The 1918 “Spanish Flu”: Only The Vaccinated Died

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

This blog is not an Anti-Vaccine commentary. I wish to encourage readers to carefully read the documentation, do their due diligence, and NOT blindly accept what we are being told.
Would you be surprised or concerned to learn that the 1918 “Spanish Flu” had nothing to do with Spain and might not have been a flu at all? Well, hang on tight, you are in for a rough ride!

What History Tells Us About The 1918 “Spanish Flu”

History tells us that the 1918 Spanish Flu killed between 50 – 100 million people. At the time, medical and pharmaceutical sources described it as THE MOST horrific disease process since the Black Plague of 1347, which killed an estimated 25-30 million people.

Vaccination: “The Elephant in the Room”

In the book, Vaccination Condemned, by Eleanor McBean, PhD, N.D., the author describes, in detail, personal and family experiences during the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic. 

McBean’s coverage of the 1918 “Spanish Flu”, as a reporter and an unvaccinated survivor, requires that the historical basis of the event needs to be revisited, not as a “conspiracy theory” but with evidence that will “set your hair on fire”.  

A few years ago, I came across another book by Eleanor McBean: “Vaccination…The Silent Killer”. McBean provides evidence that not only were the historical events of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” compromised, but also those of the Polio and Swine Flu epidemics.

Let’s Talk “Spanish Flu” Facts:

The Spanish Scapegoat

Spain was neutral during WW1 and did NOT censor its press, unlike the combatting countries. As a result, Spain was the first to report the 1918 Flu epidemic and the world “scapegoated” Spain as the source. Thus, the “Spanish Flu” is born.

The First Case: Military Vaccination Experiments in Fort Riley, Kansas

In preparation for WW1, a massive military vaccination experiment involving numerous prior developed vaccines took place in Fort Riley, Kansas- where the first “Spanish Flu” case was reported.

WW1 Draft = Human Test Subjects

The fledgling pharmaceutical industry, sponsored by the ‘Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research’, had something they never had before – a large supply of human test subjects. Supplied by the U.S. military’s first draft, the test pool of subjects ballooned to over 6 million men.
CLICK HERE for more details.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine: The Killing Field

Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT a “FLU” at all. It was caused by random dosages of an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis vaccine’, which to this day, mimics flu-like symptoms. The massive, multiple assaults with additional vaccines on the unprepared immune systems of soldiers and civilians created a “killing field”.  Those that were not vaccinated were not affected.  

So… How did Civilians Die?

  1. WW1 ended sooner than expected, leaving HUGE quantities of unused experimental vaccines.
  2. Fearing that soldiers coming home would spread diseases to their families, The U.S. government pushed the largest vaccine ‘fear’ campaign in history. They used the human population as a research and development lab to field test experimental vaccines.
  3. Tens of millions of civilians died in the same manner as did the soldiers.  
  4. Instead of stopping the vaccines, doctors intensified them, calling it the great “Spanish Flu of 1918”. As a result, ONLY THE VACCINATED DIED.

“Seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated. Letters were sent to their families that they had been killed in action.”

Eleanor McBean
Minnesota Wellness Directory

WW1 U.S. soldiers were given 14 – 25 untested, experimental vaccines within days of each other, which triggered intensified cases of ALL the diseases at once.  The doctors called it a new disease and proceeded to suppress the symptoms with additional drugs or vaccines.   

Deception and Secrecy Have a Long History

In the examples given in my previous blog COVID 19: Another Chapter in the History of Deception and Secrecy”, history is replete with intentional lies told to the public to either “save face” or to deceive for nefarious purposes. The 1918 “Spanish Flu” was no exception.

Back to COVID-19: The Ferguson Models are False and Misleading

British scientist and Professor Neil Ferguson of The Imperial College, London (the same Imperial College of London funded by the Bill Gates Foundation) was responsible for developing the mathematical pandemic computer models for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world followed Ferguson’s advice, yet all his models have been proven to be grossly over stated and misleading. 

For example, Ferguson modeled that Sweden would experience 100,000 deaths by June, 2020. To date, Sweden peaked at 2,854 deaths total.  

*These mathematical computer models are the basis for vaccine production…..hmmmm!

The Media Silences Non-Conformist Viewpoints

The media, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other “privately” owned communications outlets have become the self-proclaimed “guardians” (censors) of information.

On April 26, 2020, Twitter suspended the account of a publicly traded biotech company for sharing information about a non-medicinal UV light therapy for COVID-19. YouTube also removed a video demonstrating how the technology works.

“(YouTube) will ban videos that contradict W.H.O. guidance on the pandemic or share fake or unproven Coronavirus remedies.”

Susan Wojcicki
CEO – YouTube

NewsGuard recently classified as fake news for reporting that the COVID virus potentially leaked from the biosafety level 4 laboratory in Wuhan City, China.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Owns and Controls the Medical Profession

“Fact Checking” is often provided by paid writers from the pharmaceutical companies and not from verified, independent sources.

The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”

Arnold Relman
Former Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine

Infectious Disease Levels were Dropping BEFORE Vaccines Entered the Picture

       Vaccine promoters claim that vaccines wiped out most infectious diseases. History tells us a different story. The beginning of the 20th century introduced improved sanitation (sewers), water treatment plants, and vastly improved nutrition. 

The sample graphs above show that infectious diseases like Measles, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Typhoid Fever and Polio, were all at their lowest levels and dropping, BEFORE the vaccines were introduced.

The 1918 “Spanish Flu” held sinister secrets for 100 years.  Based on my previous blog: “COVID 19: Another Chapter in the History of Deception and Secrecy”, will we learn that the world-changing protocols from COVID-19 may also contain hidden secrets?


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  1. It doesn’t matter how much you attempt to dress it up as otherwise, it is an anti-vaccination blog. All of the supposed evidence you present is from antivax sources. It’s a shame you didn’t – in your own words – carefully read the documentation, do your due diligence, and not blindly accept what you are being told.

    1. Paul… Let’s be honest, anything that questions the status quo or mainstream acceptance on vaccinations is considered anti-vaccination. I have dozens of INDEPENDENT sources that have nothing to do with the anti-vax movement but only a limited space to for content. If you have information that proves I’m being mislead (other than traditional internet hearsay), PLEASE send it to me. I’ve said many times, my intent is to educate not alienate, so you can help me out with ACCURATE information. I appreciate your response

      1. The pharma industry makes billions on vaccines and don’t have to meet the same stars as typical drugs must meet. The movement to require vaccines by everyone, even those with medical issues that make taking those vaccines very harmful, is totally driven by greed and money. Only 3% have ever claimed religious or medical exemptions, in the interest of freedom, leave them alone.

        1. Steve, There were once 4 vaccine exemptions available to the public…today there is only one left, the Religious Exemption. There is the medical exemption that is always available but NEVER USED because the medical system will not all risking is “cash cow” income from Big Pharma. Slowly we have given up our “freedom” to choose vaccines or not without even a fight. My usualy retort to MDs or people hell bent on everyone being vaccinated is: “Excuse me…are you fully vaccinated? Answer: ABSOLUTELY! Great…then if you are fully protected as you say you are, what danger can I pose to you or your family if I choose not to be vaccinated?”

          1. In California, both the religious exemption and medical exemption Have been taken away. We have nothing left here. It’s so sad.

          2. Kate…. It matters not that our Bill of Rights and Constitutional amendments gives us the right to freedom of choice. The only condition that those rights can be altered is during MARTIAL LAW, which can overrides the first 5 Amendments of the Constitution and personal “freedoms” under very specific circumstances. Martial law also implies MANDATES that can require vaccines. I’ve found the one safeguard that uphold religious exemptions is “Congregation of Universal Wisdom” (CONTACT THEM). Has nothing to do with what religion you are, it is about UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. IT has been tested in all 50 states….however California has become a “rogue country” lately so who knows. My advice is to NEVER GIVE UP your freedom….once gone it rarely returns.

          3. You DO have an exemption. Your Refusal! Government is not authority. We are, the people are, because without the people giving their power away to government, then government wouldnt have the ability to push anyone around, so I took it upon myself to do the right thing no matter what anyone else does, because I dont like the assholes who comply with criminals, and I dont want to be like them. I dont register anything I buy with the state. I create my own vehicle tags. I dont pay income taxes, I dont get into a panic and run down to H&R block hoping to meet a deadline. They “Mandated” (not legislated into law) the governor made a “suggestion” that we wear masks. The retards around me wear masks, but I will not, because I know that the virus is bullshit, and since it is not a law, they cannot force me to comply, and even if it were law, I would not comply. Would it be right to comply with criminals just because you are surrounded by them?? No, and the same goes for cowards, and sheeple

          4. Dale….what you stated is mostly true, in terms of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in the face of governmental tyranny. However there are constitutional laws that were approved by the people (people vote for the representatives who uphold their views). However, if a majority of those representatives vote their minds and not their constituents, then need to be removed. That’s where the people regain their rights, as in FREEDOM OF SPEECH and to PROTEST. What we are seeing now is a BASTARDIZATION of our own laws where people stop paying attention to their rights and give them away to anarchists. Once the anarchists gain control over our civilian rights, it will take a REVOLUTION (civil war) to get them back. Unfortunately, we are approaching that tipping point now. The problem is your rights and mine (example: self protection) are ignored in favor of the SHEEPLE who will only act favorably when its THEIR families, THEIR businesses etc are at stake. Sorry for the “babbling” (BTW..I agree with your spirit and action steps) but for now…you will not get support from the spineless because they swallowed the ‘COOL-AID” of socialism. Be careful my friend and choose your battles wisely… even if you are 100% correct. i APPLAUD YOUR SPIRIT

          5. I don’t believe there are ANY Constitutional Laws that can trump our Bill of Rights.

            Such laws are unoconstitutional by definition.

          6. Mike..The first 10 Amendments of our constitution ARE the Bill of RIghts. Making a “constitutional” law to not abide by the 10 Amendments is unconstitutional…..correct

          7. For Vaccifornia I mean California an imaginational re-spawnce, to spawn or not to spawn.
            eg: I will accept your vaccination if you doctor, nurse, hospital administrative board , hospital ceo, state representatives sign here under oath that you and your associates et al accept full commercial liability without statute of limitation for any and all inadequate science, gross negligence in quality control, untested adjuvants, for any and all adverse reactions, adverse cascades, adverse triggers to kown/unknown and hidden existimg conditions that could potentially harm or in fact harm my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Have a nice day

          8. Wolfgang…Given any other circumstances but the “vaccine industry”, what you stated is 100% correct. However, for the vaccine industry to maintain their autonomy and PROFIT incentives, against the myriad of lawsuits resulting from their vaccine product ingredients, the government granted total immunity from any and all prosecution, resulting from injuries caused by their products. Additionally, the MD’s and medical facilities that administer the vaccines are also immune from prosecution. Instead a fund was set up by the vaccine makers putting 25 cents from every vaccine into t special fund that people can apply too for damages. Terribly long story, but to the present day, the motive is to vaccinate every person on the planet. As of this election cycle the powers to be “Gates and Rockefeller foundations” are pushing to eliminate ALL EXEMPTIONS as well……implying (as you said)…..have a nice day !!

          9. Sal and others,
            our constitution is above the government, the parliament and the courts and no state of emergency/disaster or whatever can override our constitutional rights. WELSH v. UNITED STATES, 398 U.S. 333 (1970), 398 U.S. 333, WELSH v. UNITED STATES, CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT, No. 76., Argued January 20, 1970, Decided June 15, 1970 QUOTE 3. Section 6 (j) contravenes the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by exempting those whose conscientious objection claims are founded on a theistic belief while not exempting those whose claims are based on a secular belief. To comport with that clause an exemption must be “neutral” and include those whose belief emanates from a purely moral, ethical, or philosophical source. Pp. 356-361. END QUOTE It ought to be understood that “religious objection” includes “secular objection”. As for the issue of vaccination one can check out The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety – with Author Del Bigtree
            The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety – with Author Del …
            27 Jun 2018 … The lecture will discuss the revelations of the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who has provided 10000 documents that back up his …

          10. Garrit….You are spot on with your comment. The issue is not that the law is not clear about our constitution, it is that modern day courts and judges can and often over ride established law. The issue is how to stop rouge judges from using their power to ignore established court decisions? There is a process for this to occur legally but in times of crisis…real or contrived, temporary judicial decisions can over ride previous decisions…as in the case of MARSHALL LAW. of course these “temporary” actions are supposed to end when the crisis is over but they rarely do. In fact, Marshall Law has never been lifted since it was declared by Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Marshall Law is the basis for ALL presidential executive orders, since it is the only legal way to override the constitution. It remains open precisely to invoke “emergency” actions. Unfortunately, it has morphed into covering healthcare crises as well as protection from foreign country invasions.
            I’ve followed all of Del Bigtree’s work and have an entire presentation I do based on William Thompsons confessions. I appreciate y our comments…keep it coming!

          11. Kay Negrete
            You need to get in touch with Peggy Hall on the Healthy American. She has been taking Orange County Board of Supervisors to court and Calif governor and winning. They can make you take a vaccine.

          12. “However there are constitutional laws that were approved by the people (people vote for the representatives who uphold their views).” – so? They may have been approved unanimously by those people then, but why should I be bound to those people’s decisions? Should my decisions be binding to people 10 generations from now?

            The only thing that is binding is morality, ie. do not initiate harm against other sentient beings.

            “However, if a majority of those representatives vote their minds and not their constituents, then need to be removed.” – why do we need representatives, and what if we want to represent ourselves only. Why would we need anybody’s permission? We cannot give them, or delegate to them, rights that we ourselves do not have. So we all have equal rights – no one has one more or one less right than anyone. The very existence of government is based on the false notion that a “ruling class” has the “authority” to do something mere mortals do not have, and this notion is logically unsound given that we all have equal rights and cannot delegate rights to others that we ourselves do not have.

          13. Nikola….VERY well stated. The concept of having a representative republic has long lost is purpose. Representatives have become a popularity contest and I dare say “their ” motives have become self serving to their “political party” rather than to the constituents they were to serve. Secondly, term limits MUST be changed. Members of the House of Representative term out every 2 years on the even years YET THEY HAVE AN UNLIMITED number of terms they can serve. This becomes a self serving “career” rather than a service position. Whereas the Senate, there is a 2 term limit.

        2. Good information the truth needs to be told we have been used for way to long and one thing i want to add it looks like common sence was affected by the yrs of vaccines, its a pandemic on its own

      2. Sal, muchas gracias por su trabajo! Espero que cada día más personas se hagan conscientes de esta realidad incómoda y tome cartas en el asunto para lograr soberanía y libertad de elección en el ámbito de la vacunación y la sanidad.

      3. In regards to your section on the flu of 1918 being caused by meningitis vaccine; your linked article does not support this claim whatsoever. The article discusses that cause of death may have been bacterial pneumonia. It is still common practice to this day to treat viral pneumonias with antibiotics as the risk for secondary bacterial pneumonias is high. Can you please show me exactly where in the linked article you found your information that deaths were caused by a meningitis vaccine? Or was that an assumption?

        1. Susie, I agree with your analysis but keep in mind what occurred back then was unprecedented. We can only report what happened by written documentation like this article…….
          where it states that Bacteria was the real killer in the 1918 pandemic. However, my comments are based on “Medical and scientific experts now agree that bacteria, not influenza viruses, were the greatest cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic”. There was a reference to Dr Fauci in the article he said; “We agree completely that bacterial pneumonia played a major role in the mortality of the 1918 pandemic,” BTW: Dr. Fauci’s actual statement in context was SCRUBBED from the web….hmmmm!

          1. Sal, you may also want to look into the role of fever-suppressant pain killers which were widely distributed at the end of WWI – there are historic sources that note they were given “by the half-handful” and “as often as necessary”. By today’s standards it appears they were over-dosing people and likely caused many to have kidney/liver failure. This is consistent with many medical reports of the time, too.

          2. DM…During the 1918 pandemic, very little was actually known about viral management. Infact, the new pharmaceutical industry inherited a golden opportunity to experiment on humans without the need for “trials”. The use of vaccines required volunteer test subjects…in this case entire populations became volunteer test subjects, since death was hardly a detractor under the circumstances. You are right that experimental use of pain killers, fever reducers and whatever else was available, also got thrown into the mix. Oddly, if you go to the archives, President Wilson, never mentioned the pandemic during his presidency, since his concern was WW1. The point is Covid-19 is a social media phenomenon, occupying every inch of airtime…leading to OVERSTATED and factually false statements without repercussions. Pretty Sad

          3. Beyond Fauci commenting, Fauci actually had a paid grant and did a study on the 1918 flu. His research identified pneumonia was the primary cause of death. and interestingly named masks as the culprit..

          4. Streptococcus pneumoniae and Neisseria meningitidis are the most common and most aggressive pathogens of bacterial meningitis. The vaccine used on the population, to protect from what the WW1 soldiers were thought to be bring home, due to TRENCH WARDARE, was hastily put together with minimal, if any, testing at all. It was the Big Pharma’s best guess. The was devastating. It was the vaccine that initiated the bacterial pneumonia and not what the soldiers brought home from the war.

        2. Susie, I agree with your analysis but keep in mind what occurred back then was unprecedented. We can only report what happened by written documentation like this article…….…
          where it states that Bacteria was the real killer in the 1918 pandemic. However, my comments are based on “Medical and scientific experts now agree that bacteria, not influenza viruses, were the greatest cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic”. There was a reference to Dr Fauci in the article he said; “We agree completely that bacterial pneumonia played a major role in the mortality of the 1918 pandemic,” BTW: Dr. Fauci’s actual statement in context was SCRUBBED from the web….hmmmm!

