The Insanity of Wokeism


“To disregard empirical evidence and reason, unless they affirm the “woke” assumptions of an evil racist society, automatically places the “woke” among the insane.” Prager University

Woke insanity is confirmed by the kind of society they attempt to build, where society must be awakened to the injustice of “Racism” and “White Fragility, where all white people are considered racist, a forever hotspot in American culture.  Dr. Martin Luther King worked tirelessly to break down the racist culture by advancing the Civil Rights movement.  Unfortunately, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement created the opposing culture of “Critical Race Theory” which is an offshoot of Marxist philosophy.  


One of the co-founders of BLM was Patrisse Cullors, a confessed Marxist and member of the 1960s and ’70s “Weather Underground” movement that wanted a Marxist revolution in the U.S.  In fact, through heavy societal usage and its “woke” association with Black Lives Matter (BLM), Critical Race Theory and Cancel Culture have become a hellish stew that is poisoning society.

I can’t emphasize enough the insidious Marxist infiltration into the American government that has slowly taken place over the past 50 -70 years.  Our government has become polarized using terms like “The Left” vs “The Right” in describing the Democrats vs the Republicans, with the Left represented by the liberals and the Right by the Conservatives.  Anything that subdivides our society and government, in the minds of the citizens, has been cultivated by the Marxist agenda.


The Left is a broad political movement in opposition to the status quo that emerged from the counterculture of the 1960s.  It consisted of activists who campaigned for a broad range of social issues such as feminismgay rightsdrug policy reformsStatismneo-Marxism, and the rejection of traditional gender roles and family values. Today, the Left has succeeded in tearing down most of our traditional American culture like the removal of historical statues and the attack on our constitutional Bill of Rights like Freedom of Speech and the right to Bear Arms, all to the plan of the Marxist agenda.


Marxism is a default government ideology that relentlessly destroys a Democratic society into specific socio-economic conditions that result in class chaos. The following are some key principles of Marxism:

  • Marxism acknowledges that there exists a historical tendency to divide people into social classes that are characterized by inequality and injustice. This results in a constant state of class struggle.
  • Marxism acknowledges that unfettered capitalism creates a system in which the majority of labor is performed by a class of people who do not reap the benefits from their labor.
  • Labor is done to benefit an elite class instead of benefiting the needs of all.
  • The elite use many tools, such as organized religion and the promotion of racial, ethnic, and gender prejudices to help maintain their power.
  • Relying on the elite class to level the playing field means perpetual exploitation. It is the responsibility of the labor class itself to separate themselves from this exploitative system.
  • A violent revolution is likely the only way for the working class to secure their rights and privileges.
  • A Marxist society requires the elimination of private property.
  • Marxism is an international struggle that transcends political borders. A true Marxist revolution would lead to the end of nations themselves and result in a global community as we are now witnessing with the New World Order movement and the World Economic Forum.
  • Once this has occurred, resources and labor will be divided based on needs and abilities without regard to previous social stations.

Traditional American values of honesty, self-reliance, and the rule of law are fading into insane concepts where in California, under Proposition 47, it’s only a misdemeanor for those recognized on the Left as “underprivileged” to steal up to $950 in merchandise without prosecution. Similarly, Americans watched the weeks of rioting and the burning down of 164 buildings in Minneapolis during the George Floyd protests and countless attacks on police, yet with virtually no arrests.  Since the Jan. 6th Capital event, there have been 1,265 arrests made with 65% receiving years of jail time.


The Biden administration is securely under the control of the Marxist Left wing of our government.  Immigration, in my opinion, is the final blow to American Democracy. The unfettered open borders through our southern states have allowed over 11 million illegal aliens to enter our country with several million additional illegals entering via cartels.  Under the guise of seeking asylum, over 100 countries have sent migrants into the U.S., with a majority being known criminals, murderers, sex offenders, and unfortunately, terrorists.

Those aliens that do receive dates for court appearances are often 6 to 8 years in the future.  We all know that long before then, Amnesty will be on the agenda of the Left, touting humanitarian reasons.  However, the specific intent is to secure votes to ensure the Left’s total control of government for the future.


Federal reports presently show that half of all criminals prosecuted since the beginning of the Biden administration were aliens, charged with crimes from drug trafficking, and kidnapping to murder. Since the Biden administration’s open border policies, the U.S. is facing the worst national security, immigration, and public safety crises in its history.                                

The Democrat Left is prioritizing illegal immigrants over the American people, and they need to be held accountable if we’re going to end this madness by the 2024 elections.  If our society loses its moral compass and continues to function under a Marxist ideology, our society is doomed.  Wake up, America, it’s time to reject the false ideals of an elite-controlled Marxist society.

When are we, as a society, going to get a grip on reality? It’s time to make your choice NOW. Do nothing, and our American way of life will be a footnote in history. Take a stand, and we can send the Marxist elites packing. We need to learn from our past mistakes and take bold steps to end the insanity. If we don’t, THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCE. So, think hard and make your choice before it’s made for you.

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