Socialism In America Today…Our Freedoms Hang in the Balance


Socialism historically has been associated with the concept of public or collective ownership of property and natural resources.

The 14th Amendment

Americans who say that socialism means equality for ALL are missing the true meaning of equality as it relates to their lifestyle.  Equal opportunity for all is an American Democratic principle granted under the 14th Amendment of our constitution.  Over time “equality” gave the right to citizens to seek higher education, job opportunity and high paying careers based on their willingness to advance. 


Equality under Socialism implies equal distribution of wealth, a welfare state, progressive taxation, everyone is treated the same, with little to no personal advancement possible and freedoms limited to what the government allows. Capitalism is incompatible with social equality.

In a recent Stanford University law school event, Judge Duncan was invited to speak on constitutional free speech.  Instead, he was shouted down by students and faculty for explaining conservative values instead of equality for all, consistent with their socialist tendencies.

The Process Is Underway

The United States is not, currently, a socialist nation at least on paper.  The size of our population makes it difficult for socialism to simply take over.  Nevertheless, the process is well underway.  The very government agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA and 14 lesser-known intelligence gathering agencies have been slowly changing its mission from foreign intelligence to domestic intelligence gathering.


There are 9 steps from FREEDOM to SOCIALISM

Step 1. Massive Government SpendingSocialist governments have government at the center of  their economies and feature enormous spending programs.

Step 2. Massive Tax Systems that Reduce Incentives.  Increased tax burdens go hand-in-hand with spending.  Historically, tax systems start out simple and wind up complex and burdensome.

Step 3.  Reduced Growth Leading to Economic StagnationOver the last 20 years, the European Union, which featured socialist and semi-socialist states, had almost zero economic growth.  

Step 4. Deficits. A deficit occurs when expenses exceed revenues, imports exceed exports, or liabilities exceed assets in a particular year.

Step 5. Governments Print MoneyUndeterred by deficits or debt, governments print money to pay for social programs. Inflation is the result of governments increasing the money supply beyond the needs of economic growth. Just 2 years after Venezuela was taken over by a Socialist regime, inflation reached one million percent in 2019. In other words, its money became worthless.

Step 6. Government Fixes Prices and Declares When Goods Can be Sold   In Socialist countries, people can only shop on certain days and designated shopping malls can only be open two days a week.

Step 7. Underground Economies Rise. The more crushing taxation, spending, inflation, and regulations are, the larger the underground economy becomes. People turn to the barter system because paper money becomes worthless. In Greece, for example, the underground economy exceeds 20 percent of the economy. America’s, by contrast, is around 5 – 6 percent.

Step 8. Class Warfare Begins Tearing the Fabric of Society Historically, class warfare (the fight between the haves and the have-nots) begins in earnest as economies stagnate. The danger point occurs during prolonged economic stagnation if accompanied by significant wealth inequality.

Step 9. Total Societal Discord.  Today, Venezuela is in near total societal breakdown as tens of thousands seek to flee the country amidst a socialist dictatorship, a growing police state, empty store shelves, little medicine, and even less order.


The Socialist Playbook Takeover

Those are the steps that occur in every Socialist takeover country. They don’t necessarily occur in order, often occur simultaneously, and rarely have a timetable. The beginning always looks enticing to an unsuspecting citizenry where the playbook starts with over promising a utopian society, but once engaged, the power of government grows, and rights of the people correspondingly diminish.


While the beginning stages of the takeover takes time to develop, the rush at the end can be quite rapid as we have seen in Venezuela. The fate of the country is often sealed by a seduced election vote by the people. In time, socialism is maintained by force. Venezuela went from a prosperous democracy to a dependent, defenseless country in just two years.

So, I ask, how far is the United States from becoming a Socialist statistic?

Socialism Is A Default Government

History, of course, is not a pre-determined straight line. Wise leaders have steered countries away from bad decisions, but a free Democratic society requires the diligence and participation of the people, whereas Socialism is a default government requiring only an uninvolved population willing to follow.


According to Axios, an American news website, over 40 Socialist have won elections in congress; Senator Bernie Sanders – a devout Socialist actually ran for the democratic presidential primary in 2016, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman, to name a few, are members of the Democratic Socialists Party of America (now 50,000 members strong).

Republicans, who are overwhelmingly negative about socialism, tend to view socialism as government control of the economy, while Democrats, a majority of whom are positive about socialism, are more likely to view Socialism as government provision of services. A Gallup survey found that 43 percent of Americans (mostly 18-29 yr. olds) believed that some sort of socialism would be good for the country compared, while 51 percent, said it would by bad.

Status Check on the Democratic Stability Of Our Country

We now have increased government programs requiring massive government spending (Step 1 in the process to go from FREEDOM to SOCIALISM).  As the rate of government spending has increased, our national debt has exceeded economic growth requiring increased inflation, price fixing, massive taxation, and the printing of money (steps 2, 4, 5, 6 in the process to go from FREEDOM to SOCIALISM)


As inflation slowly erodes the financial stability of the middle class, the fabric of our society stagnates, leading to class warfare, the increased police state, increased government regulations, reduced healthcare availability, and loss of free enterprise (steps 3, 7, 8, 9 in the process to go from FREEDOM to SOCIALISM).

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