      4. Its called critical thinking and a vital attribute for the survival of the human race. Keep up the good work Sal

        1. Wow, the classic moron answer. “It’s just a load of shit”… why? “Because I say it is, I don’t need to give you proof, I just say it is”. Idiot.

          1. Lee…Now, Now…Daz is entitled to his opinion. Evidently Daz has expertise we obviously do not. Just apply the NEXT principle and leave it at that.

        2. But Daz – horses were involved as we just read, but not their faeces as you have mistakenly presumed. I am hopeful you have evidence that the references, or the chilling video of the doctor relating human rights abuses, are “lies”. Surely it is your moral responsibility then, to correct a mistaken report and provide this evidence . Otherwise you have simply typed some words that hold no sway whatsoever, other than attempting to be inflammatory and hostile, which I can’t imagine was your intention. I look forward to updating my opinion (as we always must with science) when you show the evidence of your claims. It appears to be more of “a joke” for someone to disregard desperately important information without giving any substance to their stance at all. This approach is illogical and the likely reasons are bias, lack of research, social conditioning and plain old stubbornness. If wrong, I of course apologise profusely and will stand corrected. Am I wrong?

      5. Beautiful, honest, open and inclusive reply Sal. Let’s have discussion based on the actual scientists facts and not scientific fraud and bias ?

      6. A timely and informative body of work Sal. Thank you
        I’ve posted it on twitter and facebook
        Best wishes

      7. If vaccines are truly safe, why would the 1986 “get out of jail free” card in the form of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (which eliminated the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims) have been necessary?

        1. Logosphile.. No one can predict how an individual will react to a vaccine nor can they predict how a person reacts to any medication. Vaccines have many adjuvants (ingredients that enhance the properties of the vaccine) plus ingredients that are not listed on the labels. Vaccines are the only mass consumable item that has no obligation to disclose what’s in the vaccine. Vaccine manufacturers are in business of producing SYNTHETIC toxic substances that are supposed to mimic natural substances. Problem is that natural substances CANNOT be patented t herefore no money in it. Toxic substances lead to horrific reactions in some people, enough to cause thousands of lawsuits which inhibit their profit factors to their investors. Long story but…….this is what led to the “vaccine compensation act”. If injured or death occurs via a vaccine, a certain portion of the profits from every vaccine is put into the fund to compensate people for their loss WITHOUT a lawsuit. Problem is it can take up years for a decision along with others waiting for the same thing.

          1. If all we do is research the founder of the “Modern” Medical System, we learn that it was John D. Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Foundation that’s behind it. Rockefeller is called a philanthropist by the mainstream media and academia pushes his practices, but those of us who’ve done years of research into what’s going on in the world today regarding corruption, pandemics, massive mandated vaccines for babies and children in order to be allowed to attend public school, etc. realize that there is definitely a conspiracy going on against humanity. It is not a conspiracy “theory” (a phrase coined by the CIA after the Kennedy Assassination), but a conspiracy. More and more people are waking up to the truth and the powers that’ve been in charge for millennia are losing their grip. The massive awakening process that’s going on now is their greatest fear.

          2. Joanne…. Well stated. Rockefeller Foundation influenced the development and acceptance of “western” medicine better known as Allopathic medicine. This includes the use of DRUGS, RADIATION and SURGERY as the basis for maintaining health. Backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, alternate forms of healthcare only receive lip service. An ever growing number of people are realizing that hundreds of thousands of people are dying from the treatment, every year. When you begin to see MANDATES for former elective medical procedure’s you can be assured that “Allopathy” is being challenged. Unfortunately, our decision makers are mere puppets for the medical model, including the very CDC. A complete description can be found in my recent blog found on my authors website,

      8. Another book that speaks to this truth about vaccines killing people during the “Spanish Flu pandemic” is the Invisible Rainbow. Vaccines are not effective, are not required to the rigorous standards that pharmaceuticals are and have nearly zero liability when they cause harm or death! My wife died from a neurological disease brought on by the annual flu vaccine! We both worked in healthcare but I refused vaccines and still do while she trusted them. I begged her for years to quit taking them and she died May 18 2019 after 26 months of pure hell!

        1. Tim… I am truly sorry for your loss. Your statements are true and are part of the reason for “freedom of choice’ regarding vaccines. My basic position is that is a person is vaccinated and feels confident about his immunity, then that person should have no grievance against those who choose not to be vaccinated, since they are now “protected”. Likewise, forcing vaccinations on the public under the guise of public safety is playing on the ignorance of the uninformed. ALL VACCINES are given on the natural downslope of the disease process, since it takes years to develop true double blind testing. it is disingenuous to claim that vaccines have stopped ANY disease since there is virtually no data supporting that “cure” DURING THE ACTUAL HEIGHT OF THE DISEASE………..only computer models programmed to support the vaccine agenda. So, if a person feels vaccination is appropriate…have at it. For those of us who seek natural “lifetime antibody” immunity via exposure, it is our decision…..especially since our decision should have NO ADVERSE effect on the vaccinated.

        2. Hi Tim, I’ms so sorry to hear about your wife’s passing.. So true about these vaccines and my family and I are totally against them and have been.. What disease did your wife die from?
          My mom was only 57 and she took the swine flu shot and developed ALS in 7 weeks..she died 6 months later, deteriorated rapidly..the decline was substantial and horrific. No one will really understand what we’ve been through till they are there themselves..I warn all now but it’s not doing well.

      9. Hi Sal, thanks for the blog. I wanted to know if you have a source to find Eleanor McBean’s Vaccination Condemned. I am having a difficult time locating a copy online.

        Thank you.

    2. Paul…I received this from another reader.. “My Grandfather was a World War 1 veteran who refused vaccination. He confirmed this story to me”. Granted, this is not first hand information but it does bring a little PERSONAL insight to the blog content

      1. Personal insight is not science it’s anecdote which is used to promote many ridiculous claim’s. The scientific method has given the world the amazing technology we have today. Vaccines are tested for years to ensure they are safe. Sites like this promote dangerous advice with no actual evidence just confirmation bias and unverified sources. This kind of nonsense is responsible for the deaths of many children and the re-emergence of diseases that should have been eradicated. You make me sick

        1. Thank you for your common sense. This article has so many anti-vax tropes that the introduction as ‘not antivax’ is bullcrap.

        2. S. Nagar, I appreciate your concern and conviction. Scientific method method means (among many other things) testing the ‘vaccine’ (in this case) against a (TRUE) placebo, during 3 separate and reproducible trials…first with animals then with human subjects. If you care to look deeper than what is assumed by statements made by the pharmaceutical company that is looking for the patent, they NEVER…NEVER use a TRUE placebo (sugar water or some inert substance). They compare their “TESTING” vaccine against a similar vaccine that has proven to be ineffective or not related to the disease process at all, as the PLACEBO. REMARKABLY the testing vaccine proves at least as effective or statistically more effective that the older vaccine. However, very often the testing vaccine is found to be no more effective that a non vaccine at all like sugar water. This of course would not look good and is never reported. Does this sound like SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO YOU? I can go on but I don’t want to bore you with facts. FYI….I’m not anti-vaccine. In my previous and upcoming blogs, that deal with vaccines, you will find charts demonstrating that the ALL vaccines were introduced on the decline of the disease curve….usually at the lower 1/4 of the curve. Therefore statistics “post vaccine” show a steady decline in the disease BUT what you don’t see is that the same linear curve downward existed before the vaccine. If I make you sick, I’m terribly sorry….contrary information that you might not know about sometimes does that to people.

        3. S. Nagar, I appreciate your concern and conviction. Scientific method method means (among many other things) testing the ‘vaccine’ (in this case) against a (TRUE) placebo, during 3 separate and reproducible trials…first with animals then with human subjects. If you care to look deeper than what is assumed by statements made by the pharmaceutical company that is looking for the patent, they NEVER…NEVER use a TRUE placebo (sugar water or some inert substance). They compare their “TESTING” vaccine against a similar vaccine that has proven to be ineffective or not related to the disease process at all, as the PLACEBO. REMARKABLY the testing vaccine proves at least as effective or statistically more effective that the older vaccine. However, very often the testing vaccine is found to be no more effective that a non vaccine at all like sugar water. This of course would not look good and is never reported. Does this sound like SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO YOU? I can go on but I don’t want to bore you with facts. FYI….I’m not anti-vaccine. In my previous and upcoming blogs, that deal with vaccines, you will find charts demonstrating that the ALL vaccines were introduced on the decline of the disease curve….usually at the lower 1/4 of the curve. Therefore statistics “post vaccine” show a steady decline in the disease BUT what you don’t see is that the same linear curve downward existed before the vaccine. If I make you sick, I’m terribly sorry….contrary information that you might not know about sometimes does that to people.

        4. S Nagar, if you were one of the parents of all the dead children in South Africa after taking Bill Gates’s vaccine, would you feel the same way?

          1. S.Nagar, As a population we rarely hear or know anything about vaccines except what they are for and whatever the vaccine makers allow to be printed. Have you ever researched what was actually in a vaccine, other than the “virus” particle intended to confirm immunity? Here are some ingredients you should be aware of: Ammonium Sulfate (suspected stomach, liver and respiratory system poisen), Beta- Propiolactone (known cancer causing agent of the liver and skin), Genetically modified Yeast, animal, bacterial and viral DNA (can cause genetic mutations), Latex Rubber (I have no idea why!!), Monosodium Glutamate ( allergic neurotoxin), Aluminum (implicated in Alzheimers, Dementia, seizures and allergic reactions), Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), Polysorbate 80 (smermacide), Mercury (found in ALL flu vaccines, one of the most poisonous substances on the planet), Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) and 7 other agents that have absolutely nothing to do with the intent of the vaccine but are used to keep the vaccines from going rancid during storage. These are the ingredients that can cause deadly reactions in some. Sorry for the lengthy comment but most people will NEVER understand what’s in a vaccine

        5. Big Phama have been taken to court and its found they have not been testing vaccines saftey for 30 years

          1. I’ve listed what’s in a typical vaccine, that has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of the vaccine itself. These ingredients are considered preservatives, like Ethol Mercury, Aluminum, formaldehyde…..or Adjuvants like Phenol/phenoxyethanol (ingredient in antifreeze), glutaraldehyde (causes birth defects) as well as things like Polysorbate 80 (spermicide) and Butyphosphate (poisonous to nerve cells). So my question to those that willing to accept vaccines at face value…………..this is why vaccines are not tested for safety….THEY CAN’T BE !! because vaccines contain toxic substances that react differently in different people. When BIG PHARMA is taken to court, they simply pay the fines and move on…their income from billions of vaccines is staggering. There is not another substance on the market for human consumption that answers to NO ONE.

        6. Hi there, in response to your comment they have actually not been ‘tested for safety for years’ and am just curious if you can provide any independent studies that prove vaccine safety?
          A recent case in America proved in one of the high courts that vaccines have never been proven to be safe by independent research, and failed to do so in a court of law.
          Also just something interesting to note; pregnant ladies and babies have also never been included in experiments/research so while they are told they have to get them, the safety on those groups has never been tested and so there is no actual proof of lab tested safety.

          1. Sally… You are correct that vaccines are NOT tested for safety against a pure placebo but instead tested against other similar vaccines, which have also never been tested for safety. Vaccine manufacturers have full government exemptions from liability and so do doctors who administer them. The reason is that the lawsuits for damages will severely cut into their profit factors, so they simply will not produce the vaccines unless immune from prosecution. That’s why they flatly refuse to perform any safety tests. Instead vaccine manufacturers agreed to a Vaccine Injury fund where people can go to apply for damages which is extremely difficult to prove against the army of lawyers the vaccine manufacturers have.

          2. This is taken from the FDA website, section 13.1 is in all vaccine inserts…”13.1 Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility
            M-M-R II vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of

        7. Ah, yes, the scientific method, you mean the one that has never properly isolated ANY virus from human tissue? That scientific method? Also, an interesting aside, the Boston Department of Health actually did do a scientific study on contagion during the “Spanish flu” and was unable to prove transmission from one to another. No one has actually proven that what we call a virus is actually a pathogen. Yes, do the science, just not what passes for science in the halls of the mainstream media, which is, I suspect, your primary source of information.Noi

        8. Proof, Nagar. You go first.
          Last time I read vaccines haven’t been properly tested for 32 years on Safety. By the way, my father has just died a month and a half ago right after getting a vaccine. What do you say to that? Would you like to see your father’s body go through the immense stress, inflammation, pain and illness like this? Believe me it was awful since before that he had been driving around and functioning well except that he admittedly was elderly.
          As mentioned ‘A recent case in America proved in one of the high courts that vaccines have never been proven to be safe by independent research, and failed to do so in a court of law.’
          So I would appreciate your proof before you accuse others so vehemently.

          1. Nicole…I read your comment to S.nagar and would just add that Big Pharma and the entire vaccine industry maintains full immunity from prosecution. In 1986, Congress passed the “National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” (NCVIA), in which Justice Antonin Scalia wrote: “No Vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine….” In doing so, vaccine makers got a free pass to spend essentially NOTHING on safety testing, since they can not be sued. In short, field testing has taken the place of safety testing. In it’s place, the “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” was formed. NOTE: The rhetoric has always been…”The benefits of vaccines far outweighs the risks” Of course this means nothing when someone like your father falls victim to a vaccine… Judicial Watch reported that when too many adverse reaction claims or deaths come in because of a particular vaccine, the vaccine is simply pulled from the market. The latest example is a $6 million settlement against the Gardasil vaccine (Human Papillomavirus vaccine). BTW: there were 200 other claims filed.

          2. Nicole Louis … First of all my condolences on your father’s death. May I ask what type of vaccine he was subjected to? The reason I ask is that my wife and I got the newer shingles vaccine (Shingrix) in January of last year. I got it because a friend of mine had shingles the previous year and it was pretty rough. We were told that many people experience flu-like symptoms to the vaccine but that was to be expected. That happened to me but not my wife. There is a followup shot. Same deal, flu-like symptoms for me but not my wife. I got my shot in May and 4 days later when I got up in the morning my face was semi-numb. There has been no improvement with that condition. I later learned that because of the government rules for protection of vaccine makers that I have no recourse. I have been dealing with an intractable headache for the last 19 years. A neurologist informed in June of last year that I have had lupus all of that time because of an immune response to an inguinal hernia mesh. The intensity of that headache has increased after the vaccine. I have been told that removing the mesh would result in more harm that good. I’m tempted to try doing that anyway. I think the lupus is why I had bad reactions to the vaccine and my wife didn’t.

          3. Jerry…I read your comments to Nicole and I would like to add some insights, in hopes that what happened to Nicole’s dad will not happen to others. Shingles is an opportunist virus that is a left over from the chicken pox (Varicella) virus. In short, Shingles is the adult version of chicken pox…only a lot worse. All childhood diseases were meant to PRIME the immune system when in adulthood. Vaccines to STOP childhood diseases are doing a great dis-service to the person, both as a child and as an adult. Vaccines are marketed to the parents as a way not disrupting the parents lifestyles (work or otherwise) by not having to stay home and care for their child for the 10 days to 2 weeks. Here is how childhood diseases effect the body as an adult……the bigger the case of chickenpox as a child the less likely shingles as an adult. The Varicella virus never leaves the body and usually only rears its ugly head when the adult’s immune system is under great stress, either physically or mentally, or if the adult is immune compromised by a form of auto-immune issue (in your case Lupis perhaps). Other examples: The deeper the “RED RASH” of measles, as a child, protects the adult from all 5 types of skin cancers and is less likely to develop I.B.S. Not taking the Whooping Cough vaccine makes the child less likely from developing Asthma. Missing the Rubella vaccine makes you less likely from developing Arthritis…there are many others but you get the point.
            You and your wife are totally different with respect to how you react to vaccines. RULE OF THUMB…Once a bad reaction to ANY vaccine, is an automatic red flag from other vaccines. The Inguinal Hernia Mesh can cause latent “immune reactions” especially in those with forms of auto-immune issues. In my opinion (I’m not giving you medical advice), you need to stay away from vaccines and get “good” medical advice (discussing your immune compromised issue) before submitting to normally routine procedures.

          4. Sal … Thanks for responding to my reply to Nicole. I had already made the decision to never get another vaccine of any type for the rest of my life. I plan on seeing a neurologist who does testing on vitamin and mineral levels to see if it would help the lupus. I’ve been told that trying to remove the mesh after about 20 years of it being in there would do more harm than good. On a side note, I ordered your “Boys of Brooklyn” for direct shipment to my wife’s older brother in New Hampshire who, like my wife, was born and raised in New York. After reading some of the reviews on Amazon I have a feeling it’s going to be right up his alley. I wlll probably get the Kindle version for me and my wife.

          5. Jerry….Under your circumstances, I believe you are making the correct decision. BE SURE to document what has happened to you and that you are at risk with further vaccines. The only exemption that will hold is a MEDICAL exemption, which is only gotten in cases like yours. As far ast eh Boys Of Brooklyn book, it’s a great read for people who can relate to that era and especially for those curious how things were done back then. There is nothing like a true story !!

