The Open War waged by the Global Elites on Men and Masculinity


Men of faith, patriotism, and traditional values are the targets.  Elites prefer men to embrace weakness, victimhood, sexual deviancy, and a progressive reliance on the state.
A Totalitarian society can only survive if the male population has been emasculated, and disenfranchised.  By removing “man’s” natural defense against tyranny, the elite can centralize power and pursue tyranny unopposed.

(Note: The following are un-American principles that may be difficult to understand)

10 WAYS in which the “State” has declared war on Men and Masculinity:

  1. 1. Sperm counts amongst men have significantly decreased over the last 50 years:       In most Western countries, sperm counts have dropped by as much as 60% since 1960, due to hormonal chemicals pervading our food and water supply. The connection between falling testosterone levels, sperm counts, and the innumerable elitists calling us to celebrate the LGBTQ agenda while promoting depopulation, has never been clearer. Watch this video: Depopulation
  2. Chemical Warfare is “Feminizing” Boys: Exposure to “phthalates”, which are found in many plastics, is “feminizing” boys by blocking normal male testosterone, shrinking penis tissue, and reducing masculine behavior.
  3. . Degradation of Masculine Role Models: Hollywood routinely portrays men with traditional values as clueless and bumbling, while portraying modern men as aggressive sexual predators. Similarly, the justice system will punish a man using his strength, courage, and willingness to sacrifice his safety for the protection of others. Jorden Neely, a former marine is such an example.
  4. Metrosexual Malaise “personal appearance” in Advertising: There is a deliberate gender identity model in advertising, aimed at making men more interested in personal appearance than their commitment to a heterosexual relationship.  Man’s innate role as husband and father or his ability to fulfill a woman’s basic needs for a healthy companionship is being destroyed.
  5. Cultural Marxism: Is government control over universities, ESG scores, churches, and family life.  Cultural Marxism claims that family oppression emerges from a “male-dominated” society and culture.
  6. Celebration of Gender Reversal: From men’s styles emulating female sportswear, or biological men competing in women’s sports, to many of the most well-known medical institutions promoting “penectomy” and “orchiectomy” (testicle and penis amputation) on teen boys, the attack on men cannot be more obvious.
  7. Male “Privilege” Trap: The male privilege trap asserts the ludicrous notion that a man’s viewpoint has no value because of his gender, the color of his skin, or his country of origin. This is an inherently sexist and racist position, yet it is routinely used by leftists to shout down their adversaries and silence male voices. Unfortunately, the “male privilege trap” often silences the very men with the most life experience.
  8. Legal System Discrimination: It is widely acknowledged that courts heavily favor women and discriminate against men. Family courts, for instance, are a 60 billion dollars per year industry, with less than 10% of men receiving little to no financial support or custody of their children in divorce cases. False allegations against men in family courts are becoming the norm, with no retribution or repercussions when proven false.
  9. Pornography: Believe it or not, the porn industry is part of a well-orchestrated plan to rid the world of masculine energy, starting with our young boys. Disney openly promotes LGBTQ agendas and elementary schools are teaching sexual content with explicit children’s books.  By the time boys are teenagers, they are sex obsessed without knowing it, allowing Porn to step in. Soon, repeated dopamine highs created by meaningless sexual content, result in lazy, unmotivated, and uncreative men. For the few who are still masculine, the feminist movement shows up to say they are toxic.
  10. Masculinity as a Dirty Word: The gender identity of males has become something to ponder as if some magical revelation, or personal truth. For men, everything about their nature is under scrutiny. Young boys play-fighting are punished. Aggression is labeled “toxic.” Competition and rivalry in sports are discouraged. The “woke” military leadership was put on full display with the embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan, forever demonstrating how lethal emasculated leadership can be.

America is suffocating from the lack of strong male leadership. Many men know this but look the other way and focus on their careers, or numbing agents like alcohol, hoping that someone else will come in to fix things. Newsflash: That ain’t gonna happen. YOU ARE THE ANSWER.

  • Men of strength and spiritual grounding are needed more than ever, and this demand will only grow in the coming years.
  • Democratic “social justice” emphasizes fairness in using social resources but does not imply special treatment toward any group or ideology.
  • Socialism has coerced American society into believing that self-determination and independence equate to unequal wealth distribution, which only a strong central government can bring. 

Former Socialist countries like Israel, India, and the UK had nationalized their societies and major industries, placing economic decision-making in the hands of their governments during WW2.  Fortunately, strong men (and women) with moral courage in all three countries realized that only an independent country can prosper. 

Socialism’s first task is to emasculate the men, leaving countries vulnerable to unrealistic, uncontested rhetoric. America is witnessing the emasculation of its present male population and future leaders. Traditional masculinity is under assault at every turn, and it’s why both men and women MUST join forces to fight back against this common enemy before it’s too late.

Freedom is the enemy of Socialism. In a free society, you have the right and ability to be wealthy or not.  Wealth and independence are not a sign of discrimination against the poor; it’s your choice. 

This famous phrase holds true:

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times.”

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  1. Another great one Sal. It is so obvious that you do a lot of trueful research into your blogs. Stay strong and God Bless

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