Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, and The Noble Cause Corruption Model

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

Now, climate change and global warming puppeteers have a new “Al Gore” in Greta Thunberg- a teenage climate change activist who is making victimhood its political ally. Perhaps it’s all that “hot air” that’s causing this alleged “global warming”?

Read below and see what YOU think…

Facts or “Inconvenient” Hypotheses?

Al Gore told us in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” that “The Science on Global Warming is Settled”. Without any scientific credentials or evidence, Gore took one microscopic part of the million(s) years of our planet’s climate history and made it a “doomsday” scenario for the uninformed. Gore made ample use of unprovable hypotheses charged with a good deal of emotion and sold it to the world as evidence that humanity is the sole cause of global warming.

Now, some 12 years later, absolutely NONE of Gore’s 10 predictions like; rising sea levels, a new ice age for Europe, extinction of Polar Bears, etc, have occurred. So what science exactly was Gore referring to?

“How Dare You”, Mr. Gore

Below are just a few of the lies/hypocrisy that Al Gore has pushed out to the uninformed public:

  • Silly Predictions: Gore told us that humanity (our planet) may have only 10 years left before turning into a frying pan. He lied.
  • Unrealistic Comparisons: Gore told us that climate change, not Islamic terrorism or our skyrocketing debt, is the number one issue facing us. Where are the stats of those who died because of climate change vs terrorism?
  • Hypocrisy: Gore owns 2 multi-million dollar homes consuming more energy in one year than the average American home consumes in 21 years, yet he make millions as a high tech “green” investor.
  • More Hypocrisy: Gore’s private jets produce more CO2 emissions than the average family’s transportation produces in a lifetime.
  • Don’t Forget: This is the same guy who tried to take credit for “creating the internet”. Check out about 50 seconds into this Video Interview with Al Gore. Just saying…

Enter Greta Thunberg

With the climate debate still front and center, enter Time Magazine’s person of the year for 2019; Greta Thunberg.  Who better than a finger-waving 16 year old girl, absent of any major accomplishments or comprehension of history, science or economics, to be “person of the year”? Greta is the climate activist’s dream. After all, she speaks with unwavering authority, and is emotional and indignant- yet shielded from any adult critical analysis or debate.

“How Dare You”… Speak The Truth?!

In a recent article by the New York Post, Thunberg took a page out of Al Gore’s misinformation playbook by tweeting a picture of herself sitting amid bags and suitcases on what she called “overcrowded trains through Germany”. It turns out she had a first class seat the entire time. Yet, if anyone were to question her, they’re met with: “How dare you attack a poor defenseless teenager who suffers from Asperger Syndrome”. Well I say shame on her activist handler for manipulating and hiding behind the innocence of youth.

Maybe Greta and her puppeteers should confront an actual climate scientist and listen, then take that knowledge to direct her emotional speeches towards the hypocrisy of Al Gore.

How About Facts from an Actual Climate Scientist – Like Patrick Moore?

Patrick Moore – legendary past president of Greenpeace Canada states:

“There is no definitive scientific proof through real-world observation that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of global climate which has occurred during the past 300 years.” I reject that “the science is settled” and that “the debate is over.”

Patrick Moore
Past President – Greenpeace Canada

Ever Heard Facts from a REAL Climatologist – like Patrick J. Michaels?

Patrick J. Michaels – Chief Climatologist at CATO Institute states:

  • The earth has warmed .9 degrees Celsius over recorded climate measurements.
  • There have been 2 periods of recent global warming: 1890 – 1920 and and 1970 – 1990. However not enough human CO2 was created to increase global temperatures . This means that between 1970 and 1990 only half of the .9 degree increase in global temperature is due to greenhouse gases. The rest is due to natural occurrences.
  • 31 governments create climate computer models based on “predicted” global warming increases; however, actual weather measurements reveal far less warming.
  • Instead of using actual climate data models, climate forecasters use “parameterized” models. These models are what they think is occurring or will occur) i.e., fudged numbers.
  • Science Magazine 2016 reported computer models are programmed to give anticipated results, therefore, SCIENTISTS not SCIENCE predict global warming.
  • Under the Clean Air Act of 2009, the EPA uses 100% computer models as fact.  The result is computer models are registering 7X more global warming than actually is.
  • There is NO relationship at all between hurricane energy and the surface temperature of the earth. 

*** Those who question the climate consensus are CENSORED or PUNISHED by EPA regulations. ***

Common Sense Climate Facts

  • There is more damage from today’s weather patterns because there is more STUFF to damage now than ever before.
  • Global Warming has become a business unto itself. It affects government policies- which creates more taxes and government agencies like NGO’s and research universities.
  • Traditional weather measuring stations, formerly in open areas, are now part of the urban landscape. However, heat retention from brick and mortar falsely skews temperatures upward.
  • High school earth science 101: Global warming and cooling are the result of the earth’s natural “wobble” on its axis over ions, resulting in ice ages or global heating.
  • The earth is still coming out of a “Mini Ice Age”, meaning the earth is naturally warming.
  • Man-made global warming (greenhouse gases) accounts for a minuscule difference in global climate temperatures.
  • The most recent mini ice age (1400 -1800) was preceded by global warming (900 – 1300) which was preceded by global cooling and warming again (300 – 800).            

Hey Greta… Notice the patterns WITHOUT HUMAN INTERFERENCE?

The Harsh Reality of “Fixing” Climate Change

If humanity is the cause of Global Warming, then curtailing human greenhouse gas emissions requires reducing world population- either by restricting birth or killing off undesirable human life. Read your history Greta. Despots have killed over 150 million people by war or edict, namely; Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot and others. Using less A/C, replacing light bulbs, driving smart cars or banning cow flatulence isn’t going to cut it.  

It’s easy to go on a “How Dare You” rampage, talking to the choir.  As an adult you might find your opposition not so forgiving.    

So, What’s the Conclusion?

Yes, the earth is slowly warming, but climate history evolves over time. It’s an insult for anyone to put actual dates on upcoming catastrophic events when the best scientific climate minds in the world freely admit they don’t really know when climate patterns will change… other than “they surely will.”

Those with vested interests in the business of climate change utilize the Noble Cause Corruption Model: what they want people to believe, while conveniently not looking at the actual reality models.

Gore, and now Thunberg are being used as political props to rally the uninformed under the Noble Cause Corruption Model. Gore has made a fortune as the global warming guru, while Greta is shamefully robbed of her childhood to push a victimhood mentality awareness.  

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