        9. Well if vaccines take years how come they’ve come up with one for the so called coronavirus and it’s only taken em months..people need to get a grip..we are been lied to about everything..but those people out there that don’t think for themselves and believe everything those in power and the media say are beyond pathetic..I’ve never had a vaccination for anything my dad wouldn’t let anyone near us..,neither have my kids..and my grandkids ain’t..we are as strong as they can stick the vaccine where the sun shine..

          1. J Jager………Now we are witnessing the charade of vaccines. The science involved in vaccine production is designed to offer a 3 step process of different test groups of increasing group sizes and backgrounds. Scientific method is designed to be reproducible, requiring observation of various groups for problems that might arise. Further ALL vaccines are supposed to be tested against a pure placebo (saline). The fact is that NONE are….they are tested against an unrelated vaccine or concoction so they can say that the new vaccine is effective. Vaccine makers know that testing their vaccine against a placebo is dangerous because often the vaccine is no more effective than the placebo or test subjects get better with the placebo which blows their whole narrative.
            Fast tracking a vaccine means that the illusion of being ‘scientific’ is unnecessary because its the TESTING of the 3 groups that takes the time not the making and distribution of the vaccine

        10. If you can come up with a copy of one test showing the safety and efficacy of any vaccine, please post it and share it because no one else in the world has been able to come up with any evidence. Congress has demanded the test results from the CDC and vaccine manufacturers, the test results for safety and efficacy do not exist. They have never been tested for safety. They are actually exempted from any kind of legal action against them.

          1. Galderman…Yes, you are correct, there are no safety tests for vaccines because with complete immunity from prosecution (granted by President Regan, believe it or not), safety testing is a useless exercise that would only expose the vaccine makers deceitful underbelly and expose them to un necessary exposure. The only testing that is done, is to make a statement that the vaccine works…NOT AGAINST A PURE PLACEBO but against a similar or dis-similar vaccine. In other words the populations become clandestine petri dishes, for collecting money not safety information. The stats are all there but you will never find them on Google or social media. Some are posted on the website.

        11. You obviously have not heard about the hundreds of thousands of parents who’s children have been damaged by vaccines not to mention adults. The injuries are proven and the manufacturers agree they are the cause…they just don’t have to pay for it since they were given amnesty against damaged. For more humans have been injured then ever would have died without the vaccines.

      2. Covid19 origins by Perez & Montagnier

        Mars 2020
        Jean-Claude PEREZ. (2020). WUHAN COVID-19 SYNTHETIC ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION. International Journal of Research – Granthaalayah, 8(2), 285–324.

        Avril 2020
        Vidéo Luc Montagnier sur CNews:

        July 2020:
        Perez, J. C., & Montagnier, L. (2020). COVID-19, SARS AND BATS CORONAVIRUSES GENOMES PECULIAR HOMOLOGOUS RNA SEQUENCES. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 8(7), 217-263.

        ==> Septembre 2020
        Update article sur Évolution et REINFECTIONS du genome

        HIV Man-Manipulated Coronavirus Genome Evolution Trends.

        1. Perez…Yes, I’ve researched Luc Montagnier and his work on the Genome project and all indications show that this Corona Covid virus was indeed man made. Very long story but if you haven’t viewed the video “Plandemic 2…InDOCTORnation” you need to ASAP. The video is 1:20 minutes long and worth every minute of viewing.

    3. Paul, logically thinking if you were 100% sure that vaccines killed people would you not become an antivax yourself?

      I am nor anti or pro vaccines but if it was true I sure would be one. Just saying.

      It’s the way you look at it I guess.

    4. We’re reading this article because of due diligence; he’s done his research which honestly isn’t easy to do when the WHO had to rewrite the text books to fit their future narrative. Take the info or leave it, I just know that the worst flu my family ever had was from the only flu vaccination we ever had. 2 days before Thanksgiving; fortunately the symptoms hit the morning of Thanksgiving so we didn’t pass it on. Telling people to “do their research” is part of the con. The fact that you’re commenting only to debunk with the only generic argument for vaccines (check your sources/research again…) without any contribution supports that. Have you noticed the autism epidemic? Notice that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS? Notice that I’ve seen about 2 dozen “cures found” for aids since AIDS was introduced but was never implemented? It boils down to common sense; the medical “professionals” aren’t thinking for themselves and what they’re learning from the textbooks don’t even make sense and neither does your argument.

      1. Saying HIV doesn’t cause AIDS was the biggest political blunder of Thabo Mbekis presidency at a time where his inaction on immedietely providing antiretrovirals and education is estimated to have caused south africa alone 100s of thousands of extra AIDS deaths

    5. I appauled at the lack of scientific literacy exhibited in this article. Particularly the reference to Polio. Your goal is not to provice accurate information, it is to gain support from the anti-vaxer community/scientifically unrigorous in support of a perspective that is becoming increasingly profitable.

      1. Funny that you talk about “profitable”. How much money do vaccine companies make from vaccines? Not that much, a few billion each year. But how much money do they make from a sick population, drug dependent for life? Trillions. A bit hipocritical don’t you think?

      2. Kris, I know you are responding to Paul but since it was my blog and the information I provided, I would to ask you to provide the information you have that is counter to what I provided. I am more than willing to alter my perspective on the research I have (BTW…not relying on internet searches) if you would be kind enough to produce it. I fully understand and respect your position on vaccines but saying my information is inaccurate and proving it it quite another story. It’s difficult to put 30+ years of experience into a blog using only one or two forms of documentation. You might want to dig a little deeper into the Polio story and find the work of Hillary Koprosky with his Polio vaccine. Thank you and I await your reply.

      1. RT: Exactly…All this information is available if you know where to look. I do not want anyone to accept what I wrote at face value, that’s why I provide DOCUMENTATION not just opinion.

    6. You preffer naturalt heard immunity?We see the result of natural heard immunity strategi in Sweden know.Higest death i COVID-19 per capita is in Sweden who has heard immunity strategi.

      1. Sweden has the 6th highest actually, and included deaths outside hospitals unlike many, and did admit making mistakes in their care homes and didn’t destroy their economy, civil liberties and children’s education! Please make sure you don’t spread disinformation.

      2. Josef, Yes it’s true that herd immunity usually takes longer but it is lasting and has a minimal second wave as compared to lockdown, which tends to quarantine the virus but does little to provided needed antibodies. Just remember we have been through MANY of these viral episodes over the past decades with deaths being an unfortunate consequence for some BUT deaths will occur, depending on the virus, with or without lockdown. You can’t hide from a virus, you can only adapt.

        1. Bravo, Sal. Hiding from a virus is only effective as long as you are hiding! And while you are hiding, you are weakening your immune system, so that when you do come out of hiding, the virus will hit you that much harder. Our immune systems are built by being exposed to pathogens, along with healthy diet, fresh air and sunshine.

    7. Anti-vaccine?

      This term implies vaccines are primary instead of secondary.

      In fact, the term anti-Nature should be applied to those that support vaccines, just as anti-Life should be the epitaph of those that support abortion (death) of children.

      To pretend that vaccines are somehow natural or of the source of Nature is ludicrous.

      Do not let these morons call you by a name like this, anti-vaccine, because to be anti-vaccine is to be pro-science, while to be pro-vaccine is to be completely in a faith-based cult of personality.

      There is no science supporting the claim that vaccines cause immunity. None whatsoever.

      And Sal, your premise here is verified by my own research, here:

      1. Clint, AMEN…….. there is as much counter vaccine documentation as pro vaccine documentation. What must be understood is that counter information is paid for by “trolls” whose job it is to muddy the truth so that the average person unwilling to do the research, will just give up and accept what they read. My position has always been “THERE MUST BE FREEDOM OF CHOICE”. Any attempt to remove that freedom is to admit an AGENDA.

      2. Clint, AMEN…….. there is as much counter vaccine documentation as pro vaccine documentation. What must be understood is that counter information is paid for by “trolls” whose job it is to muddy the truth so that the average person unwilling to do the research, will just give up and accept what they read. My position has always been “THERE MUST BE FREEDOM OF CHOICE”. Any attempt to remove that freedom is to admit an AGENDA.

      3. WOW, thank you, Clint!! This is what I try so hard to get across to my circle of influence – vaccines are ANTI-NATURE! And by that token, they are anti-GOD. Anyone willing to do the digging and educate themselves will find that God has already provided for us everything that we need for complete wellness here on Earth. There is absolutely no need for man’s highly toxic intervention. I am living proof – I am 66 years young, have survived 3 bouts of cancer with God’s medicine, never get colds, flu, etc., and can run circles around others my age.

        P.S. Love your video – thank you!!

    8. In response to “Paul”
      Paul just about all the medical literature supports vaccines. And you’re griping because this author doesn’t?

      1. Denise, Don’t misunderstand my words. I don’t disapprove of vaccines; the choice is yours as well as it is mine. I fully realize the medical literature’s support for vaccines but understand that ALL medical schools MUST teach vaccines as the treatment for contagious diseases BECAUSE they are fully sponsored and funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money trail and you will find that medical schools are PROHIBITED to teach anything about natural ways of obtaining immunity. It doesn’t mean that “Natural Immunity” obtained from exposure doesn’t exist, it’s just not part of medical school protocol.

      2. Denise, Don’t misunderstand my words. I don’t disapprove of vaccines; the choice is yours as well as it is mine. I fully realize the medical literature’s support for vaccines but understand that ALL medical schools MUST teach vaccines as the treatment for contagious diseases BECAUSE they are fully sponsored and funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money trail and you will find that medical schools are PROHIBITED to teach anything about natural ways of obtaining immunity. It doesn’t mean that “Natural Immunity” obtained from exposure doesn’t exist, it’s just not part of medical school protocol.

        1. Well said, Sal. Sadly, the only thing that’s going to be taught in med school is whatever will bring obscene profits.

          But I think most of us would agree that the CONCEPT of vaccines is sound. And that, if a company appeared on the scene tomorrow that produced toxin-free vaccines, we would be all over them, wouldn’t we?

          1. Marilyn…Here is a question I’d like to propose to you and others who may read this. Big Pharma and the vaccine manufacturers have been making medicines and vaccine preparation for ions, however, did it ever occur to you that NONE of them are designed to CURE. We assume that is the purpose but WHY WOULD ANY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PRODUCE PRODUCTS THAT WOULD PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS? Big Pharma makes product to TREAT not CURE and are designed to be used for LIFE (blood pressure, cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, psychotropic drugs, etc) THe same is true for ALL vaccines. Presently, everyone is supposed to be vaccinated with 16 vaccines consisting of 72 doses…none of them ever disappearing because the disease process is ever being cured. Instead, each year more is added to the regime. Did you know that Big Pharma is TOTALLY immune from any prosecution and can not be sued for any reason. THe American Cancer Society’s, for example, own website states the ACS was formed to eliminate cancer yet everything they do revolves around the BEST CANCER TREATMENT and DIAGNOSIS available but doesn’t mention CURE. When the ACS started in 1913, one in 10 – 20,000 got cancer. Today one in six get cancer. THere are over a dozen known cancer cures that the ACS never acknowledges and the FDA prosecutes. Toxin free vaccines already exist but are not approved by the FDA, therefore you have to go out of country to seek them out. Sorry for the length but there is alot to discover.

    9. It’s a shame how those who are so pro vaccine pop in with their silly comments and have very little to add other than their “Opinion”. I respect FACTS. Everything else is such a waste of everyone’s time. Thank’s for sharing Sal Martingano.

      1. Martha, Facts that are contrary to common beliefs are hard to accept. I take no offense to silly comments because “they” also realize that if directly asked where their documentation comes from….i get no response. However, if they can produce valid information…I’m listening.

      2. Martha, Facts that are contrary to common beliefs are hard to accept. I take no offense to silly comments because “they” also realize that if directly asked where their documentation comes from….i get no response. However, if they can produce valid information…I’m listening.

    10. Paul,
      Try to read
      MONUMENTAL MYTHS of the MODERN MEDICAL MAFIA and MAINSTREAM MEDIA and the Multitude of Lying Liars that Manufactured Them
      by Ty Bollinger

    11. Paul, Not sure what blog you were reading but my blog doesn’t contain ANY ANTI_VAX documentation. Consistent with what you stated, I purposefully provided documentation that was generic and historically accurate. Of course, if your mind is made up that ALL documentation other than your beliefs or what you can provide (of which you have provided nothing) is ANTI VAX, then we have nothing to discuss. I suggest you review your own words and exercise them. Nothing personal Paul, but your statements about my documentation lead me to believe that you really never read them yourself. I await your documentation in good faith

      1. Sal,
        Thank you so much for the information you provided for all of us ro read. My wife and I so very much appreciate the amount of work you put into this. We did NOT FIND this information anti vax in the least! We found it based on FACTS, unlike what Paul was accusing you of. God bless you…. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO SILENCE YOUR VOICE in ANY way .
        Thank you, Gregg + Karona from Vancouver BC Canada

        1. Thank you. I take no offense from comments like Pauls. My response is always the same. PLEASE send me what you have so I can review and make the appropriate changes. Some people just like hearing themselves talk while some really want answers. We’ll see if Paul responds

        2. Greg + Karona… I spend a lot of time putting information like this together because most people read the first few sentences and rarely get to the details, which is where the documentation is. My purpose is to educate not alienate. Paul has the right to believe what he wishes and his comments are taken with respect. However I will not answer when it is obvious that my documentation is portrayed incorrectly. My sources are not typical internet finds but are from reliable sources most do not have because they don’t know were to look. I have some interesting blogs in the pipeline…so stay tuned!!

          1. SAL MARTINGANO — I read the article and am reading through these comments, you are a brilliant educator on many levels!
            I just want to say “thank you” so very much for taking your precious time to inform and light the way. I am amazed and enlightened from what you write and how you write. God bless you and keep you and forever shine His eternal light upon your life and guide you always.

    12. Paul, MOST of us appreciate this information. I have been in medicine for 50+ years and this post on vaccines ARE facts. This individual is NOT ANTI anything!. Do yourself a favour and so your own research. You might grow just a wee bit wiser.

    13. Do you have anything to counter the evidence Paul or are you just another sheep that pigeon holes debates so you can ignore truth? People like you really make me sick when you counter with rubbish like that. Bring some evidence if your own.

    14. If you go to a website you will be able to view 100% factual information that before the MMR vaccine autism was 1 in 10,000. Now it is 1 in 54. The CDC covered up the connection of the MMR vaccine to autism and the proof is in the movie documentary “vaxxed”. Vaxxed 2 is about vaccines in general and how much healthier kids are that never got any vaccine. Rent the movie downloads and watch for yourself – the facts are undeniable. CDC, the WHO, and big pharma are all corrupt – they will poison you for the money.

      1. Deb..Yes is a tremendous resource for what is happening with vaccines. I do a 90 minute presentation called “The Vaccine Forum” where I use information from the Vaxxed movie as part of my documentation. Unfortunately, the CDC is financed in part by BIG PHARMA and the Gates Foundation, so INDEPENDENT TRUSTED statements from the CDC is almost impossible. Further, former CDC executives find well paying positions in the pharmaceutical industry. The CDC actually owns patents for various vaccines that they are supposed to be overseeing

    15. You are part of the problem. You believe everything that the media tells you to do. Vaccines kill. Whether you want to admit it or not. Its a fact

      1. Dembie…This is Dr. Sal Martingano. I noticed your reply to Paul and I want you to know that the “progressives” & BIG PHARMA, have bought their way into the legal system, enacting an EMERGENCY CLAUSE into all state laws allowing the governors to enact a mandatory vaccine order that SUPERCEEDS ALL “EXEMPTIONS” IF THEY CLAIM THAT THEIR STATE IS IN A (HEALTH) EMERGENCY STATUS. This quiet secret has been kept from the public in order not to provoke violence and give the illusion that there IS A WAY not to get vaccinated. In short, they are lying to induce compliance until they make the declaration. This sad chapter in vaccination is made possible by enacting the emergency powers of “MARSHAL LAW” , which over-rides our constitutional rights. Unfortunately, implementation comes with police powers of enforcement. We will see how this plays out if they continue to push the Covid pandemic.

    16. Hi Paul,

      I am a mom of 10 kids and back when my first few were little I began to have to question my kids’ doctors because the medicines they were prescribed for this or that illness (usually antibiotics) sometimes made them act crazy even while they were sick – which is a contradiction since when my kids were sick they usually acted it in that they wanted to stay in bed and sleep because they didn’t feel well. I began reading about attaining good health using “natural” medicine (food being the best medicine, as Hippocrates said) and was amazed at the great success I had returning my children to health when they became ill.

      During my research I came across those charts that are posted in this article showing the decline of Polio, measles and the other illnesses that children were routinely vaccinated against, and it opened up a whole new arm of research for me. I am an “independent thinker” and willing to believe what I find makes the most sense. Are you? Or are you possibly aligned with Big Pharm yourself?

    17. This is for all the people posting here who somehow have managed to type with one hand while rolling up their sleeve in preparation for the jab — you people who question nothing, which is all the author is doing, and you stick a label on him because that’s the easy thing to do.

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

      ― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

      Covid-19 is a bad virus. Nobody is questioning it. BUT, you need a test to prove you have it and the PCR tests are flawed! And even if you are infected, you have a 99.995% chance of recovering, 94% if you’re over 70. With odds like that, why do you need a vaccine in the first place?

