The World Economic Forum & the Climate Change Agenda


“The First Global Revolution:  A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome”


The World Economic Forum


International elites and corporations formed The World Economic Forum in 1971 as a group of alternative thinkers who would better serve humanity with innovations and technologies.  However, in the process, special interest groups have formed an agenda within the WEF and have assumed power with the intent of CONTROLLING world populations under the guise of protecting our food, data, vaccines, and environment.  In short, the WEF has assumed the responsibility for protecting humanity, with or without people’s consent.

  • The Great Reset is the global elite’s plan to instate a government-controlled “communist” world order by abolishing private property while using COVID-19 and the environment to solve overpopulation and enslaving what remains of humanity with vaccines.

The idea is that corporations no longer focus solely on serving “shareholders” but become custodians (owners) of society by creating perceived value for customers, suppliers, employees, and communities. The end product is to bring together the private sector, government, and civil society into a “Global Governance.”

Shareholder vs. Stakeholder


When it comes to investing in a corporation, there are shareholders and stakeholders that have entirely different objectives. The WEF is “entrusted” to bring world leaders together as Stakeholders in a New World Order. 

The Plan


International globalists within the WEF were looking for a way to unite the people to a common enemy that would give justification for an all-powerful, controlling STATE. World leaders laid out an ingenious plan for environmental concerns of global warming, and put it into a book in 1991, called “The First Global Revolution:  A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome”

Their need to unite the world populations into a common mission was to provide government solutions to environmental concerns of impending Global Warming that would adversely affect the environment, resulting in the destruction of humanity by our own changing climate.   The WEF adopted the environmental climate change agenda and later added COVID-19 as the springboard for world vaccines.

Vaccine trials in 3rd world countries may sound like a humanitarian effort but the reality is that these trials are needed to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and impact of vaccines in public-health programs in developed countries.

  • If the vaccine trials in 3rd world countries cause harm or fail to meet the “investment” stakeholder requirements in developed countries, there would be no stakeholder investments.

Climate Change Agenda


The WEF climate change agenda is balanced on a razor’s edge of truth.  When studying the passage of geological time, it takes no effort or expertise to learn that the climate is always changing.  Our lives literally revolve around climate cycles.  Climate cycles are repeated regularly in the same order, based on planetary events, regardless of human intervention. Climate cycles play key roles in Earth’s short-term weather and long-term climate.

The important takeaway from these climate cycles is that some cycles require tens to hundreds of thousands of years to complete and have done so for millions of years.  Specific to the global warming and ice age cycles is the change in “tilt” of the earth’s axis, relative to the sun, which repeats in 41,000-year cycles.  Currently, the earth is approximately halfway out of its “ice age” cycle, or halfway into its global warming cycle.

It must be clearly understood that the use of climate change or global warming as it relates to the responsibility of human activity on this planet, is almost meaningless since these same cycles have repeated themselves long before human or animal inhabitants.  The earth is a self-healing entity over time, recovering from meteor and asteroid impacts as well as earth-born natural disasters.


Communism is a false theory designed to make a population believe that the poor can rise up and attain financial and social status equal to that of the middle class. Communism is based on “equality”, where everyone gets the same, regardless of if it is right for them or not.  All means of production must be controlled by the State.

The WEF is a “soft sell” towards Communism

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