Progressivism, Wealth, and The Federal Reserve – Slippery Slope or Slip ‘n Slide?

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

Security from Government Intrusion: The “Slippery” Slope

For those of us that grew up with snow, you can relate to the slippery slope, where you could sled or ski in a somewhat controlled descent. You can also remember the original Slip n’ Slide toy by Wham-O… a long sheet of plastic that lays on the lawn with water making it slippery. The best you could do is a belly flop from one end to the other… there was no body control… just free fall. This is the analogy I use in describing how this country is presently in an ideological FREE FALL.

There seems to be a lack of control over anything.  Healthcare is a monetary crap shoot. Ideological principles are being turned upside down. Our banking system and control over our individual wealth is being challenged. Our country’s constitution provides security from government intrusion into our private lives… or does it? We have due process, whereby you are innocent until proven guilty, unless of course you get a letter from the IRS.

The Rise of Progressivism: The Slip n’ Slide

The difference in our country is the rise in Progressivism, which believes that social reform is the basis for improving the human condition. This in itself, is a slippery slope. Below is a quick overview of some of our long held traditions that, when turned upside down, should tell you that our country is changing rapidly… turning into an ideological Slip n’ Slide:

  • History vs. Modern Society: Our history is being erased. Historical statues and monuments are now considered offensive, and without much debate, are being taken down.
  • Historical Education: Common Core education is a carbon copy of the Nazi takeover of Germany. The Nazi’s burned historical texts, re-writing them with their perspective. Common Core is also altering historical facts, attempting to teach “history” through a “progressive” lens instead of focusing on actual U.S. history.
  • Religious References: Our Declaration of Independence refers to God as the giver of inalienable rights- meaning that they are natural to mankind… yet all references to God are now offensive and are being removed.
  • Political Correctness: Sports teams like Cleveland Indians or the Washington Redskins are now racist.
  • Personal Identity: Coming out of the closet is one thing, but some state legislatures are considering a non-descript box for gender identity.  

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Confusion of American Society

photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

These events are changing American culture- leaving people confused, overwhelmed and becoming more passive; which is the fuel for progressivism. Due process is being challenged like never before. Incrementally, we are going from a justice system of innocent until proven guilty, to guilty until proven innocent. Accusations, character defamation and now sexual harassment cases have overwhelmed the American court system… exactly the progressive agenda.

The intent is to show that our constitutional laws are archaic, can’t accommodate today’s culture and need to be changed. Of course, this is not a natural occurrence but rather, planning via paid agitators to disrupt every foundation in this country. Whether guilty or not, JUST the claim of sexual harassment, destroys ones character with or without confirmation.

With No Gold Standard – How is Fractional Banking Kept in Check?

Currency, Wealth, and the Centralized Government

How do you get your day in court when the sheer volume of claims would clog the courts for years to come? The progressive movement, which began in earnest back in the 1920’s under President Wilson, was hell bent on making our constitution a “LIVING” document rather than the law of the land; meaning it could be changed at the will of the government. The intent of the constitution was to limit government intrusion. The progressives want just the opposite… a large centralized government that can control all aspects of the country’s wealth.

There is no better example than what we are seeing in our currency market. I’ve produced 2 different podcasts on the Federal Reserve scam and how the IRS is actually the military arm for the government- capable of confiscating money for any reason.

Here are 2 Mind-Blowing Examples:

  1. We talked about the FED and its ability to print money out of thin air. To do this the US was taken off the gold standard.  The US left the $20/oz. gold standard in 1932 and changed it to a $35/oz., This immediately decreased the value of the dollar, and in 1971 President Nixon officially ended the gold standard altogether.


    Since the US left its original gold standard, the dollar has lost approximately 90% of its value… yet we are still taxed on the full face value of the currency. Talk about a SCAM! The FED has kept the illusion of the dollar having value by printing FIAT currency by the incredible scam of FRACTIONAL banking. For every dollar the FED receives, it prints and loans out $9 AND collects interest on the loans while you pay taxes on money that does not exist.

  2. Have you heard of the Bitcoin yet? The Bitcoin is a digital algorithm for currency backed by absolutely nothing of value. The ONLY value comes from the faith of the people that use it. It can’t be cashed in for anything or used for something else if the Bitcoin fails to remain valuable. Simply put, you are left with the same FIAT currency that the FED puts out. FYI: The present value of the Bitcoin is over $11,500 per coin, up from $450 a coin from last year. There will be a finite amount of Bitcoins in circulation and all transactions will be done digitally by powerful computers… can you say hello hackers?


    The IRS wants the personal records of Bitcoin owners to collect taxes on transactions with money that does not exist. You really can’t make this stuff up. People are being led to financial ruin.

Can you imagine a totally digital money system? …A HACKERS DREAM. Did you know that our banking system will soon go paperless as well? No more deposit or withdrawal slips… just computer entries. Do you have any idea what that means should the internet go down, you get digitally locked out of your accounts or a hurricane takes out part of the country for months like Maria did for Puerto Rico?

So why is our government putting the wealth of its people at such risk? Simple… with tangible currency comes individual power; the ability to hoard and save money and the freedom to be independent from government intrusion. Digitizing currency puts the government in total control.


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