      I’m throwing out the following drugs:

      1976 Swine Flu Vaccine

      People have been harmed by these drugs. In the case of Thalidomide, children were born maimed! A friend’s wife was a Pharm Rep for Abbott. She confessed that these companies put aside millions of dollars in a war chest every time a new drug is released to market — for the lawsuits they know they will be hit with. Ever see those commercials on TV from lawyers seeking out people who’ve been damaged by drugs and vaccines? Big Pharm doesn’t care because while they pay out millions in settlements, they’ve made billions in profits!

      These Covid vaccines were rushed through in less than a year with NO ANIMAL TRIALS and little human trials. The human trials had some serious side effects but they’ve gone on and released them to market anyway. Normal time for a vaccine is 10 years — and there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine!

      Given the track record of the pharmaceutical industry, and given the fact that if you get the vaccine and fall ill — or something much worse — you will be shit out of luck. Big Pharm and your family doctor are immune (pun intended) from any liability. And yet you want demonize the author as an “anti-vaxxer” when you should be asking the same questions. But I suppose that can be attributed to the media’s all out blitz with their propaganda.

      To trust this vaccine is akin to the battered wife believing her husband when he says he will never hit her again just after the 100th beating.

      1. Firebird…Well stated. As I stated many times, these blogs are not ANTI-VAX blogs. My intent is to present information not normally available to the average reader. In doing so, some of that information comes from non traditional sources like historical books like that of Eleanor McBean, PhD, N.D., who describes in detail, personal and family experiences during the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic. If this is considered an ANTI-VAX reference, then the person is not really interested in “NON TRADITIONAL” information but has a problem considering information that is contrary to their own. I take no offense to senseless name calling but I do respond to contrary opinions and statements as a way of expanding my own knowledge base. If I find I am in error, I will freely admit it but after more than 25 years of study in immunology I’m pretty confident in what I write.

    18. Paul you are nothing more than an idiot or you must be an agent of Criminal Bill Gates and Rockefeller.
      Corona is biggest scam of history.

    19. There is plenty of info out here from many sources to back up whatever you believe so by all means take every vaccine available to you so you will be safe

    20. Most people alive today had their birthright stolen thru fraudulent means when we were born… and there is no debating that anything established thru fraud is null and void. Fraud vitiates all !!

    21. do your research. every main pandemic in past 150 years came at the same time major frequency technologies arrived. It’s published what chemicals from formaldehyde to other more devastating chemicals are in most of the vaccines you gave your kids. Spanish flu; they could not even replicate it by giving mucus from sick humans AND HORSES to healthy humans and horses. Bill Gates’ vaccines are responsible for over 450,000 paralyzations of India’s population (thats why they wanted his head in 2016), and for STERILIZING MILLIONS in Africa, and vaccine studies around the world like 50,000 injuries in Poland now. VAERS reports over 220,000 covid vac deaths, and 15% deaths/injuries over the 1% reported in MSM.

      If you injected such chemicals into your children’s arm they would arrest you so in WHAT WORLD is vaccines EVER helpful since there is no proof ANY has ever helped. Polio went away at the same time in Europe when they had no vac. Moderna has NEVER EVER EVER had FDA approval for ANY OF THEIR VACS!

      MY GOD did not say we were compromised nor did He say to “hey, wait till the 20th century when humans create some really good drugs” but gave us ALL we need for EVERY illness, holding NOTHING back from us. He would be an impotent and cruel God if he did.

    22. If you found a $100 bill in the trash can, would it be considered unusable because you consider the source not to your liking? Do a bit of research that does not include Big Pharma propaganda.

      1. Barb, If you are a follower of my blogs, especially on vaccines, you will notice that I purposefully and intentionally avoid propaganda. My sources come from well researched documents. I am always willing to explore and improve my writings and I take criticism with an open mind. Can you show me where Big Pharma propaganda was used in this article?

    23. As someone that was badly injured by the J&J vaccine, I have now woken up and realized that it is all true. The vaccines are the cause not the cure. This is a massive crime on humanity of unbelievable scope.

      1. Bill… sorry for your induced injuries. New vaccines is the “golden fleece” for BIG pharma. Vaccines are sold via FEAR. True vaccines take up to 8 years to refine in terms of relative safety, since NO TWO PROPE WILL REACT THE SAME”. there is no such thing as fast tracking a vaccine. Trump was duped by Fauci, who was a puppet for BIG Pharma, hiding behind the guise of the NIH. Trump fired Fauci when the fact became clear that building a hotel in record time does not apply to healthcare, where the variables are endless. Big Pharma is TOTALLY IMMUNE FROM ANY PROSECUTION OR LAWSUITS from people like yourself who have suffered the consequences of their actions.

      2. Bill… unfortunately, you are not alone. The sad part is that not everyone reacts the same way to vaccines, especially “fast track” vaccines that have not withstood the rigors of trial, as in the Covid vaccines. Big Pharma is immune from all prosecution for products that maim or kill patients. Their interest is in profits, not people. It’s a business !!

    1. Anion…. Always interested in alternative information. The sources I included are not based only on web postings but on actual historical events. However, if you have valuable information that differs from the facts I’ve posted, I am sincerely interested in review it. My intent is to educate not alienate. You might want to tone down your disapproval rhetoric a little….I understand your position but FACTS speak louder than words

      1. Don’t indulge the Trolls Anion, offered nothing but Vitriol. Captured medicine is well proven. JamesCorbett of Corbett report has great detailed research on Rockefeller & Carnegie seizing control of academia & medicine & the creation of the phrase ‘Quackery’.

        1. FDH, If you ever get the chance to read the book by G. Edward Griffin, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, you will learn the real story of the seven most influential men and families (Rockefeller’s included) that met in secret on Jekyll Island to plan out the next 100 years of their influence in controlling the world. TRUE STORY

          1. Tony… Yep…Hydroxi is safe, effective and inexpensive, the antisitis of the basis of BIG PHARMA. It’s about money and control couched in fear tactics not science.

      2. Thank you so much for these amaizing Info. I have known about the dangers of vaccines for a very long time as I have always been Interested in health., but I did not know about the spanish flu.
        Rockefeller family has always been a big power that has manipulated the world for a long time and I believe they are still doing it and are involved in CV19. They are evils. I hope people start to wake up.

        1. Donata, Thanks for the kind words. Yes the Rockefeller family started out in the oil business (Standard Oil) but their wealth brought them influence in many areas of our economy, especially the Pharmaceutical Industry, which they funded almost entirely in the beginning. The modern day Rockefeller family is the Gates Foundation. Money talks and silences the vast majority.

        2. Donata, Thanks for the kind words. Yes the Rockefeller family started out in the oil business (Standard Oil) but their wealth brought them influence in many areas of our economy, especially the Pharmaceutical Industry, which they funded almost entirely in the beginning. The modern day Rockefeller family is the Gates Foundation. Money talks and silences the vast majority.

      3. Their info comes from govt websites which have contraindicated itself multiple times, they also seem to believe the WHO which historically , is rife with corruption and ineptitude. U can tell these kind of ppl that the sky is blue but if a govt body tells them no the sky is red they will believe the govt even though their own eyes tell them different

    2. Anion… I received this comment from another reader. “My Grandfather was a World War 1 veteran who refused vaccination. He confirmed this story to me”. Granted this is not first hand information but it does tarnish the fearmongering idea.

      1. Thanks for this Sal Martingano! The truth offends people but we need to get it out there. I too had blind faith in vaccines until I almost lost my child to them. People who have blind faith in Big Pharma are too scared to even entertain the notion that we are being lied to. Big Pharma wants more sick people. There is no money is curing. Make everyone sick enough to need pharmaceuticals but not sick enough to die. A dead person is a patient no more. Vaccines are a great aid in creating disease.

    3. So much BS you all who sense Antivaxxers suddenly jump to conclusions and dismiss as sad. There is clear reason how more and more people are skeptical of vaccines with their horrific side effects which is hardly ever mentioned. Vaccines clearly are loaded with toxic chemicals and always a profit motive by big pharma with their agenda and Bill Gates types. There are many who skip vaccines and are just fine and get crucial nutrients and vitamins naturally and eat well with healthy lifestyle. As common sense the vaccine is no magical cure and with growing suspicion and avoidance of vaccines there is sound reason of flaw of vaccines

      1. Samar, Unfortunately the vaccine voices pushed by Gates and friends are difficult to avoid. All those who want the freedom to choose must FIGHT for it to remain in our constitution. The pro vaccine elites are working on “wording” that essentially would over rides constitutional choice…that is…if “THEY” feel NOT being vaccinated will cause IRREPARABLE HARM to the many during a pandemic, they have the right to force vaccinate. This is not to be taken lightly…all they need to do is convince congress it is in the best interest of the country and it can be done. Now you know why the ANTI VAX crowd is forever present….TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF CHOICE, while not hindering the rights of those who wish to vaccinate.

        1. This plandemic is ALL about control and taking away the freedom of the people. We as people have the right to our own body. I know with the birth certificate we are deemed “property” and this has given the so called “elite” the power to control us. The Kabal, Deep State, Illuminati…or whatever name you want to give it , only wants to profit from their human property and they do not give a damn if you suffer, or even die. The truth is so ugly that many will be unable to consciously go there and rather stay stuck in their illusion of freedom. It’s time for all to wake up. I thank U for this article as to shed light on the many lies that have been bestowed upon humanity for eons of time. Covid-19 is asking for humanity to wake the F…. up!

          1. Cornellis… Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct. To make better sense as to how this can happen, you must understand that POWER is more powerful than TRUTH, in the world of the elites. Those who have the power and the money control the narrative. The example lies in the fact that all our vaccine exemptions, Limits of Liability and even FEDERAL law itself can be eradicated by a JUDGE by invoking the simple phrase… THIS IS AN EMERGENGY. Presently, we are pacified by having the RIGHT TO EXEMPTION. However, in a declared EMERGENCY..NO VACCINE EXEMPTIONS ARE ACCEPTED. This is because there are 2 interpretations of the law. One set of laws for the people and one set of laws for the elites (who make the laws). This fact only becomes apparent when an EMERGENCY is declared (whether real or fabricated). So, we can make all the noise we want…….unless we can expose the CABAL and bring massive awareness of their injustice, the elites have nothing to fear. You can be 100% legally justified in a particular vaccine action, yet a Federal Judge an simply IGNORE your suit and order punitive damages against you. Drs who do not tote the line, simply lose their license to practice. Sad but true. Same is true for the GUN CONTROL CROWD…”Confiscate guns from the people and defund the police yet the elites have ARMED GUARDS and a PRIVATE SECURITY company for themselves. ENUF SAID !!

    4. Anton, You are certainly entitled to and I respect your opinions but instead of the useless rhetoric using “canned” words, maybe you can spend a little time educating me and other reading this post, as to what documentation you have, other than your opinion, as to why we are incorrect. Like I stated numerous times…I’M NOT AN ANTI VAXXER, I am a researcher, author and educator that writes to educate not alienate. Please take me up on my invitation so we can have an intelligent conversation.

    5. Its more than an antivaxxer article, actually most of it explains the corruption of our government and the medical profession, all true (tuskegee experiments for ex). And every article should be against vaccines, they create diseases and kill people. Theres no need for any of them, humans are born with an immune system, which is far greater than any vaccine.

      1. Chay…Keep in mind that having the right to CHOOSE means that you have the right to vaccinate if you so choose. THose rights are vehemently upheld by BIG PHARMA, tradition medicine and all that profit from vaccines. There are tons of documentation for and against vaccines…SO…the same right to choose vaccines MUST BE equally upheld for those who decline vaccines……..something that seems to allude the powers to be. You are correct that this blog has nothing to do with Antivaxx but is an educational WAKE-UP call to never give up the FREEDOM to choose.

      2. Chay,
        Most doctors are not corrupt, they just want the best for their patient. Most doctors don’t realise that they are being brainwashed and they don’t know how the system works. With that I mean that almost all researches are being paid by the pharmaceutical industry and it is them who are corrupt. And some doctors are paid by the pharmaceutical infustry to give lectures. That’s how doctors become influenced. Not because they are corrupt themselves. I also know it works different in different countries. I am a doctor in the Netherlands and speaking how it is over here.

        1. Bernadette…Not much more to say…Since doctors are no longer independent to open an office on their own, and survive……they are forced to join corporate groups. Once in the group their incomes become reasonably stable but they are forced into a box. Independent thinking in practice is replaced by corporate protocols and endless requirements. Most of my doctor friends express disgust at the compromises they must make.

    6. You’re a blind person leading people astray…I have no problem with anti vax sentiment…vaccinations are killing people and decreasing our health and standard of living! If you so wish to push vaccinations do so with your own family and friends sir! Do your homework before blubbering about others spreading propaganda…it’s apparent you’ve fallen victim to vaccine propaganda and it worked! One vaccine I wish they’d come up with is one for stupidity and ignorance which is seasonal pandemic!

    7. OK Paul – you seem to be “plugged in” to the science: what arguments can you make for this mRNA vaccine vs my body creating it’s own antibodies? Better, tell me why I should want an experimental chemical injected for a virus with a 99.97% survival rate. ✌️???

    8. That’s an interesting perspective. Because you correct a statement on history doesn’t make you anti history. It’s simply a matter of disproving a claim. (if your facts determine that) It’s obvious by the documented sources that all these “infectious diseases” were already greatly in decline before the vaccines for them were produced. The argument isn’t that vaccines aren’t good or bad, only that the claim made (that vaccines have eliminated certain illnesses) is patently false in lieu of the fact that the disease rate was already in great decline. It’s THAT claim that is being challenged, the effects of vaccines on the human population is an entirely different argument.

  2. Thank for a great info about this book and research. We should really get back to studying published works of people who lived through actual events instead of getting info from half-ripped internet posts by uncompetent authorities or sometimes even AI-generated.

    1. Anton, Thanks for the kind words. The internet is a blessing and a curse when it comes to accurate information and research. Also keep in mind that platforms like google and twitter CAN implement their guidelines as to what they will allow on THEIR platform. The result is utter bias. Well researched books, as you mentioned, are the only real safeguards we have. Not sure if you are reading one of my books or not but as long as you are reading…excellent. My books and numerous blogs can be found at

  3. Really dreadful what scientists and governments do to their citizens . BILL GATES SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH THEIR DEATHS.

  4. Thank you for confirming what many have suspected. Sad that there are so many sheeple. When you refuse vacinations be prepared to have your name ripped to shreds. My husband and I refused flu shots this year and because of our stand we have not been able to see and hold our newborn great grandchild born in January. Every stand comes at a cost!

    1. Christie, It’s very upsetting to hear stories like yours. Not sure how the flu shot affected holding your grandchild, except if it was the stand of the parents or the hospital staff. If other than those mentioned, the only legal way to avoid vaccines, flu or otherwise, is by the religious exemption. If you would like to inquire for future reference, look up the Congregation of Universal Wisdom
      Also, keep in mind that PRIVATE institutions have the right to require what they please, except if it violates State or Federal Law.

    2. Christie, It’s very upsetting to hear stories like yours. Not sure how the flu shot affected holding your grandchild, except if it was the stand of the parents or the hospital staff. If other than those mentioned, the only legal way to avoid vaccines, flu or otherwise, is by the religious exemption. If you would like to inquire for future reference, look up the Congregation of Universal Wisdom Also, keep in mind that PRIVATE institutions have the right to require what they please, except if it violates State or Federal Law.

    1. Elizabeth… Can you please send me information that you have that proves that I have been mislead? I’ve provided years of personal research experience and historical documentation to back up every word. I certainly respect your opinion but my intent is to educate but to do so I need accurate information. Thanks in advance for your help

    2. I will never take a vaccine from Bill Gates. His record sucks, he is all about depopulation. I really hope Europe hangs him from the highest tree, after what he had done to children and made women in Africa infertile. Here can Terry it on his own family

  5. This information is indeed very disturbing to say the least. I have always said that if someone discovered a cure for say cancer, the big pharma companies would sit on it and it would never see the light of day! Because they’d be out of business. The whole aim of big pharma is to merely “control” disease NOT eradicate it, where’s the money in that!! Ditto the Covid 19. The big pharma are overjoyed, here’s another opportunity to make big bucks out of government. Lets try every “vaccine” or drug we can, from anti-malarial to ebola, how about thalidomide, we’ve got tons of stuff sitting in a warehouse, we’ll just change the name and re-brand it. Claim we’ve discovered a miracle cure! Don’t laugh this is a real possibility, after all cash is far, far more important than peoples lives!

    1. James… Unfortunately, you are correct. In my years of research, it’s always the same…A BETTER OR NEW TREATMENT MODEL…. The cure is always the carrot that is never achieved.

      1. James sure is. How sad and unfortunate ‘pharmaceuticals’ are deeply deceptive and 2-faced in huge life matters to always profit at expense of people and have drugs or vaccinations with serious side effects and chemicals. Granted, some drugs may be helpful, but typically not always pretty.

        I am so fortunate to not work for a pharmaceutical and I always see them as making world a worse place in a way.

        1. Samar, Keep in mind that, for some, drugs can be life saving, for others they can be life ending. My focus in this blog was specifically on mass vaccinations and how similar todays Covid-19 vaccine quest is to the 1918 vaccines. “Gotta have them to save us”…to the exclusion of products that can do the same thing without dangerous effects or costing buckets of money. MONEY TALKS!

      2. To add to James’s comment , but in a different slant (“…. I have always said that if someone discovered a cure for say cancer, the big pharma companies would sit on it…”) the automobile industry did the sane thing with the Tucker car, and there are stories of engines with high mpg capabilities, whose inventors were “bought” out by either oil or car companies.

