Confusion, Deception, Diversion: The “Art of The Game”

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

What we are witnessing with this “pandemic” is not passing the “sniff test”. This is not America’s first rodeo with viral infections, as we’ve dealt with ones FAR more lethal than COVID-19 in the past. 

The COVID-19 virus pandemic is an event where scientific method and medical protocols have been replaced by intellectual guessing and highly inaccurate predictions.

Everything we “learned” about COVID-19 must be questioned. Social distancing is now the new mantra used to shut down our economy and the fallout is unprecedented. 

Confusion: The Perfect Tool for Deception 

Very little about COVID 19 is questioned or makes any sense:

  1. Every predictive COVID-19 graph is grossly misleading.
  2. Every effort is made to strike FEAR in our citizens.
  3. COVID-19 has been shown to travel in the air (aerosol spread), destroying the logic of the 6 foot social distancing mandate.
  4. We can’t shake hands, but bumping elbows (that you were told to cough into) is now the new greeting.
  5. We can’t go to a “paint store” to buy paint (social distancing) but can go to Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware to buy the same paint; alongside dozens of other people.

States and countries not implementing draconian measures against COVID-19
have no significant changes in viral cases or deaths.

Vaccine Safety vs. Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trials

Dr. Fauci told us that Hydroxychloroquine is not an approved treatment for COVID-19 because it is dangerous and has not been double-blind, placebo tested.

I’m not discussing the pros and cons of Hydroxychloroquine, but I am pointing out what media outlets are not willing to state: No vaccine, ever, has been tested against a pure placebo like saline or sugar water. A placebo, in vaccine terms, means testing against a similar vaccine, not a pure placebo.

The reason is that the CDC and WHO often raise ethical concerns when participants in the control group are deprived of an existing vaccine.

Testing a new vaccine against a pure placebo is scientifically and ethically unsound when the tested hypothesis is whether an experimental vaccine, in similar settings, is more effective than a vaccine already in use.

Hydroxychloroquine has been around since the 1950’s. So far it has demonstrated over a 90% efficacy rate against COVID-19 (with no side effects).

If vaccines are used WITHOUT BEING TESTED against a pure placebo, then why should a 50-year, field tested, safe drug like Hydroxychloroquine be held to a higher standard?

The answer is in the goal; Mass Vaccination, not drug therapy.

In simple English, investigators refuse to test a vaccine against a pure placebo. They know that if there were no significant differences between the vaccine and the placebo, then the “vaccine myth” would be exposed… the very reason WHY pure placebo testing is used in scientific method.

Censorship is a Form of Deception

Facebook and YouTube are notorious for pulling down and censoring information not consistent with “their” respective beliefs or agenda. As private corporations, they have the right to do so as they please. It is up to the American public to accept or reject information relating to personal health needs or concerns. Please view the following link which systematically lays out the agenda of the “deep state” control over COVID-19 information.

Ventilators: Do they Really Make a Difference?

“In New York’s largest hospital system, 88 percent of coronavirus patients ON VENTILATORS didn’t make it.”

April 23, 2020

Five weeks into the pandemic, JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) published a paper stating that, during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, 20% of all hospitalized patients with respiratory illnesses died. That’s odd… because the same percentage of patients died during “normal” times.

The report is consistent with numerous other medical reports that COVID-19 might actually be a toxic reaction within the oxygen carrying parts of Red Blood Cells, (such as in “High Altitude Sickness”), which causes identical symptoms being seen in COVID-19 patients. If true, ventilators will actually not oxygenate red blood cells. They can cause irreparable lung damage, since the lungs may not be the target of the COVID-19 virus. 

The fluid build-up in the lungs is coming from natural body reactions to a loss of oxygen in general and not pneumonia. Unfortunately, “hindsight is always 20/20” and the immediate push for thousands of ventilators overshadowed traditional, less invasive medical protocols like the CPAP or BiPAP options, which WILL oxygenate red blood cells.

Is Microchipping the “end game” for mass vaccination? 

The U.N. and United States are trying to implement laws that require EVERYONE WORLDWIDE to be IMPLANTED with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Denoting) microchip, stating that it is a good thing that will “make life easier”.

Chips can store all medical and vaccination data. 

The technology already exists whereby over 3,000 pages of medical and vaccination documentation can be stored on the implantable chip; information which can then be accessed by satellite or scanners linked to computers.

“Unfortunately, there are numerous consequences from using implanted microchips on humans.”
  1. Once implanted, the microchip locates a person’s exact position using GPS coordinates to track you at any given moment, for any reason, with or without your consent or knowledge.
  2. The RFID chip also has microphone capabilities that can listen to you anytime, like “on-star” devices in automobiles.
  3. Microchip implantation is not new and has been used to track Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, ID Cards/Driver’s Licenses, credit/debit cards, bank accounts and all personal information.
  4. Since microchips can be accessed via satellite or scanner, all your personal data can be hacked without you ever knowing.
  5. If mandated, refusal of microchip implants in humans could render you unable to access or control any part of your daily life.

The Long History of Microchipping

If this sounds sinister and worthy of a Stephen King novel, think again; it has already been used for nefarious purposes like electronic mind control and surveillance in the military.

In 1996 it was reported that scientists at British Telecom’s Martlesham Heath Laboratories developed an implantable computer chip that could record all thoughts, as well as all visual and physical sensations.                                             

It appears, according to Dr. Fauci, that life after COVID-19 may never return to what it was. Of course, there is no medical or psychological justification why life cannot return to normal. The question is, will America be “herded” further down the road toward compliance?  

“BIG BROTHER” is not your brother. Freedom is our precious gift. It cannot be taken from us unless we willingly trade our freedom for false security. Let’s NOT let that happen…

A more in depth understanding about pandemics, the media, and government involvement is contained in my book:

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