Where Are Our Tax Dollars Going… The Great Charade


Taxation is the redistribution of wealth that strips US sovereign citizens of their ability to control government spending

The following is the hidden truth about US taxation history and its effect on the lives of every citizen. 

Brief Summary of the Creation of The Federal Reserve and the IRS:

  • The Federal Reserve, initiated in 1913, is a private conglomerate of international wealthy bankers, created to print and lend money (without backing) to America’s failing banks, resulting in massive interest payments
  • Congress had to create and pass a FEDERAL INCOME TAX on all U.S. citizen wages in 1913 (16th Amendment), to pay down the debt
  • However, the 16th Amendment fell short of ratification by one vote in congress.  President Wilson illegally told the country the 16th amendment passed.  The 16th Amendment has yet to be challenged.   https://www.thelawthatneverwas.com/

Note: Big corporations created TAX FREE FOUNDATIONS, i.e.The Rockefeller, Mellon & Carnegie   Foundations, to isolate themselves from taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service IS NOT AN AGENCY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  It was created to redistribute U.S. wealth & control U.S. financial sovereignty:


What happens to Tax Money collected by the IRS?


The following quote is the words of patriot Keith Broaders

“A Statesman understands the principles upon which the Constitution was written and the original intent of the founding fathers. A Statesman is motivated by his love of liberty, while the Politician, on the other hand is motivated by personal greed and his lust for power.”

Are you receiving private mail from private groups, corporations and politicians asking for donations to support their effort to right the wrongs in our society?  Sounds noble, but fixing our borders or insuring election integrity is already covered by state and constitutional laws, all of which is funded by taxpayer money.  So, I ask once again, Where Are Our Tax Dollars Going?

I have received over 300 requests for donations from organizations and politicians since January 1, 2023. After making a few donations, I realized it’s time to stop the charade.  Below are a few of the organizations involved and the letter I now send to each, expressing my thoughts.  Feel free to use or change my letter if you agree with my analysis.

Sample Organizations:

Republican Party Assessment Project, Election Integrity Task Force, Secure America Alliance, Liberty Taskforce, Turning Point USA, Tea Party Express, American Conservative Agenda, American Energy Alliance, Liberty Council, AMAC Action, Heritage Action for America, Ultra MAGA PAC, Citizens United, dozens of Political Campaign Donation Requests + 122 other Groups & Organizations

My Letter:

Thank you for your dedication to upholding constitutional safeguards.  What is disturbing is that I receive mail like this every single day, pointing out incredible unconstitutional behavior that somehow is allowed to continue, despite the safeguards to forbit it.

I am very active politically, on the speaking circuit, educating the public about the Socialist / Communist takeover of America. 

However, my reason for writing this note to you, is to point out that I receive between 4 and 6 pieces of “political” mail per day from hard working members of congress, from those who want to be our congressional representatives or from independent political groups. In every single instance, there is an excellent point of concern being made, followed by the need for a donation to help the cause.

To date I have over 300 pieces of mail asking for donations since Jan 1, 2023.  I find this counterproductive because after a while the message gets lost.  To ask for donations to fight illegal activity or promote political objectives, negates the reason we have constitutional laws already supported financially by every taxpayer in the U.S.

Our congressional representatives, whose salaries and every program in our government are supported by every taxpayer, are asking those very same taxpayers to donate money to fight whatever unconstitutional battle that arises is repulsive after a while.  

I certainly realize the present political battles we face against the Marxist liberals but with $112 billion, for example, sent to the Ukraine as of Dec. 2022 and God knows how much since then, is literally wasted in the eyes of the public, since the only accountability is that it is necessary. 

BIG government is not much different from BIG labor in terms of having a “massive multi-billion (trillion) dollar forced dues (taxes) system.”  Taxpayers are not much different than union workers in terms of being stripped of our earnings with little to no oversight.

As an aside, I also received a package from former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, asking for similar donations to “Secure the border, stop Fentanyl drug cartels and end Sanctuary Cities”.  This is insanity!  The border can be secured with the stroke of a pen and materials already purchased, rusting, and stored in an open field.  Besides, what do donations have to do with enforcing our laws? 

The recent passage of the Omnibus Bill spends $1.7 TRILLION on WOKE pet projects, including allocating $1.9 billion to “catch & release” illegal aliens, yet allocates no money or additional effort to secure our southern border.  The examples are too numerous to list.

I’ve made dozens of donations to date and will not make any further donations.  When politics surpasses the common good of the nation, it’s going to take more than donations to fix.  I mean no disrespect and I support all efforts to reign in the unjust in our society, but don’t you think there is an abundance of “special interest tax funds” wasted, within our tax structure to meet these challenges without asking for additional funds from those same taxpayers? Continuing to tap the “taxpayer well” for every political event will lead to indifference. 


A Very Concerned Patriot Citizen


The corporations that collectively donate billions of dollars, consider the contributions to be investments. For every hundred dollars they donate, they will ultimately receive thousands of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies.” Keith Broaders

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