        I think this “pandemic”, sadly has affected many who otherwise would not have been. harmed – losses of jobs, businesses, futures, mental health and who knows what else we will discover in the years to come.

        1. Phillip, Your words speak for many who wish to remain silent but not attentive. BTW..such was the case of the Wankel Engine, that was a 3 lobed engine that produced incredible mileage and no wear. it was dubbed a “perpetual motion” machine. Chevrolet bought the patent to put into their new 1974 “Chevy Vega”. A prototype was built then immediately BURIED, never to be seen again.

        2. Phillip, Your words speak for many who wish to remain silent but not attentive. BTW..such was the case of the Wankel Engine, that was a 3 lobed engine that produced incredible mileage and no wear. it was dubbed a “perpetual motion” machine. Chevrolet bought the patent to put into their new 1974 “Chevy Vega”. A prototype was built then immediately BURIED, never to be seen again.

    2. You may be interested in Lynne Thyer, now rotting in a prison in France, and David Noakes, now again rotting in a prison in England, awaiting deportation to France. The crimes committed, curing cancer, obviously the medical protectionists didn’t call it that but what would you expect.

    3. James – There will never ever be a cure for any type of cancer because, as you say, where will they get the money? Not only that, but what would they do with all those lab technicians, researchers, buildings etc. etc.? The same goes for any other disease. There is a resurgence of a number of previously eradicated diseases making a come back. Was this with the help of big pharma being greedy? I have not given any of these so-called organizations any money for their “RESEARCH” for many years! I will not aid and abet fraud!

    4. Dear James Cairns, you touch a really key point, yet after you seem quite confused. Hydroxycloroquine, a known antimalarial medicament is no longer patentable, is cheap, effective and with little side effects. That is why the big pharma paid big bucks for The Lancet and the New England Journal to publish fake science, rubbish papers decrying hydroxycloroquine. Fortunately the scientific community promptly reacted and they had to retract they phony papers, yet meanwhile thousands of people died due to not having access to a cure that big pharma doesn’t want to hear about…

  6. So how do you explain all the deaths in the rest of the world where there were no vaccinations.

    1. Harley, Ahhh but there were vaccination in most of the countries involved in WW1. Keep in mind that I provided lots of documentation within the blog itself that goes into great detail about other countries and their experiences with the vaccines. Most importantly is the fact that the Rockefeller foundation funded the production of millions of doses of the vaccines without ever knowing exactly what the FLU VIRUS was or even if it actually existed. That was no accident. This information was WAY to involved to put in a blog, hence the documentations.

  7. A month ago I was asked at KAOS Crew Radio With Larry Levine, “Terry Cook what do you think of the virus?” My reply, “I think there are several times more good coming from that than which are bad.” For the examples, Fracking companies are declaring bankruptcy, thousands of times more people now wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, all stores are wiping down shopping carts, huge numbers are wiping down everything they touch with sanitizing wipes, lots of folks are learning so much which they give little or no thought of doing like never use hand driers, record numbers of dogs & cats are being adopted from the rescue & humane society shelters with NO signs of people giving up their pets due to losing jobs, it has served in accomplishing what seemed impossible before, such as waking people up ending the massive amount of citizens living in a complacent mind set, far less fossil fuel being used bringing cleaner air, the relief stimulus package to give most common folk a $1,200 check, while most of us know this package is corporate & big bank bailouts, planned and set in place a year before the virus came to town, and bringing a great incentive to prepare for the excl-elation of the war to survive coming from the rulers of the world, 99% less Chem-trails, big numbers of commercial jet air craft are not polluting the air we breathe. Now for the bad for us, we are facing the next steps of the cronies setting in place what was planned many decades before like testing, mandatory vaccine with chips installed, the Rockefeller empire of wealth & greed American Medical Associations bilking of our tax payer’s money to them by way of a $13,000 check to all admitted in hospitals with $39,000.00 if a ventilator is used. With 1.2 million given to 43,000 millionaires the increase of 2.3 trillion to 6.2 trillion coming in the near future. Citizens Committee For A Restructured Government “thetopcatplan.comRichard Romine Foundation Economy: GoAVA.US editor PiN-Progressive independent News Ohio

    1. Terry, You covered the salient points very well. You might be interested in taking a look at some of my previous blogs and certainly those that are coming up and sharing those you feel are pertinent. All this and more has been covered. It’s good to see others speaking the same language. Sooner or later, the uninformed will have to reconcile their thinking when they see the lies and half truths being spouted by the SO CALLED EXPERTS. Keep up the good work

  8. i’ll trust my GOD given immune system vs the up coming flue vaccine. healthy living is the way forward… far too many medical professionals are holding up the red flag on this. i suggest you view documentaries by robert kennedy , a US attorney for in depth information on this subject. dozens more to be had…

    1. Brian, Your instincts are correct. I’ve seen every video and written word by Robert Kennedy. You might want to do the same for Dr. Buttar, “Center for Advanced Medicine & Clinical Research” who has literally blown the top off the Covid -19 issue.

    2. I agree totally with you Brian.
      The medical establishment does not educate on how to strengthen our immune systems. They give us drugs.
      The Natural pathic physicians do educate us about the most important thing to keep our immune systems strong is the proper balance of bacterial flora in our gut and help us to attain that. MD,s do not.
      Robert Kennedy recently won a Supreme Court ruling defeating the W.H.O. trying to make vaccinations mandatory for everyone. He won because in the last 30 years or so they could not prove any of the vaccines developed are safe!

  9. Hi,
    Interesting article. My concern is that if non vaccinated people were not affected (as you say in the article), is there evidence that 50 to 100 Million people were actually vaccinated with this vaccine?

    1. Sansome, The answer is YES. you must get into the documentation I provided to find out the details. Way too much to cover in a blog. That is what make this whole story so unbelievable……….20 million died (estimates go to 100 million) but no one knows for sure. What we do know is that healthy people died after being vaccinated BEFORE being exposed to any returning WW1 soldiers. YES… there was mass pandamonium to get to a facility to be vaccinated. Keep in mind, No one actually had any idea what this “flu” was before making the vaccines (think about it). Further, this was planned event by the Rockefeller Foundation LONG in advance of any concern, in order to have that many vaccines made in advance. You can forget about any prior testing…..

  10. Hello my name is Mandy

    I’ve just read your article,
    on the Spanish flu.

    You’re not going to believe me, but I’m telling you anyway!
    I was discussing the Spanish flu today with one of my co workers today, who is a post graduate student.

    She was telling me about the Spanish flu, deaths etc… I questioned her and said do you believe it?

    Her thoughts were well it is written…
    Then she said it must of been…
    I said how many can die so quickly in such a short space of time…!

    Her then thoughts was sanitisation… but then again.., in a hospital….

    I’m with you on this.. the
    “vaccine is the Virus”

    Killing unnecessary for political gain & money…
    It’s shocking to say the least on humanity.
    We need to expose the truth.

    Warm regards
    Mandy Paul.

    1. Mandy, Great story and so glad you shared it with me. Well…take advantage of the opportunity to discuss the Spanish Flu further with your friend, only this time with some documented information. You might want to share the blog with others as well. Im certain that only a precious few know the real story.

  11. A very well produced article and confirms many other things I have read on the subject on the Rockerfellers Pharmaceuticals from 1913 and connections throught ww2. Im not sure why articles like this, that are well researched and presented, trigger many people. It is not about anti vax its about anti ignorance. If you’d seen your partner drop cold on the floor and lips turn blue in front of you’re eyes you’d question it. Many people working within the industry are not anti vax, but they do question Big Pharma and money over health and truth. Think some people are too scared to question and would rather just laugh at others.

    1. Bernadette, I think you stated the issue very well. Fear is a great motivator, especially when that fear is motivated by entities smaller than life itself but can have devastating consequences. As the country fights for the right vaccine, the human body is busy at work categorizing the virus and developing the proper antibody BEFORE the virus can attach itself to the cells in your body………..providing the body is given the chance. In my opinion, hiding from the virus is contrary to how the body works to protect you and develop a full-proof immune system. What most people DON’T understand that if the body doesn’t have the correct antibody at its disposal, the body MUST be infected by the virus. That is what makes people cringe….FACT: getting “sick” is the only way to get “healthy”. we’ve been doing it for centuries, why the draconian measures for this virus?

  12. Sal, I made a commitment long ago to be willing to look at uncomfortable Truth. I get the same emotional, reflexive put-downs from some of my friends. They treat vaccines like a religion and are not willing to look at data or any other verifiable sources. There is a really naive trust of mainstream media and governmental bodies. I appreciate the work you have done here. There are rational people out there!

    1. Ann, there is an true saying about situations like this…”Some will, Some won’t, So what, move on”. Always try your best to present the best “documented” information you can…opinions are a dime a dozen. If it’s not worth losing a friend or relative over…just let it go, there are plenty of people who will listen. I write these blogs not to make friends but to present information based on years of study, to educate not alienate.

    1. Leigh, Your guess is as good as mine. Dr. Fauci indicated late November. I doubt it because there is NO WAY legitimate, thorough testing of the vaccine can be done by then without SHORTCUTS and ASSUMPTIONS.

  13. I’m confused by this blog.
    Firstly you say this isn’t an anti-vacc blog, but then you have next to nothing listed as pro vaccine, which moots your proclaimed statement and makes for a very bias read.
    Secondly, if all of the “vaccines” given out weren’t fully developed then they were tests, not actual vaccinations.
    It is sad that they used soldiers and general public as test subjects, but at that point in history they also did not have the scientific advancements to study prior to human test subjects as they do now.
    Claiming that a vaccine killed them is thusly incorrect, and just adding to the misinformation that you’ve attempted to warn others about.
    Thirdly, if you have the knowledge that vaccines are meant to prevent and reduce the risk for those most likely to suffer from the effects of the illness the vaccine is meant to stop, then you would also have the same understanding that just because there are less contagious people showing signs before a vaccine is put into use does not mean it was created for irradiation.
    Most health officers that are needed for exhuming bodies need an anthrax vaccination, not because anthrax is running rampant, but because there is a high risk that a person who has been dead for several decade could have it and that particular virus can survive for hundreds of years and still be active.
    Perhaps a read through by an editor, is needed to help you.

    1. Pat, Let me try to understand your questions and answer briefly………. First: this blog is not meant to be anti or pro vaccine, the purpose was to educate not alienate…..Second: not sure what you mean but most of these vaccines were experimental (not fully developed) at the time,i.e., being used in desperation to help stop a perceived pandemic. Third: Sorry to say that the practice of using soldiers as test subjects IS and HAS BEEN going on forever. Every military person gets a battery of vaccines and not told what they are or what they are for…soldiers have no freedom to choose, they are OWNED by the government. Fourth: No one ever proved that there was a Spanish Flu virus in the first place. It was feared that WW1 soldiers fighting in trenches and despicable, filthy conditions would surely come home with some sort of disease process. That’s why the vaccines were supposed to be given to the homecoming soldiers and not the civilians, BUT the war ended to quickly and it was decided to protect the civilians instead. The result was that the entire population was blindsided but toxic substances with no natural defenses…hence the HUGE amount of deaths via pneumonia (the result of INFLAMMATION caused by toxins in the body. I have no knowledge of your antrax statement. Keep in mind there are MANY sourced documentations I provided, which go into the detail I cannot do in a blog. You raise legitimate questions, the answers to which are complex and require in depth knowledge of the era.

  14. Thank you for the extensive research you’ve done. It aligns with the many hours I’ve spent listening to doctors, researchers, filmmakers and parent testimonies. It frightens me to see how successful mainstream media has been at suppressing and hiding this information. It frightens me to see people’s steadfast resistance to even considering the thought that any of this could be true.

    1. Sharon, It frightens me as well knowing that smart, well educated people for the most part, can be swayed so easily. Then again you must consider that mainstream media…all except Fox, are given their “talking points” by their corporate owners, who together are responsible for controlling the masses to their point of view and advertisers needs. The average person will see and hear the same rhetoric no matter what news channel they watch. If you are too busy to dig on our own, you fall victim to suppressed information. That’s why I write these blogs. Feel free to share with friends and family.

    1. Ursula, Good observation….There were few “stock” photos of mass vaccinations back in 1918. The photo of children getting vaccinated, I believe was a “stock” photo during the mass Polio vaccine programs that took place in every elementary school. The photo was get the idea across of the “mass vaccine” program

  15. I have similar information, but a little different. Can you tell me what you think is wrong with my info?

    More soldiers died from disease than bullets during WWI.
    The Spanish Flu was neither Spanish nor Flu. According to a 2008 study by the U.S. National Institute of Health, the “predominant” killer in 1918-19 was bacterial pneumonia, and the first cases were not in Spain.
    Initial outbreaks can be traced to U.S. military bases. A bacterial vaccine experiment on soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas is one of the military epicentres of the epidemic.
    The serums, anti-toxins and vaccines used on soldiers were made in horses at the Rockefeller Institute in New York (and in NJ). The same horses were used “in the preparation of diphtheria, tetanus antitoxin and antimeningococcus serum.” Same horses, multiple pathogens.
    When WW1 ended on November 11, 1918, soldiers returned to their home countries and colonial outposts, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.
    During WW1, the Rockefeller Institute also sent similar batches of the antimeningococcus serum used at Fort Riley to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries.
    Vaccine experiments like the WWI experiments on soldiers in WW1 are not a thing of the past.

    1. Eskimo Man: The information is factual and soldiers of today are still subjected to the MASS vaccine testing experiments by Big Pharma. When in the military, you have no real freedom of choice.

  16. Thankyou. The more I read the more suspicious I am of everything we are told. Big pharma only has eyes on the money, it has nothing to do with the health of the people.

    1. Jo, It definitely a rude awakening but that is what documented information is about….changing ideas and well entrenched thought. Pass the information on to friends and family

  17. Spectacular info! Thank you so much for all of this. The frightening thing happening in today’s world is this is literally a war on all citizens, and those supporting the vaccine movement in today’s world, Are supporting tyranny killing us.

    If people believe that much and vaccination, even though I know it will lead to their death, I think it should be their choice. In today’s insanity Nazi regime/Bill Gates, the new Hitler, They want to force their vaccinations, micro chips on everyone, Contact tracing, in the hopes of both killing people and controlling the balance who survive and keeping them in poverty.

    If those who truly believed in vaccinations would use their brain, they would realize that of vaccinations actually worked, they would not have to force them and others who do not want them.

    We are living in a terrifying time. Bill Gates literally states, even in his Ted talk that his desire is to depopulate the world. I have been blown away that it seems the majority of the world can hear what he and the medical establishment are saying, but it does not register in their brain. It’s as if they’ve had their brains removed already, before being vaccinated and microchiped.

    I’ve been attempting to talk sense into a friend, but likely our friendship will end because of this. I’ve been telling her about the hundreds of doctors and scientists who are being censored on Facebook and YouTube because they are speaking up about what’s really going on. I’ve told her so many times that standard media is owned by big Pharma and their ads.

    It blows my mind that people only want one source of information, instead of hearing all the sources and then coming to their own conclusion. Instead they choose to be brainwashed.

    1. Andy, It take a great deal of control and expertise to offer counter intelligence or information that BUCKS the establishment. It’s way to comforting to go with the flow, even though you know deep inside that it is probably not right. You emasculate a population by intimidation, fear and mob rule. The silent majority usually bids their time and responds during key moments. It is my fear, as is yours, that while we wait for our time to come, organized entities like ANTIFA and BLM have been well funded and organized strike at any given moment…as we are seeing now. This is not new, ALL TYRANTS throughout history have practiced this game plan with great success. There is an old adage Andy,… you don’t talk religion or politics with those that you love or admire. On the other hand, if you ignore the onslaught of dissidents you have lost your country!

  18. With trillions of dollars of revenue at stake, only a fool or conspirator extolls a world where no bias and only altruism exists. Such a world has never existed nor will it when we so readily embrace slavery, war and killing in so many other areas. For once let us not be suicidal and examine human nature accurately.

    1. RJ, Thank you for those well stated words. Unfortunately, it appears that there are forces within our society (Rockefeller and Gates Foundations among others) that have found wealth in human suffering. Bill Gates clearly stated on live TV that his intent is to reduce the world population (useless eaters…my words) by 15% by vaccines. In the true story of the 1918 Spanish Flu, you will find that it was the Rockefeller sponsored vaccines that were used and eliminated over 20,000,000 people, of course all in the name of helping to protect the world’s populations from what WW1 soldiers (MIGHT) be bring back to their loved ones….

  19. My uncle Dr. Dan Cohen of the Ben Gurion University was a Cancer investigator and researcher for all his life.
    As a kid I remember he let me look thru his huge microscope and count cancel cells…!
    At the year of 1985 he got a real breakthrough! He found a cure for woman cancer!
    The very next thing he got, was a letter saying more or less this text:
    We are sorry but we can no longer support your research and lab, there for your are fired and your lab will be closed.
    He sent his secretary to make him coffer, and shot him self in the head… 🙁
    On his tombstone they wrote: “A tireless scientist and researcher.”

