Immune System Reality Check: What Do We Really Know?

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

Irrational Virus Fear Cultivation

COVID-19 totally corrupted my understanding and trust in The World Health Organization (WHO), FDA, The U.N. and national COVID-19 “experts”. Furthermore, “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx continue to belch out information that is questionable at best.

  • One week before President Trump ordered the travel ban from China, Dr. Fauci stated that Americans were “at low risk for COVID-19” and should “go about their business”.  
  • Recently, on national TV, Dr. Fauci alluded that Trump did not take his advice to institute a travel ban, resulting in a delay that cost lives. Fauci blatantly lied without being held accountable by the media.

Very Little About COVID-19 is Questioned or Makes any Sense

  1. The public experiences economic and social mandates at unprecedented speed, backed by “experts” spouting “fear”.  
  2. No time to ask questions. Just follow instructions or become a statistic.  
  3. As more information becomes available, it is apparent that there really is a bigger agenda in play.  

NOTE: I covered facts of a possible bigger agenda in a recent blog: “The Weaponizing of COVID 19”.

A Growing Push for Mandatory Vaccines

Five days before COVID-19 was announced in the U.S., the “Deep State” began the largest “fear mongering” campaign in history. They use FEAR to purposefully push for total population “stay at home” compliance that created an economic shutdown as part of the plan to “save lives”. Or was it to “control lives”, as mentioned by Minnesota Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen? 

“Fear is a great way to control people.”

Senator Dr. Scott Jensen in a TV news interview
  • Behind the scenes and away from the nightly rhetoric of the media, forces are at work, not only to weaponize the COVID-19 virus but to politicize the event as well. 
  • Trump is cornered into making faulty decisions based on his COVID-19 task force that spouts inaccurate predictions, but if he requests validation of said predictions, he is accused of acting too late to save lives. A “Catch 22” and a HUGE win for the Democrats.

COVID-19: The Holy Grail For Universal Mandatory Vaccines

Having financial ties to patents for both the modified COVID-19 virus and its subsequent vaccine, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is front and center in my previous blogs. Recently, Gates stated that “We can’t re-open the country until a vaccine is secured”. This is totally unprecedented and reeks of a bigger agenda.  

“We can’t re-open the country until a vaccine is secured.”

Bill Gates

This is not the place to solve the COVID-19 crisis, but it may be the place for common sense to play a part.  

In 2002, I produced a seminar called “The Vaccine Forum”, introducing my years of research relating to vaccines. My intent was purely educational. Designed to unravel confusing/misleading data and to produce a credible, unbiased presentation, The Vaccine Forum provides another source for parents to make informed choices on vaccines.  

Since then, this presentation has been revised seven times to include the latest information, both “for” and “against” vaccines. My research discovered some disturbing findings.

The findings were intentionally covered up by the pharmaceutical Industry, backed by the media, funded by research and development investors, and implemented by pediatricians. 

Let’s Talk Immune System: a Necessary Reality Check

Following the work of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a brilliant biological scientist who holds four degrees from M.I.T., I found that his vast understanding of the human immune system coincided with my 35 years of research: 

  1. The human immune system evolved over millions of years by being EXPOSED to natural environmental forces.
  2. The human body has the capability of recognizing and developing antidotes (Cytokines) that trigger the immune system against invading microbes.
  3. Invading microbes travel through the air or are carried by animals or insects, so isolating oneself from all possibilities is futile.
  4. According to Dr. Shiva, there is an estimated 380 trillion possible viruses and 60 trillion bacteria that make up our ecosystem (Virome).
  5. A vaccine MUST be specific to a specific virus or bacteria, as with the present search for a COVID-19 vaccine.
  6. When attacked by outside forces like weather, drugs, or vaccines, viruses have the unique ability to “mutate” to a different viral form- making a particular vaccine “dubious” at best.
  7. Only by exposure to microbes can the immune system respond with Cytokine “triggers”.

NOTE: Not a single approved vaccine has ever been tested against a placebo.

Exposure: The Best Virus Defense

The only way to build active” immunity (lifelong antibody immunity) is by direct exposure. Vaccines yield “passive” (short lived) immunity leaving the immune system vulnerable again. 

*** The hunt is on for COVID-19 antibodies, produced ONLY by immune systems from exposed, infected, and recovered individuals. ***

Exposure is the only antidote but is dependent on the immune strength of the host. In short, “getting sick” is the way to “get healthy”.

This is counter intuitive in today’s modern medicine, where the hunt for pharmaceutical solutions and vaccines rules.

Ask any baby boomer what their parents did when one neighborhood child got the chicken pox or measles? We had a party, exposing the rest of the kids to the virus. The result is lifelong immunity. I know, because I was one of them.

Contributing Factors to a Compromised Immune System:

Typically, Americans are told to stay out of the sun or use massive amounts of sunblock. Our diets contain minimal vitamin C, D, or raw vegetables. We eat plenty of sugar (which suppresses the immune system) and have iodine free everything. In doing so, Americans are virtually avoiding any natural way of fighting off viruses.

To be clear… lots of sunshine, mega doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, raw vegetables and Iodine boost the immune system.  

It is difficult for most people to understand that our lives are controlled by BIG Pharma and what our MD’s are taught.

Yes, washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks, and no hand shaking make for good hygiene in AVOIDING viruses, but with 380 trillion viruses occupying every invisible inch of this planet, is it really possible to avoid them?

People do die from viral infections by having immune systems not up for the task, but normally, with or without vaccines, every virus runs its course.

If death is to be the ultimate endgame to avoid, why is the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation eager to produce “mandatory” vaccines to kill off 15% of the population?

I urge each of you to research and question what I’ve listed above. Do not be passive or compliant when you discover the truth about your immune system.

A more in depth understanding about pandemics, the media, and government involvement is contained in my book:

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