Let’s Talk Media Deception: Sold to the Highest Bidder

Media Deception

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

The chapter “Media Deception” in my book “The Declaration of Dependence: A Betrayal of the American Dream”, (New edition coming soon to Amazon.com) makes the case for not allowing actors to be experts, while reporting so-called news on national TV, let alone controlling forces for our nation’s identity.

This book is meant to awaken the masses to the consequences of a big central government. Surely history books are replete with everything necessary for good decision making but it is common sense and real-life experiences that awaken the spirit. Information overload forces citizens to rely on media outlets, where “talking heads” read prepared scripts as if authentic but are often pawns of hidden, controlling forces. It is the intent of this author to point out the inconsistencies and media deception found in recent historical events and what we can do to elicit the truth.

The Stage is Set

By the early 2000’s, the transformation of the media had taken itself from news reporter to news maker. Journalists quickly learned that they had to make reporting the news more visual and more “Hollywood”- often creating news rather than reporting it.

Be honest, were you able to make an informed decision in the 2016 presidential election without the influence of the media “spinning” their own versions of what they wanted the public to see and hear? Since when has the media become a political entity? The short answer is the advent of “social media”, where traditional media outlets must overcome the influence of internet communication.  

In just four short years, the Democratic Party has become the surrogate party for the Progressive/Socialist agenda. Incredibly, the 2020 Democratic primaries demonstrated, by a show of hands, that all 20+ candidates supported a FULL socialist agenda. 

Despite the overwhelming two-year accomplishments of the Trump administration in economic growth, reduced unemployment, a nation-wide tax cut, an America First policy on the national scene and some 50 campaign promises kept, the media has chosen to ignore or disparage every accomplishment. Even the latest Trump visit to North Korea’s DMZ was reported as a publicity stunt. For the first time in our history politics has become the judge and jury of our country.

Reality Check

● Media in general is big business requiring sponsors. The media can be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

● Events in Benghazi, Libya on Sept 11, 2012, demonstrated incredible media deception when not a single news channel asked the hard questions of how this attack could have happened; nor did they ask why five days of misinformation was spewed on the American public about a YouTube video when just one day after the event, it was known that it was an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack.

● With a quick look at what Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the dozens of upcoming social media platforms have accomplished in just a few years, you can quickly see why traditional “reporting the news” media had to radicalize or perish. The media has taken sides, unfortunately against traditional American values, in favor of changing America.

● News channels now are carbon copies of each other.

● Nearly every news channel begins with “an agenda” story of a shooting somewhere (2ndAmendment issues), followed by Trump’s mishandling of immigration, equality for all, abortion on demand, free healthcare, education and other progressive clichés- designed to rally the progressive base of the current Democratic Party.       

The Reasons for Deception:

● For the Media: It’s about the ratings and the ability to stay on the air

● For the TV stations: It is the ability to obtain advertising dollars and support from “deep pockets” like George Soros and the progressive movement elites.  

● For the Government: “Politics is power” and the ability to influence minds through a complicit media translates into votes.  Trump accurately penned the media as “Fake News”, further infuriating the progressives into more radical policies. This was apparent in the humiliating defeat of Hillary to Trump, resulting in chaos for the progressive movement and the “no holds barred” attack on American democracy we now see

For the average citizen(s), this is deception at the highest level- creating a lack of trust in government, whose mission is supposedly to uphold constitutional law. How many times must we be deceived before something is done?”

Questions Citizens Must Ask

  1. Why do we need primetime TV channels reporting the identical news?
  2. Why does the media ignore the illegal Hillary email scandal or the deception of the Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant,
    yet makes no apology for the misleading a two year embarrassment of Trumps Russian collusion story.
  3. Why is there no accountability or “fact checks” by reporters BEFORE the story breaks?
  4. Why does the media use “universal talking points” and pretty faces rather than neutral reporting and unbiased journalism?

The answer is that the media no longer represents JOURNALISM.  The media has become a nightly “reality series” disguised as news. It is the responsibility of the media to report the news, not make the news. Quick “out of context” sound bites now serve as reporting.  

Make no mistake, media bias is planned and executed to perfection. The progressive movement is anti-American and is actually substituting “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals” in place of the U.S. Constitution and Constitutional law (documented thoroughly in my book The Declaration of Dependence: A Betrayal of the American Dream” – New 2019 Edition Coming Soon to Amazon.com).

Our country must recognize Truth from Fiction as well as American Policy from Planned Agendas.  There is no place in journalism for “ratings” or “do-overs”. What people hear is what they believe and having the truth revealed after the fact is no conciliation, IT’S FRAUD.


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