The End of the Dollar

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If a small group of powerful “elites” gets their way, money, as we know it, could literally disappear within the next year.  The transition is already underway

It appears that a dangerous plan was initiated in our nation’s capital at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, to test the ability of the government to control the population by using socialist-style lockdowns of private wealth.  Several articles appeared in Forbes back in March of 2022, giving insight into the plan.  However, all references to the plan quickly disappeared due to the “elites” control over the media.

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Scheme

The plan is a multi-trillion dollar scheme implemented by the World Economic Forum and endorsed by the U.N., the International Monetary Fund, the Clinton Foundation, U.S. Corporate banks with corporate brokers like McDonald’s, Disney, Starbucks, Panera, Walmart, Whole Foods and others that have already beta tested the first step.

 The core of the plan is to slowly do away with cash permanently. Instead, the government will issue a digital coin that can be programmed to serve as a citizen surveillance token, tracking everywhere you go, and what you spend money on. The government will have the ability to shut down the value of your coin if you fail to follow government-approved programs. 

Businesses will stop taking cash and accept only credit cards.   Signs are beginning to appear on cash registers in stores in every city as a subtle indicator of what is to come.

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 This is not the first time that financial power grabs like this have happened here in America.  In fact, this plan is the 4th and probably the final incremental devaluation of the American dollar. 

  1. 1907: The Federal Reserve Act– During the depth of WW1, our government issued “bonds” to prop up the economy from the cost of war.  President Wilson made the decision to issue the bonds WITHOUT requiring banks to hold any reserves.  The result was the creation of FIAT currency that devalued ordinary citizens’ currency by 96%.
  2. 1933: (Stock Market Crash) leading to The Emergency Banking Act.  President FDR, by executive order, took the U.S. off the gold standard, requiring all citizens to turn in their gold, which was then, $20.67/oz.  Those that resisted faced heavy fines and jail time.  Once the gold was confiscated, again by executive order, FDR increased gold value to $35/oz, effectively increasing the Federal Reserve balance sheet by 69% while inflating the money supply by stealing 41 cents from every U.S. dollar.
  3. 1971: (Vietnam War) President Richard Nixon announced that the United States would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, thus completely abandoning the gold standard. As a result, the U.S. dollar is backed by nothing but “the full faith of the U.S. Government
  4. 2022: (Covid Pandemic) President Biden used emergency powers, under cover of the Covid  “pandemic” to authorize the Federal Reserve to replace the U.S. dollar with a digital currency, effectively making paper dollars worthless.
  5. Microsoft Patent ID 2020: the removal of physical cash, replaced by a Federal Reserve-operated Fiat Digital Currency, based on compliance and the issuance of “Social Credit Scores.”

The Great Reset

Citizen compliance will become the new norm for American society, better known as The Great Reset.

  1. “Basically, do what WE want and get rewarded. Gain social credit scores and gain more access to things you need to survive. Go against what WE want, you lose social credit scores and access to things you need to survive.”
  2. Social Credits are already being used in many provinces in China as their sole currency system.

ID 2020 is a partnership of Microsoft and the Rockefeller Foundation, to tie digital currency with vaccines and daily life.  Vaccine choice is part of our constitutional rights.  Defaulting to a Digital ID effectively makes vaccine compliance contingent on a global standard to receive passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, transit passes, health records, and participation in the healthcare system.

The end of the dollar is part of a far bigger attempt at eroding our Democracy.  Socialism and Communism are historical default governments that give the elite, control over the common citizen.  Our Democracy was a grand experiment, where the power of government was entrusted to the sovereignty of the people. Keeping that sovereignty depends on the constant diligence of the people.   Socialism is a government of “over promising and under delivering”.  Unfortunately, human nature is frail and succumbs easily to low standards.  For this reason, no democracy has lasted more than 200 years.  The U.S. democracy is at 242 years and is losing its sovereignty due to the relentless socialist mindset

Our country is about to realize the sinister nature of a socialist/communist ideology.  The Biden administration’s authorization of digital money means you will be under the total control of the Federal Reserve. If the “Fed” deems you a threat for any reason, they can lock you out of your bank or retirement accounts, as recently witnessed in Canada because of a citizen revolt against vaccines. The “Fed” can stop you from buying a car or purchasing a plane ticket if you refuse the latest health mandate.  The Federal Reserve has become a de-facto “socialist” government, disguised as a democratic institution.  The Federal Reserve has the authorization to function by congress but is not owned by our government. The “Fed” is essentially controlled by 12 private banks, not our government.  Therefore, despite the confusion, the “Fed” is a private entity, not a governmental institution, and therefore is able to create or dissolve currency based on private corporate decisions.

Giving up our currency, our constitutional rights, and our sovereignty is a dangerous and slippery slope. Freedom exists when the forces of evil meet their match.  Once lost, freedom is but a footnote in the history of time.

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4 Responses

  1. A well written succinct and hard hitting article. I will be linking to in posts and e-mails.

    Americans must lose their apathy damned quickly to escape the coming black hole of hell. Countless thousands packing sports stadiums over something as petty and inconsequential as a ball game. Let’s see these same thousands of Americans knocking hard on the doors of their representatives making demands that counter the actions and intentions of these vile demonic elites and holding the feet of these so far spineless and selfish politicians to the fire. You like seeing your favorite team win? Imaging the rush and excitement of bringing Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab to a swift and harsh judgement.

    Americans must organize widespread boycotts against all retailers who institute a No Cash policy.

    1. Well Stated !! In the early stages of a democracy, people like Gates and Fauci would never gain the traction they have because their agendas are clearly dictatorial. It must be remembered that “elites” have always existed and will infiltrate every form of life they can to maintain their power and control. It has been said that no democracy lasts more than 200 years. The reason is not that the DEMOCRACY fails, it is because by the 3rd generation under that democracy, most of the forming principles have been compromised by an inattentive, unparticipating and “lazy” electorate, lulled into a submissive mindset. This is the fuel of the Elite. Gates made his mark and money by inventing a new technology and a company separate from a “ruling government”. Gates has been compromised by the Elites. Today, Gates is part of the elite network and his agenda is no longer philanthropic or based on building a company…instead its about CONTROL…the very control he was able avoid to build his company……. Fauci on the other hand has become a puppet for the elites. it is my hope, as is yours that the remaining patriots’ in this country rise up and stop the WEF from ever achieving is death grip control of a NEWE WORLD ORDER.

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