENT but rather what government sources want to achieve. Universities and researchers are NO LONGER independent or true to their mission.
  3. The “powers that be” want us to believe that it’s the antibody levels that confer viral immunity and when antibodies drop off, you lose immunity . . . not true. Antibodies do give evidence that you have been infected but do not confirm viral immunity.
  4. Instead, people have “T” cells for viral immunity. “T” cells are always present and specifically designed to detect and enter the cells and kill the viruses and/or the rogue cells.
  5. Antibodies are important to bacterial immunity. Viruses are sub-microscopic and quickly inject themselves inside your cells, whereas antibodies are large and remain outside your cells.  Therefore, antibodies have NO effect on viruses.
  6. The risk that COVID-19 presents to the younger and fit population is minute, therefore lockdowns, masks, quarantines, social distancing, and even vaccines are totally unnecessary.
  7. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are inexpensive and nearly 100% effective, as well as high dose zinc and vitamin D emulsion. COVID-19 is essentially a vitamin D deficiency disease. 
  8. No need for the mRNA vaccine except for nefarious reasons or to comply with vaccine grant money.
  9. The RNA viral “variant” of the COVID-19 story is 99.7% identical to the original COVID-19 virus. Governments are trying to lead us to believe that these variants will ESCAPE your immunity; NOT TRUE!!
    • People tested, who got the Sars 2 virus that infected the population 17 years ago, still had a robust memory “T” cell immunity to SARS, even after 17 years.
    • The COVID-19 virus is 88% similar to the SARS 2 virus and was easily recognized by the immune systems of healthy individuals who were exposed to SARS.
    • Yet, the vaccine manufacturers are making “enhanced” additional vaccines to fight off the unnecessary variant viruses, WITHOUT any additional clinical studies.
  10. The only reason to increase the COVID vaccines is to increase the depopulation agenda faster, using “plausible deniability.”
    • If people die from some weird disease form a few years after being vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, it will increase the need for additional “bogus” research, enhancing the vaccine industry further. 
    • The British airline industry requires all its pilots and personnel to be vaccinated against COVID-19. British airways refused to confirm or deny that four of its airline pilots that recently died within one week, got their shots
  11. Researchers know that the COVID-19 virus is NOT unique and ONLY kills the elderly with compromised immune systems. 
  12.  Once you are infected, with or without symptoms, and recovered, you are immune forever.

Emergency Use Authorization

  • ▪ None of the “gene based” COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by any medical authority like the FDA. Instead, they have been authorized by an Emergency Use Authorization which means we know absolutely NOTHING at all about the long-term effects of these vaccines.
  • ▪ Emergency Use Authorization means they were to be used ONLY for the most vulnerable, NOT for the entire population.

Vaccine Passports:

  • Vaccine Passports are used for international travel where life threatening diseases like Yellow Fever and the like, can threaten the lives of people. 
  • ▪ Vaccine Passports have no value for common viruses. The vaccinated have no need or should care about the status of others and provide absolutely NO benefit at all except as a government control method over your movements.
  • ▪ Vaccine Passports provide NO SAFETY measures but create a world database on a phone app, that will control everything you can or cannot do. What if the app becomes required to enter a grocery store, shopping mall, or even a bank?
  • ▪ This leads to governments using medical coercion to force people to get re-vaccinated or lose their vaccine passport privileges. This leads to a family-based data base where you can become responsible for your children or grandchildren to get vaccinated or lose your Vaccine


  • ▪ The only reason to enforce vaccine passports is to create a “Totalitarian Society.”

FACT: If you were injected but not told that these vaccines were for Emergency Use Only, and not for general use, this would be a violation of the NUREMBERG CODE, set up after WW2 to stop the human experimentation by the Nazi’s. Over 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 doctors have filed a lawsuit for violations of the Nuremberg Code

*The Nazi Doctors who participated in human experimentation injections were HANGED; just sayin’!

FACT: The W.H.O. just altered the definition of natural immunity, stating that vaccine immunity lasts forever, and natural immunity is short-lived. An incredible, intentional misrepresentation of the truth.

Unfortunately, this message is reaching only those who are already looking for a way to fight back and will not reach the masses being led to the slaughter without their knowing.

The freedoms found in America are the result of a rebellion against the Monarchy of King George III of the British crown. The freedoms soon lost in America will be the result of ignorance to the fact that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

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