Let’s Talk Socialism in Venezuela: The Downward Spiral

Hugo Chavez - Venezuela Socialism

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

Why should Americans care about the implosion of Venezuela- with a population smaller than the state of California?

Simple: Venezuela is the result of the same policies pushed by today’s American Democrats.

In Venezuela, Protesters are in the Streets Resisting Socialism

Venezuelan Protestors

In America, Liberals are in the Streets Demanding Socialism

Antifa Protestors

Early Venezuelan history was based on sound democratic principles, backed by economic independence, entrepreneurship, capitalism, and vast oil reserve profits.  These principles cemented Venezuela as the “crown jewel” of South America. By the turn of the century that all changed.

Democracies are fragile, requiring a strong belief in “the people” and their ability to adhere to their constitutional principles. Democracies are the target of political corruption. ‘Progressive’ leadership slowly infiltrates government for private gain, initiating change where none is needed.

Venezuela’s Socialist Timeline:

1992: Became 3rd Richest Country in Hemisphere
1997: Became 2nd Largest Purchaser of F-150s
2001: Voted for Socialist President on “Income Inequality”
2004: Private Health Care Completely Socialized
2007: All Higher Education Becomes “Free”
2009: Socialists Ban Private Ownership of Guns
2012: Bernie Sanders Praises Venezuela’s “American Dream”
2014: Opposition Leaders Imprisoned
2016: Widespread Food/Health Care Shortages
2017: Constitution and Elections Suspended
2019: Unarmed Citizens Massacred by Own Government


Hugo Cháves and Nicolás Maduro

Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro

In 1993, Venezuelan President Carlos Perez was impeached on corruption charges. Political unrest increased until 1999 with the election of Hugo Chávez. Chavez’s ‘progressive/liberal’ policies promised the people real change with programs aimed at helping the poor, ending political corruption, free healthcare & higher education, the redistribution of wealth (income equality), controlled by a strong central government… Sound Familiar?

  • Chavez nationalized all industry including natural gas and oil production, leaving the workers unemployed and hungry. The GDP dropped 27% in just 4 months.
  • Chavez devalued Venezuela’s currency to cover enormous economic shortages and ordered the government takeover of imported products, local food production, medicine and even household goods like toilet paper, resulting in the total loss of Venezuela’s vast oil profits to subsidize socially engineered welfare programs.
  • By 2009, unchecked inflation reached a staggering 18,000%. Venezuela’s economy collapsed in less than one generation.
  • Chavez died in 2013, leaving the country in the hands of his vice President Nicolas Maduro who, as a dictator, abandoned all remnants of democratic life in favor of ‘Liberal/Socialist policies.
  • By 2013 crime and corruption was rampant and the country was in total chaos.
  • Maduro responded by confiscating all firearms from citizens, to stop any rioting or any attempt at a coup and allowed the military to slaughter resisting citizens.
  • Over 2 million Venezuelan citizens have fled the country.                                                                                            

Under Socialism, Venezuelans Found Out “Free Things” Come at a Hefty Price.

Venezuela - The Price of Socialism

Socialists insist that none of the horrors of socialism are due its policies; they are the product of corrupt leaders. What do people expect when their lives are controlled by a select few with unchecked power?

Reality Check:

Socialism Reality Check

Are Americans Willing To:

  1. Give up their property rights and private ownership; the hallmark of a middle class free society? 
  2. Give up our constitution (limited government), allowing a central government with no checks and balances?
  3. Embrace a “dictator” rather than a President?
  4. Allow the “redistribution of wealth”, a euphemism for legalized grand larceny?
  5. Follow the path of Venezuela and other socialist countries, where human suffering is the norm?

Don’t be fooled or lulled into inaction. In the upcoming election cycle, Americans must beat back the failed policies of Socialism.

Defend the liberties you now enjoy or prepare to join the caravan to Venezuela.

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