Impeachment, Hatred, Violence… A Dangerous Political Game

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

Recent American politics have exposed the best and worst in our elected officials. Most are attorneys or former prosecutors, practicing their craft under the guise of congressional cover. The outcome can make or break this country.

Impeachment: Let’s Get Down To Business

“Attorneys are a necessary evil, where truth is often compromised by their ability to convince twelve people (who couldn’t get out of jury duty) that their client is either guilty or innocent; depending on who writes their check”.

Dr. Sal Martingano

First, A Couple of Points to Remember:

  • A lawyer can defend the guilty and justify his actions by stating he was just doing his job…(the truth be damned).
  • The impeachment proceedings clearly demonstrate that repetition of confusing and often misleading facts. This does little to influence the public.
  • The public is being treated to lessons in American Government that were irrelevant or never learned in school.
  • The oppressive media spin and the misleading rhetoric by both the “prosecuting” House Democrats and the “judging” Senate Republicans about the validity of Trumps impeachment charges have divided this country.  

Mainstream Media: The Third Political Party

The Media has become our unofficial, UNELECTED, third political party. It is run by corporate giants dictating the TV media talking points to psychologically influence unsuspecting listeners into opposing factions.

  • Facts cannot be “cherry picked” but can be psychologically manipulated, designed to offer a point of view that can stir hatred rather than the quest for truth.
  • Facts have consequences if opposing views disagree, but the truth cannot be both ways.
  • For one political party to vow continued retribution if their impeachment charges are denied, is un American and agenda driven.

Adam’s “Schiff List”

House impeachment manager Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) listed 10 reasons he believes Ukraine investigations were for the President’s personal gain. Schiff, who is also an attorney, knows full well that what he believes means nothing in an impeachment trial yet goes a long way influencing public sentiment, division and hate.

Impeachment Facts vs. A False “List”

FACT #1: Constitutional Criteria for Impeachment is NOT met

The charges against Trump do not meet the constitution’s criteria for impeachment, PERIOD.

FACT #2: This Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Future Presidencies

Based on the present context, if the president were to be impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, it will set a “dangerous” precedent for all future presidents.

FACT #3: Opinions and Rhetoric Cannot Change Constitutional Law

Just because you don’t particularly like a president, or their political motives, does NOT mean you can change Constitutional laws and procedures to impeach. Constitutional expert and attorney Alan Dershowitz describes this best in the following:

You cannot turn conduct that is not impeachable into impeachable conduct simply by using words like quid pro quo”.

Alan Dershowitz
Constitutional Expert and Attorney

FACT #4: The President Can Legally Freeze Military Assets

Presidents are legally justified in freezing military assistance to any country if not consistent with established U.S. policy and this is not an impeachable offense.

FACT #5: Impeachment is Intended Only as a Last Resort- NOT a Political Weapon

Impeachment is the last resort equalizer for political or constitutional injustice and should never be weaponized as a tool by any political party.

Discretionary spending is filled with special interest “pork spending” that pleases some but irritates others in Congress.  Instead of responsible compromises, working within specific budgetary requirements, Congress opts to use “continuing resolutions” (we will do what we want) to fund the government in a piecemeal fashion rather than an actual budget. 

Five Examples of How Today’s American Political System is Ripe for Hatred and Distrust

Nancy Pelosi: Hatred of “The Squad”

House leader Nancy Pelosi speaks of bipartisan decision making on matters of impeachment, yet bows to the hatred of “The Squad” and radical factions in the Democratic party towards the president, as if they are the surrogates for the ultimate will of the people.

Joe Biden: His Own “Quid-Pro-Quo”

Voters get mixed messages when presidential candidate Joe Biden can’t get the endorsement of his former boss, Barack Obama, yet is caught on video doing his own “Quid-Pro Quo” with the same Ukraine, while vice-president and point man in the Obama administration.

Bernie Sanders: America’s Socialist Hypocrite

Senator Sanders is running for the American presidency as a socialist (let that sink in for a minute), denouncing the very American democracy he and his family have benefitted and made millions of dollars from. BTW: take a minute to watch Bernie’s love for the Russian system of government; yes, same government that murders journalists, gays, non-Christians. (can you say collusion?) 

Mainstream Media: The Psychological Grasp

Americans are witness to extreme political bias. Bi-partisan politics, by design, invites opposing views to be discussed, vetted and voted upon, ultimately at the ballot box.  Americans now must contend with an agenda driven, corporate controlled media, hellbent on inducing confusion, hatred and ultimately voter non-participation.

Government Officials: Just Doing Their Jobs

Unelected government officials, diplomats and others in the state department, historically serve at the pleasure of the president, no different than any employee working at the pleasure of their boss or CEO; yet, the media has led the American public to believe that these government appointees somehow can set policy, independent of executive oversight.

Helpful Review

The Constitution provides separation of powers  

The Legislative Branch consists of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) who  make the laws.

The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts who interpret the laws.

The Executive Branch consists of the President, Vice President and the Cabinet, who carries out the laws.

Americans must understand that pompous rhetoric or agenda driven hatred against any duly elected president gets resolved at the ballot box.  Continued arguments by factions in congress to alter the established norms in American system of government because it is not in their favor is tantamount to treason.

No matter your political stripe, American taxes pay the salaries for elected government officials.  When intentional disregard for the “business” of American life, to the extent that one political party opposes any and all programs by the president or the opposing political party strictly on partisan hatred, it’s time to clean house.

Come Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the American people must ask whether we are better off today than in 2016?  Partisan politics blinds people to a ‘my way or the highway’ viewpoint and is the breeding ground for subversion.  Based on the accomplishments of this administration, absence of bipartisan support, speaks volumes.

It is not my place to judge or speak for the masses but as an intellectual exercise, after four years of a single-minded attempt to remove this president, with the promise to continue the same if re-elected, what has been accomplished? 

It is the right of every American citizen to exercise their Constitutional guarantees but if Anarchy is your intent, I suggest doing a deep dive into Socialism; you will need it.

A more in depth understanding about the history of impeachment and the lessons learned from the Trump impeachment trial is contained in my newly-released book:

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