    1. Eli, WOW…incredible story but oh so true !!!! I too had a person doctor friend who discovered a substance in vaccines that actually stopped the body from producing a natural substance that blocks the formation of certain cancers. He was about to publish his findings but instead was found floating face down in a local river from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. Organized medicine is not about healthcare but the proliferation of sickness and disease care…sponsored entirely by BIG PHARMA. To date there have been 94 doctors who met untimely deaths because they dared to buck the system. You will not see this on CNN, so “Wake up America”

  20. Very true!  If people could know that it is a lot of work to research the facts.  People want instant gratification, drugs that change symptoms and the hypnotic spin of main media  all paid  for by big pharma.  They are too proud to admit that they have been fooled all their life .But, guess what, there is no fool like an old fool.    Take responsibility for your own health.   The wise will understand and unravel the mystery behind the plandemic pandemonium.

  21. It’s interesting that people who have commented negatively about the information here have offered nothing solid to substantiate their claim, particularly with comments like ‘bull crap’. I have read a lot of alternative views outside of mainstream media and it all makes a lot of sense . I like to question and think outside of what we are fed and this article confirms much of what I have already heard, but it’s amazing how people just don’t want to see. Thanks for your article, very informative to those of us who are not sheep.

    1. Christine: I actually appreciate the negative comments because those that are truly interested, DIRECTLY offer proof for their contrary opinion. Those that oppose but have no desire to learn anything, simply hide behind make believe names and FB posts. What you stated is the norm. Do not respond with disparaging words or remarks, just wish them well and ask them to provide documentation for their statements. You usually hear ” ” in return. If you like what you read, please pass it on to others. Thank you

  22. I’m wondering about sources for making the “only the vaccinated died” statement. Could you give sources for that?

    I had heard a similar thing saying Greece didn’t vaccinate and they weren’t hit by Spanish Flu, but have seen different detailed historical accounts with Spanish Flu epidemi with spanish flu there.

    One thing I have checked and feel quite sure about is that many (though I don’t know %) of the “deaths by Spanish Flu” were probably caused by the all too high doses of the relatively new medicine Aspirin that were recommended and used at the time. (I also don’t know how common Aspirin was in the many different countries)

    1. Jeff, As to the sources I used for this article, please refer back to the article itself which contains numerous sources (in red) within the text. Just hover over the red text and you will be prompted to open the links. Good question about Aspirin..From what I can remember, Aspirin was patented by “Bayer” around 1900 and could have been used during the 1918 Spanish Flu but I really have no documentation to back it up

    2. Jeff, As to the sources I used for this article, please refer back to the article itself which contains numerous sources (in red) within the text. Just hover over the red text and you will be prompted to open the links. Good question about Aspirin.. From what I can remember, Aspirin was patented by “Bayer” around 1900 and could have been used during the 1918 Spanish Flu but I really have no documentation to back it up

  23. Thank you, Dr. Martingano, for this excellent article. I am going to share it with everyone I know. For those who are skeptical, you only need to check out VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which has paid out $4.2 billion (in USA only) in vaccine damages & that is only for 1% of reported adverse vaccine effects. I have extensively researched vaccines and only recently started to question something that my parents never could quite explain about the sudden deaths of their family members between 1919 – 1925 who were previously very healthy. Everything now points me in the direction of vaccines as the only common factor. My father lost two brothers & his father’s first wife (who was 35 yrs old). My mother lost a brother (8 yrs old), sister (12 yrs old) & her father (34 yrs old a very healthy man)! She had been the youngest child and had been too young to be vaccinated until the 1930s when she got the smallpox vaccine. All the adults I mention here died of ‘pneumonia’. The previously healthy children just ‘dropped dead’. On both sides of my family, they came from high socio-economic societies, so we cannot blame the cold, hygiene, diet, waterborne infections, etc. My father got pneumonia in 1934 and nearly died; his lungs remained badly scared for the rest of his life (he had never been sick in his life until that point). He said it was the time he’d been given the smallpox vaccine (he couldn’t remember if there was any other vaccine given). It all makes a lot of sense now! In fact, he started to get the flu vaccine every year (4 yrs before his death) & almost immediately after the shot, he came down with (the 1st year & day after the vax he developed severe urticaria (he said he felt like his skin was on fire & was ripping at it like a madman. It was so frightening to watch). 2nd year, he developed shingles on his face & looked like a leper (also very frightening look). 3rd year, his legs went back, but the vascular surgeon could find any vascular blockages. 4th year he became anorexic and his weight plummeted to 42 kgs (about 92 lbs & he was a tall man). Unfortunately, his GP admitted him to hospital which turned into a nightmare & he passed away due to (what I call) ‘euthanasia’.

    1. Aline, WOW…incredible story and unfortunately true. I try not to “convince” the skeptics..only provide the information so they can make up their own minds. I do a great deal of public speaking and your story tells it all. Thank you for sharing your story and your willingness to share this blog with others. I hope others read it as well.

  24. Excellent presentation, thank you. Your diplomatic & humble reaction to the aggressive pro-vaxx trolls is commendable. Also interesting & telling that they don’t answer your request to affirm their protestations with facts, like I said above, clearly trolls.

  25. Thank you for this article. It sadly doesn’t surprise me. There seem to be no limit to the greed inspired inhumanity of pHarma and governments.

    It’s interesting that your detractors decline to come back with facts to back up their sheeple rhetoric!

    1. Thanks Karen, There will always be detractors, its part of the uniqueness of our country. You can always separate the truth seekers from the agitators; either they are close minded by nature or intent on disrupting society. Either way, there is a lot of flamboyant talk, accusations and name calling but in the end they are an empty vessel. I always respond courteously but they always know where I stand!!

  26. Dr Judy Mikovits is where the accurate picture is delineated…she is anti vaccine…and I agree.

    1. David, Here is where Dr. Fauci showed his true colors. He had to set up Mitovits and silence her with a gag order in order to keep his alliance with the Gates foundation and the WHO a secret. Fauci said she stole sensitive, confidential documents and was fired. TOTAL FABRICATION… Fauci has advised 6 presidents and has been in bed with BIG PHARMA for 30+ years. No one questions him because HE IS THE EXPERT…and you don’t question experts! Well, if you notice he’s disappeared from the media because the scam is known. Mitkovitz has it right and was eliminated because of it. BTW: in a future blog I expose Fauci (EXPERT OR CO-CONSPIRATOR) with sound documentation…it will be published soon.

      1. As someone who has questioned “the science is settled” on vaccines and the true motives behind big Pharma (cures vs. profit) for a good number of years now, having found this blog on a Facebook article – I found I could not stop reading. I applaud you Sal Martingano.
        As a Canadian, we have our own “Chief Public Health Officer of Canada” – Dr. Theresa Tam who herself has deep ties with the “World Health Organization” and more often than not has echoed their guidelines.
        Having said that, I find America’s Dr. Falsie quite intriguing, and I say that not in a good way!
        As you have mentioned Dr. Fauci above, I couldn’t help but remember a video done by “Amazing Poly” on Dr. Fauci, which was quite the eye-opener.
        I hope I am not out of line by adding the link. I believe all will find it quite interesting.

        1. Barry…..Thanks for the kind words. As you may have noticed, I try not to speak or write without providing documentation. I’ve been writing blogs for quite some time on topics of interest and controversy. Unfortunately, the FaceBook police have decided that TRUTH doesn’t matter as much as censorship. If you would like to read my many other blogs that have been censored out you can go to my Authors website and click on blogs. Thanks for the link. Being out of line comes into play when an agenda is being pushed. Information is there for all who are interested to see. If someone doesn’t like the topic, move on, but don’t censor it. We have all fallen into the social media trap, and now that “they” all the data they need and the ability to control the information via algorithms, its up to the people to fight back. The latest example is PARLER, an uncensored social media platform to oppose the DEEP STATE. Be Well.

  27. The Crooked Government wants to Usurp God’s hand in our Lives. He’s our Creator not them. Nice Article

    1. Thanks Alex, Only Totalitarian, Communist, Socialist, Marxist governments rise above the hand of God (or so they think). Ours was set up to live WITHIN the laws of nature, and GOD and states as much in our constitution. I write not to piss the “crooked” off but to enlighten those that can still think clearly.

  28. Thank you for all your hard work Sal !! In my 60’s and I always think it interesting to read posts. Whenever people push back, it is usually clear they don’t want to consider an alternate truth. The nation and world is being shown more of “the truth” in the current ridiculous planDEMic, along with main stream newscasters not such obvious liars. It still amazes me how some young people can hear something and take away that it means something completely different than what was said. Isn’t that called common sense?

    1. Maximum, I’m older than you but I can remember the 1960’s rebellions generation. I missed out on Woodstock but I was fortunate to hang with a crowd that did not follow the masses but thought for themselves and paid the price if we made the wrong decisions. BTW: my book “Boys of Brooklyn…A Time When Life NEver Sucked” ( tells the whole story and alot more. Too bad that the wisdom contained within those pages will never get to the ears of those who desperately need a “check-up from the Neck-Up”. Stay strong!!

  29. Thank you, Sal, for this information!!! Many of us who have done our research re governments and secret societies et cetera, know the truth when we see it. Others still have some studies to do.

    1. Conny, The idea is to do your best to expose others, not yet ready for the truth, to the facts without pressure. Even though you will get resistance, they are curious and will listen in their own time and space. Truth not exposed is giving in to the darkness.

    1. Rose, The inserts have to disclose everything that the FDA and CDC require to meet MINIMAL safety regulations. The inserts do not have to disclose the ADJUVANTS (additives), preservatives like Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Ethylene Glycol, (anti freeze derivative)…etc. I suggest getting a high powered magnifying glass and read it on an empty stomach!!!

  30. Thank you for your willingness to share. Even at the risk of censure. I was fired from my job as an rn for refusing the swine flu vax. Which later turned out to be a huge hype. I personally do not believe in the vax program as it stands w its numerous additives. Indeed if one looks at the results looks like it is designed to make people sick and weak. A coincidence or??????? ……..

    1. Suni, Sorry you lost your job. You are really stuck because you are directly responsible to medical guidelines, wants and wishes and the overwhelming power of the pharmaceutical industry that keeps ALL the medical schools and hospitals in business. Kinda like what’s happening with Google and Twitter….they can censor their content because IT’S THEIR PLATFORM. I do a 90 min seminar (also on DVD), called “The Vaccine Forum” which tells all. As to your final comment….A healthy world is the death wish for BIG PHARMA, We don’t have a healthcare system, we have a sickness and disease care system. Stay Strong!

  31. Thank you for speaking truth. We need to seek what is best for us and not fall into the trap that’s out there. People, it’s time to wake up and take control of your life.

    1. Judy, That is the true message. We are being lead around like sheep because social and political correctness. However, this is not a passing fad, we are looking at our future square in the eye. Whether vaccines, protesting or the myriad of life changing events we are witnessing today, NONE can exist without compliance. It’s not violence that will win the day…its non-compliance

  32. Interesting blog, so your claiming that civilians in the U.S were given the many surplus vaccines that were no longer required for the soldiers, as the war had come to an end sooner than later, and so resulting In tens of millions of civilian deaths in the U.S, by a vaccine operation headed by the Rockefeller’s which is fine. But then how then do you explain the millions of civilians supposed Spanish Flu deaths In the many other Country’s at the time? Cheers.

    1. Gareth, GOOD question !! You must keep in mind that the Rockefeller “influence” was world wide and not just in the U.S. I don’t have firm documentation on exactly how the vaccines were handled in other countries but I do know that when the war ended, the same “fear” of soldiers from other countries coming home and infecting the population was in fact the case. I do know that the same vaccines were given in other countries but to what extent or to what result, I do not know.

  33. Interesting blog, so your claiming that civilians in the U.S were given the many surplus vaccines that were no longer required for the soldiers, as the war had come to an end sooner than later, and so resulting In tens of millions of civilian deaths in the U.S, by a vaccine operation headed by the Rockefeller’s which is fine. But then how then do you explain the millions of civilians supposed Spanish Flu deaths In the many other Country’s at the time? Cheers.

    1. Gareth, GOOD question !! You must keep in mind that the Rockefeller “influence” was world wide and not just in the U.S. I don’t have firm documentation on exactly how the vaccines were handled in other countries but I do know that when the war ended, the same “fear” of soldiers from other countries coming home and infecting the population was in fact the case. I do know that the same vaccines were given in other countries but to what extent or to what result, I do not know.

  34. Nice content!
    Are you familiar with dr Stefan Lanka?
    He talks about the germ theory hoax.
    What do you think is happening now with “covid19”?
    Do you believe it exists?

    1. Alex, No I am not familiar with Dr. Lanka but there are numerous doctors that are now coming out and speaking the truth like never before. One such doctor is Dr. Buttar AWESOME!! My prior blogs covered the COVID-19 pretty well, from its suspected origins in Wuhan, China to the cash cow it’s presenting to be if Gates and Fauci succeed in convincing Covid can be stopped without a vaccine.

  35. Thank you for the great information. I had never view the 1918 flu in this way. On a side note, anyone who has a problem with this information, should really look at one absolutely huge red flag with vaccines. That red flag is, if you are injured from a vaccine, you cannot sue the pharmaceutical company. It’s the only industry exempt from being sued, but let’s not question that. It’s so weird how people won’t question things. Vaccines should be questioned and if they hold up to the questioning, it only strengthens the truth they are selling, but they avoid questioning. Why is it that people who have never been vaccinated are not compared to people who are? That is true scientific comparison, but the pharmaceutical companies never do that. They compare vaccines to other vaccines or dosage amounts of a vaccine. Ask questions, seek motives.

    1. Ray, Well stated !! The reason pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued, nor can the medical doctors that give the vaccines, is because they FORCED the government to provide protection against lawsuits or they will not provide vaccines. Did you know that doctors receive sizable stipends from the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies like Blue Cross/Blue Shield? For every fully vaccinated child they receive $400 but lose that reward if 65% of their practice is not fully vaccinated. NOT A BAD GIG !!

  36. Hello people,
    my last vaccination was in Eckerds Drugstore in Miami Beach around 1994. Since my mom was a nurse, she, of course, vaccinated me against everything that was on the market in the 60’s. In my teen years, I had so many allergies, that it was a horrible childhood. Then we moved to Canada and ALL Allergies were gone!
    A day or so after The 1995 vaccination I felt really sick for several days! I KNEW something was wrong, but with almost no internet, I could not do the research on vaccines or vaccination, like it is possible today. So thank you for your very interesting post, and as a result of many years of my own research in the past, I had my own daughter NOT vaccinated. As a former foto journalist, I know that 95% of the stuff on mainstream media is false! The TRUTH is not being published anymore. We live in a beautiful, but a sadly corrupt world where money can buy anything and anybody!

    1. Thomas, Well stated !! For those who think otherwise, vaccines are your choice as they is mine. My information comes from a place of deep research not internet posts. If at the very least, my blog grabbed the attention of many…it was my intent!

  37. I found your blog by accident and I have been speechless. I ve never came up with this cause of “spanish” flu. I really admire your courage to put the knowledge forward. I am gonna order your book. Thank you!

    1. Christos, Thank you for the kind words. My purpose is to educate not alienate. I have sources that will not be found on the internet. Keep in mind that GOOGLE has become the “Censor in Chief” for information. The way to control the masses is to surpress information that is counter to the DEEP STATE. Yes it takes a little courage to speak counter to mainstream thinking but this country was founded on just such courage. Just remember my words are backed up by documentation for people to review. I am open to anyone with valid documentation counter to what i have written

    2. Christos, Thank you for the kind words. My purpose is to educate not alienate. I have sources that will not be found on the internet. Keep in mind that GOOGLE has become the “Censor in Chief” for information. The way to control the masses is to surpress information that is counter to the DEEP STATE. Yes it takes a little courage to speak counter to mainstream thinking but this country was founded on just such courage. Just remember my words are backed up by documentation for people to review. I am open to anyone with valid documentation counter to what i have written

  38. I don’t understand how people can’t see the big picture seriously – don’t they know of people like friends or relatives who knew people in World War 1 that refused the vaccine and survived anyway?
    I really appreciate coming across your blog Sal – very interesting to read.
    My mum was born on the first day of the second world war in Holland – some of the things that we are reading about it now – it’s baffling – don’t want to know a thing about the Dutch royal family anymore – they were all involved in it – try to tell people – they think your crazy…
    Thank God for my mum always writing letters to school when it was vaccine time, refusing me to have mine – I’m so glad now, even though all my friends thought I was crazy – the only one not having it. My mother made sure she did her best that we all had a healthy immune system – I caught chickenpox and measles from my brothers and sisters but really isn’t that like ‘Herd immunity’ – but I don’t agree with all the other vaccinations such as rubella and HPV etc.etc …. But really you’re right to choose should not be taken away…. and some of us have walked away from good paying jobs because we’re refused the flu vaccination.
    Now my sisters have to put up with their kids being the only ones at school not having it… yeah if you refuse you’re the butt of a joke, but unfortunately they’ve all been taken in. Please keep up the good work.

    1. Sandra, In my 90 minute DVD “Vaccine Forum” presentation, I go into a great detail about how vaccines got started, what has been added to the vaccines that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the vaccine’s purpose and how their effectiveness has been misrepresented. In short, EVERY vaccine has been introduced AFTER the course of the disease was on a natural decline. The charts we see is the decline after the vaccine was introduced but when viewing the chart in its totality, you can plainly see that the decline is the same before and after the vaccine. Long and ugly story but stay tuned to future blogs I will be writing on vaccines.

