The Censored Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Articles like this one on the deceit the Media and Government are forcing on us daily are part of my regular reporting on what is really going on with our country today. After decades of “down & dirty” research and learning, my mission today is to share information in this forum, and in the books I have authored, to educate, enlighten, and empower my fellow citizens to truly understand what is at stake in our country. You can get many more details and the full story in my book: The Declaration of Dependence. I urge you to buy it and read it. Today!

Much has been written about the COVID-19 pandemic, including numerous blogs from this author.  However, listening and watching America’s Front Line Doctors put their careers on the line to tell the REAL story, is a must-see.

It is my intent to summarize this incredible story, as told by the doctors, and the facts, in preparation for your viewing. 

Dr. Richard Urso

  • Found that hydroxychloroquine worked on almost all viral loads and should be the first mode of treatment for viruses before using a vaccine. 
  • The hospital systems refused to talk about hydroxychloroquine, so he took to social media. 
  • Within two days he was censored and investigated for speaking out about hydroxychloroquine instead of vaccines.
  • Speaking against vaccines goes against BIG pharma, big investor, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) agenda.  
  • COVID-19 has a 99.97% survival rate; why mandate a “spike protein” vaccine with the potential of creating life threatening diseases? 
  • As early as March 2020, we had the correct treatment for COVID-19.
  • Science has taken a back seat to politics.

Dr. Simone Gold

  • Dr. Gold spoke about hydroxychloroquine at a freedom rally, and she was censored by her medical board and eventually fired from her medical position for using the unsafe medication hydroxychloroquine on one of her patients.  
  • The FDA has approved hydroxychloroquine for 65 years.
  • State medical boards state: “it’s OK to use Hydroxychloroquine on rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other viral infections but not for COVID-19” . . . makes no sense!!
  • The American Journal of Emergency Medicine put out a statement that hydroxychloroquine was safe and effective. 
  • July 2, 2020, Dr. Gold, representing American Frontline Doctors, spoke out about the hydroxychloroquine issue. Despite the American Journal of Emergency Medicine’s statement, Dr. Gold was fired from her hospital for being in an “embarrassing” video.
  • Dr. Gold was at the Capitol on January 6 but was not allowed to speak to the crowd. Weeks later, 20 officers from the FBI, with guns drawn, broke down the door of her home, and took her to jail in handcuffs, charged with “illegal trespass.”
  • Dr. Gold stated that our First Amendment right has gone from misinformation to active containment of true information, to full on-censorship. 

Dr. Robin Armstrong

  • Dr. Armstrong was pressured to not treat patients in nursing homes with effective prophylaxis like hydroxychloroquine.
  • Rolling Stone magazine wrote an article stating that doctors used Republican connections to get the “unproven” Trump-endorsed medication hydroxychloroquine, to treat people in nursing homes.

Dr. Mark McDonald

  • Dr. McDonald was removed from all social media platforms because of his summaries of his clinical experience with COVID-19.  
  • Dr. McDonald stated three fallacies:
    • ALL people are equally at risk with COVID-19 . . . Risk increases with age
    • There is absolutely nothing you can do for people dying from-respiratory issues
    • Healthy people can spread the disease . . . That’s NEVER been true in history

Dr. Brian Tyson

  • Using hydroxychloroquine, he tested 20,000 people, 1,900 of which tested positive for COVID 19. Of the 1,900, only one was hospitalized and there were “0” deaths. 

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

  • Reported on the success of early use of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc, on the Israeli population.
  • Out of 1,450 patients treated, with 405 at high risk, only 2 died.
  • By changing the acidity of the cells, using hydroxychloroquine, you block the viral pathways into the cells.

Dr. Angelina Farella

  • Looking at a world map showing areas of malaria, if you overlaid a map of where COVID had taken place, you would find that cases of COVID-19 did not overlap the areas where malaria was treated with hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Lee Merritt

  • Hydroxychloroquine is an over-the-counter medication in African nations.
  • Individual governors can make hydroxychloroquine an O.T.C. medicine, but none will.
  • A 1980 study demonstrated you stop viral influenza replication in a petri dish with hydroxychloroquine.
  • If doctors knew that there was a cheap and effective way to stop viral replication, the $69 billion vaccine industry would be destroyed overnight.


  • Quoted studies provided to the media about hydroxychloroquine were intentionally designed to fail by using the wrong dose, wrong timing, wrong reason, and given to the wrong patients.  
  • Patients were given hydroxychloroquine when on a ventilator; too late because the virus already chewed up the heart and lungs. Hydroxychloroquine was not designed to save the heart and lungs, it was designed to stop viral replication, i.e., early prevention.
  • Technocrats like Dr. Fauci, with BIG money invested in the vaccine outcome, have no incentive to stop, but to push for the next “planned” pandemic.
  • Despite overwhelming evidence that hydroxychloroquine worked, on May 22, 2020, The Lancet printed a now-retracted fabricated paper, from a company named Surgisphere, stating that hydroxychloroquine, with or without a vaccine, produced no conclusive evidence of benefit. The paper was peer-reviewed by doctors, so the fabrication was intentional. 
  • Doctors asked how can this data be credible, consisting of 96,032 COVID-19 patients from 671 hospitals around the world, and no one ever heard of it? 
  • The Lancet then required Surgisphere to produce the data, which they refused.  
  • The Lancet was forced, for the first time in history, to retract a paper.  
  • The retraction was not reported by the media but used by Facebook and social media to intentionally confuse the truth about hydroxychloroquine and is probably responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives.
  • Despite The Lancet retraction, doctors are being investigated by their medical boards and losing their licenses for continuing to use hydroxychloroquine.  
  • Instead, government officials ordered state lockdowns, isolation, masks, and social distancing, even for children, which had no scientific basis at all. This resulted in business closures that produced no benefit when compared to open states like Florida.
  • The nursing home COVID disaster that existed in New York is nothing short of genocide of a particular group of people and was carried out without punishment.
  • Masks make people feel good that they are doing something but are useless against viruses. The N95 respirator mask filters out 95% of particles down to .3 microns. Surgical cloth masks, when doubled, can filter down to .3 microns. Viruses are .1 microns; therefore, cloth masks are like trapping a mosquito with a cyclone fence.  

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter”

— George Washington

The freedoms found in America are the result of a rebellion against the Monarchy of King George III of the British crown. The freedoms soon lost in America will be the result of ignorance to the fact that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

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