Socialism: 10 Concepts You Should Know Before Embracing It

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

First: 5 General Concepts All Americans Must Consider About Socialism:

1. The Democratic Party Made the Shift to Socialism Under the Guise of Liberalism.  

2. Socialism is like Entering an Amusement Park for the First Time: It’s not Reality, but it Sure Feels Good.  

3. Socialism is a Concept that Appeals to the Ill-informed. They Respond Well to the Hype, but are Ignorant to the Consequences of Socialism. 

4. Present Day Democrats can Promise Almost Anything Under Liberalism. As We Learned from Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi:

“We have to pass the healthcare bill so you can find out what is in it.”

Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
March 09, 2010

5. The Hallmark of Socialist Rhetoric is “Over Promise and Under Deliver”.

Now… 5 Specific Concepts You Had Better Know Before Embracing Socialism:

1. History is Full of Reminders that the Liberty, Prosperity, and Peace Socialism Promises, Instead Ends in Corruption, Hunger, and Misery.

2. When Humanity is “Publicly” Owned by the Government, Slavery is the Outcome. Government Ownership of People is Inhumane.  

3. Socialism Creates Wealth by Stealing, Borrowing, or by Monetary Inflation- Becoming a Welfare State Through Progressive Taxation.

4. Socialist Leaders are Frauds. They Demonize Those that Represent the Top 1% of the Wealth of Society, Yet Each are Comfortably in the 1% They Detest So Much.

5. Can You Name a Socialist Country Success Story? Have You Ever Seen any “Caravans” of Humanity Leaving the U.S. Headed for Mexico, Venezuela, or Puerto Rico?

Make no mistake, Socialism drains the life out of its citizens and empowers corruption and squalor. Socialism has never worked, and it should never be tolerated in the United States.

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2 Responses

    1. well stated. socialism appeals to the young an experienced. This is not a slam on the youth but an observation that has to come from inexperience in world politics. Having government claim to take care of your needs only to find out it comes with loss of individual freedoms that are lifelong is not a good tradeoff. Over promise and under deliver is the motto of socialism….. BUYER BEWARE !!

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