The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind the Global Warming Deception


Climate Change

Climate change has become the new mantra for controlling the economic and energy sectors of world economies.  The New World Order Elites and the World Economic Forum have convinced the world that “man is evil”, “humans are destroying our planet” and “life-sustaining C02 is a pollutant” that is causing the earth to burn up. To make the narrative convincing, in 2006, Al Gore shocked the world with his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” on climate change and the potential effects it will have on our planet. The documentary included predictions that the warming of oceans would create more frequent and more intense hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean; melting freshwater Arctic Ice would cause the ocean conveyor belt to shut down and warmer weather would provide the Arctic with its first ice-free summer while raising oceans levels would put N.Y.C. partially underwater by 2020.

What They Failed To Tell Us

What the climate change minions failed to tell us was that these predictions were based, not on scientific data or geological historical models, but on computer models programmed to reflect the climate warming narrative. In October, 2021, NASA Engineer Tom Moser revealed the “Truth About Climate Science” at “The 15th International Conference on Climate Change”.  Mr. Moser stated that the general public does not understand the detrimental impact of artificially reducing CO2 and that inner government conservatives that understand it’s a hoax will not challenge the progressives for political reasons.  Mr. Moser laid out 7 principles:

The 7 Principles

1.CO2 Levels and Global Temperatures, over Geologic Time, are in Predictable Cycles

  • Both temperature charts demonstrate the normal cyclic changes in temperature and CO2 over geologic time and demonstrate the repeating cycles of global weather patterns

2. Temperature Changes are Primarily Caused by the Sun NOT Man

  • The earth’s orbit moves closer or farther from the sun in 41,000 year cycles
  • The earth also tilts (earth’s wobble) as it rotates around in orbit every 6 – 14 years
  • These movements cause geologically predictable ice ages and global warming conditions

3. Mother Nature is in Total Control, NOT Humans

  • The earth’s temperature over millions of years has little correlation to raising CO2 levels
  • Over the last 150 million years, geological processes have taken 90% of CO2 out of the atmosphere

4. The Amount of Human Produced CO2 in the Atmosphere is Statistically Negligible

  • Humans produce .028% of total greenhouse gas emissions
  • Natural volcanic events like the 1991 volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines spewed more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in one year than the entire human race has emitted in all existence on earth

5. 97% of Climate Scientists Agree that Human Controlled Climate Change is NOT True

  • Computer models were wrong. Predicted global warming of the oceans did not happen
  • In 1971, Climate scientists predicted global cooling and a mini ice age by 2000 based on their “computer models”
  • According to “independent” climate researchers, only .3% of climate scientists predicted global warming.  Facts don’t lie, people do.

6. Weather Extremes are NOT Increasing

  • Hurricanes and tornados have not increased
  • Floods and droughts remain constant over the last 50 years

7. CO2 is Safe, Good and is NOT a Pollutant

  • CO2 increase in the atmosphere increases plant growth and food production by 34.5%

The Chapman Cycle of Repairing the Ozone Layer from Greenhouse Gasses

The ozone–oxygen cycle is the earth’s natural process by which ozone is continually being regenerated in Earth’s stratosphere, by converting ultraviolet radiation from the Sun into heat, which chemically rebuilds the Ozone Layer at the rate of 12% per day.

Global Warming Data is Fraudulent

The Heritage Foundation stated that: “In America and around the globe, governments have created a multi-billion dollar Climate Change Industrial Complex.”, and  “A lot of people are getting rich off of the climate change industry.”   According to a recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, Federal funding for climate change research & technology has increased from $2.4 billion in 1993 to $32.3 billion in 2018, with an additional prediction of $2 trillion/yr for the future cost of climate change inaction.

So invested are these elite industrial conglomerates in recreating new economic and industrial norms, that any academic whose research dares question the “settled science” of the climate change complex, is instantly accused of being a shill for the oil and gas industry.

Five years ago, a leftist group called the “Climate Policy Initiative” issued a study which found that Global investment in climate change reached $359 billion that year. Shortly thereafter, they stated that this spending “falls far short of what’s needed” a number estimated at $5 trillion.

Note: $5 trillion could feed everyone on the planet, end malaria, and provide clean water and reliable electricity to every remote village in Africa, and probably have enough money left over to find a cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The entire Apollo project to put a man on the moon cost less than $200 billion. We are spending twice that much every year on climate change.

The hoax is exacerbated by fancy computer models that are not based on scientific data but on selective data to prove their case.

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Alters Weather Data


NOAA has made repeated “adjustments” to atmospheric data, for the presumed scientific reason of making the data more accurate. Except, all their changes point to one thing — lowering previously measured temperatures to show cooler weather in the past and raising more recent temperatures to show warming in the recent present.

This creates a data illusion of ever-rising temperatures to match the increase in CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere, which global warming advocates say the more CO2, the more warming.

“The earth is forever adapting to the Universal Forces in nature, continually repeating nature’s cycles long before man appeared on this planet.  The climate is always changing, and with it, man’s ability to profit from it.”

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