    2. Sandra, In my 90 minute DVD “Vaccine Forum” presentation, I go into a great detail about how vaccines got started, what has been added to the vaccines that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the vaccine’s purpose and how their effectiveness has been misrepresented. In short, EVERY vaccine has been introduced AFTER the course of the disease was on a natural decline. The charts we see is the decline after the vaccine was introduced but when viewing the chart in its totality, you can plainly see that the decline is the same before and after the vaccine. Long and ugly story but stay tuned to future blogs I will be writing on vaccines.

  39. Real interesting and eye opening. I have spend most of lockdown learning about vaccines and the corruption around data and studies. So this information comes as no surprise to me. I find it very interesting that those saying this blog is BS aren’t actually offering any information to back their assertions. I would imagine they are paid trolls or just not very bright. Thank you. I will be sharing.

    1. Jill, Keep doing your research because information like this is NEVER posted anywhere on the internet. This information is scrubbed. Of course those that call it BS they fail to open the documentation I provide or don’t believe what they are reading

      1. Your own sources do not back up your claims…Dont tell me to read something and expect me not too…You messed up…your own sources do not support you dude…

        You are making shit up to get the stupid people to follow you and buy your book..

        1. Micherisy, Each blog is backed with references that are checked and rechecked for accuracy and unbiased documentation by myself and the publisher. I always ask people who read the blogs to PLEASE let me know where errors exist so I can make appropriate corrections. There’s a BIG difference between errors in documentation and readers who do not believe or approve of what the documentation reveals. So, be constructive….take a few minutes and comment on where my sources do not back up my claims. BTW…If I made an error, I will freely admit it yet I never get a response to my request for assistance, I wonder why ??

          1. Sal,
            Thank you so much for taking the time to gather and share this information.. I also like to share information about pharmaceutical companies and what is fascinating to me, reading a lot of the responses you are receiving here.. is that some of them are almost word for word the same responses I have also gotten. I have also made the discovery that many of the people who respond are being paid by the pharmaceutical industries themselves to counter those who question the traditional narratives and they are taught certain talking points to throw out and to not back down from those. Especially the favorite “you did not bother to read your own source. It contradicts your point. ” But I have found, when pressed further no elaboration is able to be made. Many different individuals giving the times, word for word responses..

          2. Rachel….Yes I notice the same thing. The big take away from this is that people haven’t quite come to grips with the FACT that freedom of speech will always sound good as constitutional right we Americans all have BUT the reality is that when that RIGHT is expressed through the multitude of social media platforms that are PRIVATELY owned, YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS ONLY FREE IF IT CONFORMS TO THEIR STANDARDS. Sadly, since talking freely to your neighbor is still FREE, talking to a group or organization like facebook,twitter or Reddit has to pass the WORD POLICE….

  40. Thank you for giving us the truth in an organized way. Do you have references to only the vaccinated died, in case someone asks for it?

  41. Covid 19 Facts: The virus can travel 6′ it can not travel 6’1 or greater, it can live on all surfaces except anything that comes in the mail from Amazon, it does not live in Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s or any grocery store, it is only deadly in bars, restaurants, small businesses, hair salons and especially churches, and It can not live on your food as long as you get it to go.

    1. Yep…that’s one smart virus. BTW..The WHO just admitted that COVID-19 does travel in the air (aerosol) and can infect people in enclosed places. This means that Lockdown also means TRAPPED VIRUSES which can infect all in the entrapment. THeir solution……..don’t discourage lockdown….just make people wear masks ALL THE TIME IN THEIR HOMES and minimize A/C circulation. You simple can’t hide the hidden agenda of these EXPERTS.

  42. I don’t believe this is about money at all. I believe it is about depopulation and control over those who survive. These corporations and child-sacrificing satanists don’t need money, with all the “philanthropists” who fund their work… who are usually one in the same. This is evil culling good.

    1. Ang79…Corporations control world politics by using their money to influence. If you remember the the 2016 election cycle, everyone on that primary debate stage had ties to CORPORATE backing. When the questioning got tough the candidates had no choice but to spout the “party line”. Trump (in this case) was outspoken because he had no baggage to carry. However, you are absolutely right about depopulation. I recently provided documentation about vaccine ingredients that included SPERMICIDES as part of the formulation….and you can be sure it wasn’t in the formulation to kill off male or female viruses!!!! Bill Gates in his TED TALK speech stated that vaccines are being produced and distributed in 3rd world countries to reduce their population by 15%. Pretty Sick and this is not an ANTI-VAXX stance on my part.

  43. Look on the CDC website. They are telling pregnant women to get flu vaccines! and if the mother is tested positive when the baby is born to wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from the baby WTF? Are there really people out there who will listen to this bullshit?

    1. Nalani, Sorry to say but there are… Keep in mind that prior CDC statements opposed any flu vaccines for children and during pregnancy. They changed their mind because because the critical number of flu vaccines necessary for the profit margins of pharmaceutical investors was steadily dropping. People were also realizing that it made no appreciable difference with or without the flu shot….with many getting the flu directly from the shot. The pharmaceutical answer was to HYPE each upcoming flu season AS THE WORST IN HISTORY, MAKING IT ESSENTIAL FOR CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN TO GET THEIR SHOTS. To keep people from getting the flu from the shot, the vaccine makers began using DEAD or ATTENUATED (chemically inactive) viruses in the vaccines. This way you can’t get the flu from the shot BUT DEAD VIRUSES CAN NOT INDUCE ANTIBODIES. Keep in mind, if there was no money in the flu vaccines there wouldn’t be any…they are a BUSINESS !

    1. Lincoln, Thank you for your comment. I too, use Wikipedia for information but keep in mind Wikipedia is a collection of articles written by anyone having information of value BUT IS NOT TO BE USED AS DEFINITIVE SOURCE. Did you know that Wikipedia states: “The reliability of Wikipedia concerns the validity, verifiability, and accuracy of Wikipedia and its user-generated editing model, particularly its English-language edition.Wikipedia is written by volunteer editors who generate content with editorial oversight provided by other volunteer editors in the form of self-enforced and community-generated policies and guidelines.” Therefore, I rarely use Wikipedia AS THE SOURCE. I have dozens of peer reviewed sources on Virology that I use and BTW…NONE are from the Anti-Vaxx website. I do appreciate your comments and know that my “scholarship” spans 38 years in immunology and neurology

  44. Ok. Chiropractors know vast amounts of information that I, as a biochemist, do not understand. I, as a biochemist, know a vast amount of things that a chiropractor does not. Included in the things I understand in detail, is immunology. The “Spanish Flu” was indeed a flu. It was H1N1 to be exact. Just like the 2009 scare. Hemaggluttin 1 Neuraminidase 1, to be exact. Why is that relevant you may ask? The vaccine for H1N1 is not complex, all it does is inhibit the “Sa” region on the Hemaggluttin of the Spanish Flu virus. The same vaccine is used for 2009 H1N1. Vaccines are not scary. Vaccines do not contain anything that can hurt us in any more concentration then is naturally found in the foods we eat. There is no anti-vaccine myth that I personally can’t debunk. Not a single one.

    1. Sean… You make a good point and I do respect the biochemist knowledge. I am not an ANTI VAXXer but my area of expertise, besides chiropractic itself, is immunology. Please..this is not a slam on what you said about debunking but I would love to present you with facts that I do have that would be pretty hard to debunk since the information came from respected medical and pharmaceutical sources. In fact I do a 90 min live presentation called “The Vaccine Forum” that I have on DVD, where all this information is presented. I’m looking at this as an intellectual exchange of facts and ideas. As I stated many times, I’m always open to criticism if sufficient proof is presented.

    2. “Vaccines do not contain anything that can hurt us in any more concentration then is naturally found in the foods we eat.” So we must assume you inject food in your veins ? Or you are a vampire, ok, if those are the kind of rebbutals you have i believe you when you say you can debunk anything !

  45. Thank you for your Article, it’s extremely enlightening. My kids were just talking about the Spanish flu yesterday and I couldn’t give them a definitive answer on the vaccine used during this time period. Now I can.
    God bless you
    Thank you ❤

  46. sal, I can’t resist complimenting you on the wisdom, sagacity, and patience of your replies to those throwing stones at you. I know how very hard it is to avoid getting into a pissing contest.

    1. Shula…I’ve learned over many years of public speaking and mentoring that getting into a ‘pissing contest’ simply strokes the ego but does little to enhance truth

    1. Inge-Mo Haraldh.. Very true but keep in mind that The use of new vaccines required volunteer test subjects…in this case entire populations became volunteer test subjects, since death was hardly a detractor under the circumstances. Also keep in mind that the production of a NEW vaccine ALWAYS takes place well after the “flu” virus has run its course. New vaccine protocols take up to 18 months to go through the testing cycle, so its supposed benefit is mainly for FUTURE similar viral infections. The public is told that the vaccine is controlling the viral infection but if you look at the actual graph of the infection cycle of EVERY flu infection, the introduction of the vaccine appears on the lower 1/3 of the downslope of the natural course of the infection. WE NEVER SEE THOSE CHARTS. This is not an antivax statement, it is simply a factual one.

    1. John…Actually I read this article as part of doing my research. The essence of the article revolves around what is meant by “LIVE ATTENUATED” vaccines…..simply stated it means the viral pathogen was partially killed before becoming part of the vaccine. Louis Pasture’s “germ theory” was proven inaccurate by Professor Antoine Bechamp because Pasture didn’t account for the fact that “germs” i.e. bacteria and viruses, MUTATE which alters the very nature and safety of the vaccine itself. Modern vaccines uses only partial DNA fragments with highly attenuated viral cultures, so as not to produce the possible violent and deadly reactions. My blog was written to introduce facts (read the documentation) never mentioned on medical sites like WebMed or Medscape. I am not an antivaxxer, I am an educator and researcher. Believe as you wish but my intent was not fear mongering, it was designed to stimulate personal research.

    2. I assume none of you have read the vaccine insert??? I have, and I’ve researched each ingredient and how they react individually in the body, and that’s not even as bad as they are together. Until you do some research you don’t have a leg to stand on with the rhetoric spewed from the medical system and the media.

      1. Peggy.. I know you are responding to John but the key words to look up separately are Preservatives, Excipients, Adjuvants. These can be found even on Wikipedia or an any vaccine website. These ingredients are NEVER mentioned by MDs or Big Pharma because most have NEVER been tested for safety, let alone on the many variants in humans. There are even spermicides like Polysorbate 80, Octoxynol 10 and Triton X-100 found in all DPT, HepB, Gardasil, Pneumonia and ALL flu shots. the question is WHY !!

      2. The Spanish flu was not a flu. Check your sources or presents them to me.
        See in the book “Virusmania” from Thorsten Engelbrecht c.s. ! Very clarifying.
        I personally don’t believe in viruses. Virusses are exosomes. Very tiny particles
        our cells produce to get rid of the mercury, the aluminium etc in the vaXXins or
        the gasses of our cars the damps in our houses etc etc etc.
        Just like we defecate, our cells defecate. The turds of our cells are exactly these viruses !!!
        Dr Stefan Lanka has proven this for the measle virus. He promised a lot of money for he whom could
        prove the existence of the measle-virus with the postulates of Robert Koch !!!

        P.s. Sorry for my English but I am from Holland, where also most people
        are terrifying for the Covid virus.

        1. you are probably aware, viruses are not living organicism’s. They are actually a non life form (parasite) that lives and duplicates itself from the substance of living organisms. Like ALL other known organicism’s that now exist on this planet, each had to develop a survival mechanism. Some are beneficial to human life, some are not. I’m not a virologist and can not definitively state that viruses exist or not but under Koch’s first postulate, “the microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms”. Truth is that microorganism, like viruses, are found in healthy organisms but are kept in check by the human immune system that has developed appropriate antibodies.

  47. Please provide link to information proving they were vaccinating against influenza in the 19-teens. They didn’t know the causative agent then. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that technology developed to GROW the virus outside the body so as to procure enough specimens to create a vaccine. Hell, they didn’t even know it was a VIRUS that caused influenza in 1918.

    1. Robin…. There are numerous sources that demonstrate exactly what you stated but here is a timeline of events that took place (from Johnson & Johnson point of view) that will give you some insight. There are also some excellent accounts, with documentation, that talks specifically about the 1918 flu and what REALLY took place that was not reported in medical journals or in the media at the time. Here is one of them.

    1. Kaydee.. The Rockefeller Foundation was the precursor to today’s Gate Foundation. Both presented themselves as Philanthropists, dedicating their entire existence for the benefit of mankind. Certainly there are some gems of aid that helps mankind but make no mistake…it’s about wealth, patents and control over the population. You could spend the rest of your life doing a deep dive into the Rockefeller’s influence in almost all industries where energy…specifically…OIL is involved. Once they amassed insurmountable wealth..they literally took over the, then, newly formed American Medical Association. Today, almost every medical school is owned and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, including almost every research center for medicines and vaccines. So much for INDEPENDENT RESEARCH. Like I said…I hope you have a lot of time on your hands !!

  48. Thank you so much for this article! The last couple of months I was amazed by how easily people were accepting obviously erroneous claims of media and even the WHO. There is one phrase that I heard a lot in all of my discussions with “believers” who rejected what I was claiming regarding vaccine safety: “If they allow it on the market, I must be safe, right?” (Often said in an aggravated way)
    This is the real underlying problem… We are trained from kindergarten on to accept what “teachers” are saying to us, otherwise we are punished. If they say it is like that, it must be like that. If we cannot reproduce, we fail the test. Critical thinking and transparency is what can safe us. Things are changing a bit I believe thanks to social media. That is why SM are being under severe censorship for the moment.

    1. Michel… Your observation is quite accurate. The public is being taught NOT TO QUESTION the experts. In today’s climate, it’s pretty obvious that the experts are not as EXPERT as they wish us to believe…YET, when backed by legislation from independent governors, states or mayor, who….under our “representative Republic” has the right to run their states as they wish, causing HUGE inconsistencies in rules and protocols to follow. Just a look at the statements by Fauci that Hydroxychloroquine is not safe, yet it has been used by hundreds of medical doctors successfully, with no side effects……….cuts right to the issue that the EXPERTS, who have vested interests in vaccines, would rather allow people to die and denounce a relatively safe and effective interim alternative treatment in order to WAIT FOR A VACCINES, which may never be developed. The more the LAW pushes against common sense alternatives… know that there is an opposing agenda at stake. THis is where critical thinking and civil disobedience MUST come into play or you might become a statistic.

  49. Hi. I am a veteran and along with many other vets have had many shots as was reqiured and I am healthy. I have also had vaccines required as a child against measeals, chicken pox etc. and I am fine. I don’t suffer from anything. What is the explaination of that?
    I was intreagues by all the cites and sources here and it does paint a grip picture, but I am afraid that all that falls away when you mention or allude to Fox News being more credible when it is Infact not even a news sourse even a basic student as community college would cite.

    1. Regan… Aside from the service to our country that veterans like yourself have given, the military utilizes traditional vaccines but is also the testing ground for many of the experimental vaccines, yet to be delivered to the public at large. Traditionally, service men and women are not informed of what vaccines they are getting but are statistically followed for the rest of their lives via the VA. Technically, your time in service is owned by the government, and as such following orders and protocols is not an option. Fortunately, your body fared well with all the vaccines and for the majority, that is usually the case. The downsides of traditional and experimental vaccines is that the vaccine contents can alter DNA structure, which can take decades to manifest. A personal friend left the military after Vietnam healthy but 19 years later developed Syringomyelia (spinal cord tumors), which eventually killed him. VA doc’s informed him that his body began fighting itself using fluid filled cysts all over his body. They also found that his DNA had been altered significantly by microbial attaches. This is exactly what multiple bacterial / viral vaccines can cause over time…if the body cannot fend them off. Sorry for the long answer but it’s not an easy answer to give. My dad lost his cousin when they joined the Navy during WW2. After receiving their vaccinations, his cousin died from anaphylactic shock hours later, from the volume of vaccines received that his body couldn’t process.

  50. Considering many factors, let me copy-paste here “Precautions to be taken if any individual is forcefully vaccinated or innoculated”
    Copy-pasted from Vijai Pawar’s Face Book Post with subsequent comments – (02.08.2020)
    Vijai Pawar – 18h •
    Precautions to be taken if any individual is forcefully vaccinated or innoculated:—
    If, however, vaccination or innoculation has to be submitted to by any individual, for reasons beyond his control, the vaccine, serum or other antigenic material should,if possible, be at once washed with cold water and then the site of the vaccination should be bandagaged with a wet earth pack if possible some saatvic green herbal juices can be added.The diet should be reduced to one light meal a day.Fasting for that day will be more advisable
    If there’s a time gap between washing with cold water,it is likely that the filth might have gone into the system.In such cases,it will be better to prolong the fasting ( either on tender coconut water or some raw vegetables juices in moderate quantity) for three days.The poison forced into the system forced thus would be eliminated in this way in about a week.On no account should it be allowed to be retained in the system. This message will be of help in countries where it is compulsory
    6You, Parameswaran Devasigamani, Graeme Ward and 3 others
    Graeme Ward Vijai Pawar… I’d like to know how is the wet earth pack made and what is saatvic green herbal juice… 🙂 Like
    Vijai Pawar Graeme Ward .The wet earth pack is made by adding some say 10 to 20 %of mortar sand which is used for masonary work to the clay then it is laid on a fine cotton cloth and poured water to moisten it.then applied to the affected part.
    2.Saatvic herbal juice is obtained from the stem of the banana ,or grass meant asfodder for cows ,Buffalo (Bernardo grass in Australia, Europe ) ,or from bael leaves,or Juice of Ashgourd or white pumpkin. please let me know if any clarification needed
    Thanks –
    Graeme Ward Is the mortar sand added to something like bentonite clay…
    Parameswaran Devasigamani If it is given as tablets, we can easily remove it from the system sir., that is exsactly the criminals are giving us through the injections which directly enter the blood just like snakes venom. IT IS ACTUALLY OUTRAGEOUS ACT ON THE BODY A KIND OF BIO TERRORISM. 50 y back , i remember clearly, only very rarely, injections were given. Now it has become an essential tool of bio terrorism as we or the docs or the nurses of the govt do not know what is inside it.

