Pure Democracy, Representative Republic, Democratic Socialism…Which is the America We Want?

In Our Democracy, more specifically, our Representative Republic, power ultimately lies with the people.  Government can only “take” what its citizens allow.

I am a product of the first wave baby boomer generation and clearly remember being taught the fragility of our Representative Republic. Without diligence and resistance to the forces of tyranny, people are “duped” by clever, well-funded politicians, beholden to the ideals of large corporations that expect returns on their investment.

When Donald Trump, a self-made individual, bypassed the system and gained political prominence, the governing ceased, and the mission strategy changed to a “seek and destroy at all costs”.

An Overview of the Three Primary Government Principles:


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Pure Democracy is simply majority rule. This sounds great on paper, but we don’t operate solely on this principle. If left unchecked, Pure Democracy leads to a “mob mentality”- something our founding fathers sought specifically to prevent.  


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A Representative Republic (RR) protects against one group of people taking control of what we do. To prevent this, our current government is actually a Representative Republic- where individuals have equal representation via our congress and electoral college.


A democratic form of government (RR) upholds the rule of law. Such a government acts within its constitution and is not beholden to the will of any individual.


A democratic government (RR) has the power to regulate currency, provide for a national defense, enforce the rules of society based on Constitutional law and provide a means for public services.


In the case of a democratic government (RR) made up of individual states, those states have certain rights to self-govern based on the will of their electorate- but cannot circumvent constitutional law.

A “Pure Democracy” Doesn’t Work

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Democracy, in general, does not allow violation of the rights of citizens. A government, which cannot protect its citizens from violation of their rights, is not democratic.


Who Actually Runs Our Representative Republic?

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A tiny number of people get to represent the majority of people. There are approximately 330,000,000 citizens in the U.S.- with 535 congressional representatives for the people (435 House of Representatives and 100 Senators).

That means that just 0.00016 percent of the entire U.S. population gets to uphold the will of the people via elections.

Corporations and Hidden Agendas

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In our present democracy, a relatively small number of people can actually influence what the rest of us do. They include individual owners of large corporations that provide funding for candidates to support the owner’s particular point of view.

These corporations have enough economic power to demand laws favoring their corporate agendas, under the guise of providing goods or services for the benefit of the people. Unfortunately, many corporations have hidden agendas that are detrimental to us all.

Big Pharma

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Big Pharma, for example, has received government immunity from liability for any of their products regardless of the potential dangers.

Private corporations like Google, Facebook and Twitter have suddenly become the “thought police” for the people, censoring ANY and ALL speech “they” deem inconsistent with their beliefs.

Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act protects social media platforms from liability for what they print.  However, it doesn’t protect them when they are the publishers of agenda driven comments.

Our “Democracy” No Longer Represents the Will of the People

Corporations are held to different standards than individual citizens.

Since when do corporate officials get to impose their will with impunity?

Since when do elected officials attempt to take away our 1st and 2ndAmendment rights, as if they were open for review?  

Since when do we entertain socialist ideals and elect members to congress that are hellbent on destroying our country? 

This amounts to Tyranny and the bastardization of U.S. Constitutional law.

THE VIDEO ABOVE from Lawrence Lessig sums up how our current “democracy” no longer represents the will of the people.


Intimidation and Violence Destroys Democracy

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Today, political tolerance is not determined by constitutional protocols- but by outside forces like Antifa and Black Lives Matter- who use intimidation and violence as a means to push agendas.

A quick review of pre WW2 Germany reveals near identical political events: allowing censorship and intimidation to take control over communications in German newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, movies and radio (the media of the day), all designed to destroy democracy in favor of a dictatorship.

Today’s “dictatorship” isn’t a single person, it’s the slanted opinion of the media, backed by corporations, who then alter gullible politician’s agendas as well.


Elections: A Recipe for Fraud

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The election process IS the voice of the people. The Electoral College is designed to protect our election process from the trappings of mob rule. The brilliance of our founding principles is unique and designed to insure fair elections and preserving the will of the people.

To entertain the liberal democratic mindset of abolishing the Electoral College, allowing voting by mail without proving identification, or having individual states decide on how election results will be tabulated, is insane.

If states like Florida and Ohio can provide accurate election results within hours of voting closure, yet other states are allowed weeks to complete voting results, (without observers as required by federal law), is a recipe for fraud.

How We Got Here, and Where We’re Headed

The baby boomers were the hard working engineers and technicians that invented the technologies and platforms now used to build the very mechanisms used to destroy our individual freedom of choice.

Our country has wrongly tolerated 4 years of turmoil, allowing anti-American political forces to have their way with us all. To tolerate acts of violence under the guise of freedom of speech, reeks of intentional subversion.

Listening to the corporately owned “news” outlets has become predictable. When a new political storyline appears, EVERY news organization reports, using the exact same phrases and colorful backdrops. Recent political events show the unfortunate true colors of where this country is headed; Democratic Socialism.

PRINCIPLE 3: Democratic Socialism

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Democratic Socialism supports political democracy within a decentralized, planned, socialist economy.

The Partial Standard Agenda Favored by Democratic Socialists:

1: Single-Payer Health Care

2: Universal Free College

3: Guaranteed Federal Job for Anyone that Wants One

Just these three agenda items alone would cost $4.25 trillion per year. This would nearly double the current federal spending levels in 2020.

Federal government spending would rise from its current level of 20% of GDP to above 40%, depending on the levels of spending on other socialist programs.

4: The “Green New Deal,” now endorsed by most Democratic Socialists would add an additional $10 – 15 trillion over the next decade and destroy our present energy infrastructure.

5: Raising minimum wage to $15/hr will significantly reduce private sector employment, leading to direct employment by the federal government.


If we are willing to tolerate election fraud and tampering with constitutional principles, no matter what political party you favor, our democracy will be but a footnote in American history.


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