The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Explosion… The “Who Done It” Sabotage


The following information is “my personal opinion” based on reviewing all pertinent information and the sources from which it came.  It is up to you to determine its validity

The destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is pivotal to the future of world security.  The “who done it” has become a game of speculation and concern as the “not so independent” media spins stories designed to evoke quick reflex conclusions to ensure the “elites” remain cloaked.

After considerable research, the “who done it” will not be clear but there is overwhelming evidence that the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline destruction is the beginning of a serious worldwide event that was staged and planned to further disrupt world economic and political stability.  I would strongly suggest reviewing a podcast by Jackson Hinkle  and the September 28 Tucker Carlson broadcast that appear to contain the most reliable facts.

Historical Events to Consider:

Natural gas and oil have become the “apocalypse” talking point for the democrats because of their insistence that ”green energy” is the only way to stop global warming

  1. On his first day as President, President Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline because of environmental concerns (Special Interest Groups) even though the long-term planning project had cleared ALL ENVIRONMENTAL hurdles.
  2. Incredibly, on the same day, the Biden State Department approved the completion of the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline, allowing Russian natural gas to Germany. Evidently, jobs in Europe are more important than jobs in the U.S.; further, energy from fossil fuels is OK in Europe, but not in the U.S.
  3. Natural gas is about 90% methane, which has 80 times more heat-trapping capabilities than Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere. 
  4. The Nord Stream 2 explosion released 100 – 120 metric tons of Methane gas into the atmosphere or the annual emissions of 2 million cars.

The Complicit Media

The media is pushing the narrative that Russia blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline basically to intimidate the West.  Biden’s first statement to the world was that Russia blew up the pipeline. The question is why would Russia blow up its main source of economic income since Russia has 51% ownership and therefore control of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline?  Russia was also preparing negotiations with European countries to drop their economic sanctions, based on the promise that Russia would increase the flow of gas in the Nord Stream Pipeline.  Russia was using the Pipeline as economic leverage.

Just 3 weeks before the invasion, Tucker Carlson reported what Biden stated in a news conference regarding what would happen if Russia invaded Ukraine,:  Biden stated on camera that he might take out these pipelines…   

watch this full video on Twitter

Biden wasn’t the only person to suggest taking out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Victoria Nuland at the U.S. State Department said pretty much the very same thing.

VICTORIA NULAND: With regard to Nord Stream 2, we continue to have very strong and clear conversations with our German allies, and I want to be clear with you today. If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.  

watch this full video on Twitter


The German news magazine Der Spiegel stated that the United States, through the CIA had warned Germany about a possible attack on the Nord Stream 2 Pipelines just days before it happened.  Claims that it was the U.S. that took out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline have arisen because the U.S. Navy’s sixth fleet partnered with the U.S. Navy Research and Warfare Centers to bring the latest advancements in unmanned, underwater mine hunting technology to the Baltic Sea.  There was also an expeditionary detachment of navy ships led by the Universal Amphibious Assault Ship USS Corsage, just 10 days prior to the explosion that performed underwater maneuvers just 30 kilometers from the explosion site.

If the U.S. did take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Biden just released 120,000 metric tons of methane gas into the atmosphere.  If the Biden State Department authorized the destruction of the pipelines without congressional knowledge, the U.S. Senate should be demanding answers, since the action is technically an act or war.

So, who is really responsible for sabotage?  The usual suspect in America’s deep state government is once again front and center, Russia, Russia, Russia.   However, in this case, the Baltic Sea is covered by NATO intelligence, so for Russia to plan and execute the explosion without alerting NATO intelligence is unlikely.  More importantly, Russia would not receive any benefits from such drastic action. 

It should also be noted that on the same day as the explosion, the Baltic Pipeline was opened, which will carry non-Russian natural gas from Norway through Denmark to Poland and other countries nearby.

The Baltic Pipeline essentially cuts Russian energy from European nations.  Poland stated: “The era of Russian energy domination is coming to an end, an era marked by blackmail, threats, and extortion.”

Not to mention that Russia just announced that their Siberian 2 Pipeline to China will replace Nord Stream 2, effectively forming a stronger alliance between Russia and China.

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2 Responses

  1. Sal, I enjoyed your blog on the North Stream 2 pipeline, all facts point to the USA it wouldn’t make sense for Russia to have carried this out as that was always there leverage (bargaining power). I look forward to reading your book!

    1. Lynnette
      Unfortunately, the media has been bought and paid for their silence and/or compliance by the billionaire elites. In short…the days of the independent and unbiased reporting of Huntly Brinkley or Walter Cronkite are long gone. The media has become a “Ken and Barbie” competitive rating show based on advertising money, mostly from BIG Pharma and the likes of Gates, Soros, Blumberg, etc… Even Fox, which dares to push the envelop, is compromised because Rupert Murdock has also been bought off. In short we are left to figure out the truth between all the misleading information designed to stir controversy but not necessarily truth. All the pertinent facts point to a US involvement in Nord Stream, which if actually true IS AN ACT OF WAR! God Help Us… Enjoy the read, it’s filled with facts and close to 400 references to back it all up.

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