    If it is through mouth, we can take triphala and clear it up in 4 hours.
    once entered blood stream like snake venom, the spot should be tightly bandaged with ropes or bands to p revent them going to heart and ice can be kept on spot to prevent its rushing into h eart. EVen if the body is highly immune, these poisons they are going to give will do much harm and wont leave any one die in peace …
    they will induce suicidal feelings or murder feelings and ppl will kill each other and die at the end. That is the kaliyuga drama we all await.
    Vijai Pawar Parameswaran Devasigamani very nicely summed up.very true in a period of total anarchy with regards to the health issues.
    We the nature Curist s are a miniscule minority. our sane voice is not given any meaningful ear by the society at large thereby jeopardizing their health for the worse
    Parameswaran Devasigamani thanks for the tip sir and it will be very useful ; sharing
    Sankaran Manipuzha Very much helpful at the appropriate time… Many thanks for such pious posts…
    Write a comment…

  51. …unless they were lucky enough to find a homeopathic physician. Less than 1 % of homeopathic patients died during the Spanish Flu. The records are still available.

    1. Karl…That is true. THe key to understanding the intent of this blog is to underscore that vaccines were given to quell the panic created by the thought of WW1 soldiers who “are carrying all kinds of diseases” will be reuniting with family and spreading their “unknown pathogens” to the civilian population. Understand that the panic was initiated because a vaccine, which was intended to be given to ALL homecoming soldiers. was not available since the war ended too soon. Therefore all the experimental vaccine ideas were forced to surface and instead given to the civilian population as “protection”, without ever knowing what the viral pathogen even was. The eventual culprit vaccine turned out to be a bacterial meningococcal vaccine which had nothing to do with what the soldiers MIGHT actually be bringing home. The result was a CREATED pandemic that killed millions. Understand that this is just a small piece of the amount of experimental vaccines that were actually used…so who knows what really happened. What we do know (40 years later) is that it was the VACCINE TREATMENT PROTOCOLS that initiated the massacre and not some foreign virus. The homeopaths didn’t have a chance to do all they could because of the PANIC created by the pharmaceutical co’s and media of the day.

  52. Thank you Sal, for doing the hard work and putting this out there for us. If only people would take the time to figure out this whole dog and pony show – for themselves. But, that is proven to be a pipe-dream – and has been for millennia….☮️

    1. Lauri…thank you for the kind words. The dog and pony show is controlled by corrupt influential people like Gates who have bought and paid for everything we are ALLOWED to hear. Opposing views do not fall within our 1st amendment rights because the courts rule as they are told. Corruption has turned out world upside down, so being RIGHT means nothing if the powers to be say otherwise.

  53. Thanks it is GREAT to see a fellow truth teller in PRINT. As you well know Sal it is extremely difficult to see the truth in print these days. I too have written about 1918 and use some of the same material you reference. You may enjoy and USE some of my information as I explore a lot of the medical and nutritional aspects of 1918. I am also including what I believe may be the most complete general document on the current invocation of the “Vaccine Hoax”, the totally off the wall COVID-19.

    Thanks Lou Monter

    1. Lou….thanks for the kind words and I will take you up on your 1918 documentation. I too have lots more documentation that I did not use in the blog. As far as the Covid vaccine hoax….Gates has become the defacto science/medical expert who has bought and paid for his ability to control the narrative and squash any opposing narratives even if it comes from REAL science. As you may know there have been over 90 medical doctors and alternative healthcare professionals that have committed INVOLUNTARY suicide for opposing or attempting to expose the corruption that is the vaccine industry. Presenting the facts or using past “exemptions” will NOT be a GET OUT OF VACCINE card any longer. The corrupt powers are literally putting out false narratives of how to Legally Decline Vaccines, so that the people will become compliant with false knowledge, until the Health Department puts out an EMERGENCY VACCINE order which supersedes all exemptions

  54. Thanks very much for writing this article on the Spanish Flu of 1918. I appreciate the research you did.

    When I was a kid, there were about 6 vaccines that I had to take. Today there are what, 30 or so? Why do all or most of these vaccines have aborted fetal cells (DNA), heavy metals such as thimerosol or aluminum? Why are pharma companies who create these vaccines pretty much exempt from legal action if someone is harmed because of a vaccine?

    It’s only going to get worse. The way this “CV-19 vaccine” is being rushed through at operation warp speed is abysmal. Major steps are being skilled! It takes YEARS for a vaccine to go through production in a normal situation, but now all of a sudden, it’s okay to rush it? They’ve NEVER created an effective vaccine for ANY version of Coronavirus (and CV in some form has been around since 2007), but they’re going to be successful NOW?

    And I also understand that some want this to be MANDATORY because they fear for their lives apparently. They should just stay home!

    Thanks again for your research. I appreciate it and share this article as often as I can.

    1. Fred…You are quite correct. I’ve been exposing the truth about vaccines for decades and have a 90 min. DVD presentation called “The Vaccine Forum” where all this and much more about vaccines is exposed. As a kid, I too had only 3 of the 5 or 6 vaccines available and have not had a vaccine since. The liability on vaccines is enormous. It has been said by Glaxo Smith Kline that the only vaccine that is 100% safe is one that is never given!! Vaccine makers required and received total exemption from prosecution of any kind because of the vast lawsuits they faced by vaccines gone wrong on individuals. The vaccine industry set up a fund where 25 cents of every vaccine sold is put aside for adverse reactions or deaths caused by their vaccines. People can apply for compensation IF THEY CAN PROVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT that the vaccine caused physical harm or death. You got a better chance of getting hit by lightning in the middle of the desert, than proving your case. I suggest that you go my website and review the many blogs I have on the subject.

  55. G’day Sal, thanks for all the info in the post and your comments.
    Arthur Firstenberg has also produced fairly compelling evidence, but linking the spread of the “flu” immune response symptoms (pneumonia is a Samson option type immune response AFAIK) to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. has supplemented Arthur’s research with further evidence connecting flu symptoms to RF EMR. The symptoms for RF EMR have been connected to successive increases in volume and density of RF EMR.
    It is with us 365 days a year. In the summer when we get plenty of D vit via the Sun, and exercise, the immune system copes with the damage. In the winter when the immune system is under greater load due to higher exposure to RF EMR, due to the longer time spent indoors, that also confers higher exposure to stale air, we suffer flu symptoms. I haven’t had an injection since I was a teen over 50 years ago, but I get colds and flu.
    Other research has identified spike inserts on exosomes (claimed to be “flu”) claimed to be from the natural mutation of “viruses” (by inert microbes?) found in Chinese bats, that are capable of intercepting microwave radiation.
    Two theories with good evidence supporting their validity.
    The strongest evidence for Arthur’s theory is that “flu” was around before electrification and vaccines (unless Rockefeller snake oil at the time contained vaccine ingredients) and researchers of the day linked it to peak solar magnetic activity. Wrt the widespread 1918 pandemic, it seems as if, like today with 5G roll-out areas coinciding with COVID hotspots, there was electrification densification due to the introduction of radio.
    My thoughts, a unification theory is necessary.
    What say you sir?
    I posted a big chunk of your post in my journal, I hope that’s ok with you.

    1. Clothcap… Thanks for the information about Arthur Firstenberg. I had not read any of his work but after reviewing with you sent, his work dovetails nicely with what knowledge I have about the topic. I reviewed what you wrote and your analysis and comments are quite accurate. I believe you would enjoy reading a prior comprehensive blog I wrote “5G and the Corona Virus” Perhaps I can add to your knowledge base with the following information about viruses. People think viruses are always bad for the human body but the opposite is true. Microbes in general, are part of our ecosystem and all play a part in our survival if encountered appropriately. For instances, without viruses the body would not be able to cleanse dead or dying cellular debris. Viruses enter cells through the cytoplasm, where it can be filtered and categorized. When viruses enter the cells inappropriately, directly through defects in the cell walls, the body gets blindsided and illness soon follows.
      The point is that 5G has 20X more penetrating power than 4G and thousand(s) times more than analog or 1G. Wireless technologies at the 4 and 5G level cause “fissures” in cell walls because of the constant “vibrations”. when a fissure (crack) develops the “opportunistic” virus which is measured in nanometers has clear access to the inside of the cell, essentially blindsiding the defense mechanisms, leading to illness. Just 2 months after 5G was turned on to the 10,000 towers located in Wuhan alone, Covid 19 showed up. So, Covid-19 may not be a sole cause of this pandemic….5G initiating factors may be the direct cause. Remember, there has yet to be a single complete virus isolated from any tissue sample, only fragments from viral RNA and DNA strands. I can go on but enuf said for now.
      Thanks for posting my material and read the blog I just sent you when you get the chance…all blogs are located on

      1. And thank you for your response. I’ll check out the links soon as I get 5. Minutes, not G.
        I’ll stay with exosomes as the patsy as they are identical to the claimed corona virus images. They are produced by the cells and do all that you have described.
        Alexandra at FKTV put a vid up that exposes part of the scam:
        Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA
        Canadians are suing the government. Let’s hope that becomes fashionable.

        Good luck friend.

  56. I’ve never heard this about the Spanish flu before. Makes sense though. I’ve long been suspicious about vaccinations especially when I was researching about the time my children were being born. None of them had any of the standard childhood vaccines and they are the biggest, strongest most intelligent kids in the world. I have long wondered about the polio vaccine. Dr. Salk is on a pedestal higher than Ghandi, Jesus Christ and Mohammed combined. The polio vaccine is touted as an absolute success story. Can you recommend any books that go into the kind of detail about polio and the polio vaccine you did here for the Spanish Flu?

    1. Patrick….The Spanish Flu really had nothing to do with Spain or where the flu originated. Spain was the only country at the time that had a FREE press. Spain reported the onset of the “flu” and was dubbed the Spanish Flu. The rest of the story is pretty well documented in the blog. The polio story is quite complex. Polio has 2 forms….Aseptic Meningitis, which represented 90% of the polio cases but was not crippling and amounted to no more than an ordinary flu. Polio Myelitis represented 10% of the polio cases and was crippling. The 1910’s – 1950’s represented the most crippling polio cases but by 1954, Polio myelitis was at its lowest level, BEFORE the vaccine was introduced. Jonas Salk was a medical researcher and was encouraged by former president FDR (who had polio myelitis) to develop a vaccine. In 1954 Salk developed an injectable DEAD viral vaccine. Salk understood that using a live virus vaccine would be deadly but a dead polio virus vaccine may not induce immunity but at least wouldn’d cause polio myelitis. He was right…however the truth is that the Salk vaccine did virtually NOTHING to stop polio because the dead vaccine could not produce immunity. Polio myelitis cases continued to rise but to hide the truth, they began to count all cases as Aseptic Meningitis. Albert Sabin produced a LIVE oral polio vaccine. Polio cases rose even higher because the live virus was carried from children to their caretakers. Salk understood the truth and on his deathbed in 1995 admitted that his vaccine was worthless. This is not to downgrade Salk’s research but to point out what the public will never learn…75% of all cases of Polio actually came from the vaccinated group. Polio virus, like all other deadly viruses run their course, with or without vaccines.
      I do a 90 minute presentation called the “Vaccine Forum” that covers the Polio story in its entirety but you can find tons of PRO polio vaccine documentation just by searching the web. I might consider doing a blog on the Polio Vaccine at some point.

  57. Your message is good but would be even more informative if you went back to the first vaccine with British Dr. Edward Jenner . How he incubated and replicated cowpox in live pigs for his smallpox vaccine. Variolation had worked for centuries in other countries. If I remember correctly Jenner’s own son died after he received the vaccine.
    The town of Leicester resisted the mandatory vaccine in 1869-1877 when smallpox deaths increased but it remained mandatory for the military. The vaccination agenda spread to the USA and they incubated and replicated their cowpox virus in cows with mastitis. That subsequently led to the 1918 pandemic.

    1. Elaine…..Yes…early vaccine preparations were dangerous since no two people react the same to a LIVE viral preparation with no safeguards. I think the boy who died from the cowpox vaccine was not Jenners son but the son of someone close to his family. As far as the 1918 Spanish Flu is concerned, there have been many stories and speculations but the most reliable I’ve found came from the the writings of Elenor Beane, who documented that the meningitis vaccine along with a host of other experimental vaccines that were given to soldiers and the general public, to help protect the population from whatever diseases soldiers were bring home from WW1. Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT a “FLU” at all. It was caused by random dosages of an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis vaccine’, which mimics flu-like symptoms. It was the MASSIVE multiple assaults on the human immune system that triggered the event. That’s why ONLY THE VACCINATED fell victim. Those who were not vaccinated were not involved. Pretty scary story no matter what version is actually true.

    1. Tom…Neil Ferguson is an epidemiologist, meaning he studies diseases, patterns and possible solutions. If you dig into his methods of making decisions on how to handle potentially deadly diseases, he studies the similarities and creates mathematical, biological computer models using the data he collects. Sounds like a reasonable intellectual approach but computer models do not and cannot anticipate Natural occurrences that alter the actual outcomes DRAMATICALLY. A good example are the computer models created around the world, predicting hurricane trajectories. Sometimes you will see 20 different computer models, some totally contradicting other models, supposedly based on the same data. The weather channels accept the variable because natural occurrences can alter results. In the healthcare field, there are also variable epidemiology computer models BUT the one that raises to the top, is backed by a prominent NAME in the field. The more prominent the name the more the model is pushed. Not to belabor the point but AL GORE suddenly became the CLIMATE CHANGE GURU (with absolutely no credentials at all but the backing of a political agenda). His computer model predicted Florida would be half under water by now and life would be altered forever……….well……like Ferguson, he was wrong, only with Ferguson comes HUGE consequences. He stated with FULL AUTHORITY that that Draconian measures like lockdowns, quarantines and everything BUT HERD IMMUNITY would be required to stop Covid. With media hype, this scared the SH_T out of Joe public and now we find ourselves guided by political agendas rather than actual science. The same has happened to Fauci….expert credentials but in my opinion wrong on the Covid issue. BTW: Ferguson’s computer model for SWINE FLU predicted 500,000 deaths. The actual death tool was under 500. The same was true for his prior viral epidemics…yet we keep listening. Real science is a check and balance system based on “SCIENTIFIC METHOD” not computer models….ENUF SAID

  58. It’s amazing how bill gates (yes, lower respect for demons) and fauci who know each other very well, are pressing vaccinations. No, it’s not..they both have a big financial stake in it. gates doesn’t need more money, yet here he is, not even a medical professional telling us we need to all be vaccinated. He will make billions and at the cost of human life, which he doesn’t value since he openly speaks about depopulation. (he should start with himself and be the first) Here’s a quick video…you can watch the whole thing on youtube but this certain segment really stood out for me. If you notice how he says that if you think this first wave is bad, wait until the second wave. As he says this he almost chuckles as he looks at his wife, who smiles like it’s a beautiful thing. So they know for certainty that there will be a second wave. I believe it will be because of the covid19 vaccine. I believe people will start dieing off rapidly. Maybe not at once, but perhaps in time for their agenda 2030. I’ve also researched that it’s very possible that the ingredients will have an effect on reproduction. Males will be given one that kills the the cells in sperm that impregnate the female’s egg, but not kill the sperm and will have something in it that once introduced to the female will make her infertile. Females will be given a vaccine that will make them infertile. Perfect way to depopulate. It’s a horrific agenda. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Terry….Unfortunately, there is more to vaccination than you will ever know. I say that with due respect because after 20 years of research into the vaccine programs from the early and primitive stages of the Edward Jenner vaccine programs, right through the explosive Polio vaccine programs of the 1950, that with almost absolute certainty, gave birth the the AIDS and Ebloa epidemics and on to the present day “vaccines for everything” programs……the human species is being manipulated. All this and much more is presented in my “Vaccine Forum” seminar that covers all you mentioned, including the spermicides now in 4 vaccines. Way too much for this format but stay alert and understand that Gates and others are hell bent on population reduction (OVER TIME). The NAZI’s had their primiiitive vaccine experimentation programs using humans subjects as guinea pigs. Watch what the FDA and CDC is pushing through congress: (paraphrased) “For the benefit of mankind in general, you do not have the right to put your neighbor in danger by not being vaccinated” TRANSLATION: Say good bye to vaccine exemptions. Here is an example from a slide from my presentation. 1- What do Polysorbate 80, Octoxynol 10 and Triton X-100 have in common? ……….They are SPERMICIDES that cause infertility and are in the DPT, Hep “B”, Gardasil, Pneumonia and ALL FLU SHOTS

  59. Sal,

    Agreed that any law that goes against the bill of rights is or should be unconstitutional … Question: Have you heard of Plead’s?

  60. Sal, thank you so much for your research and factual approach, and for first encouraging each of us to do our own research.

    I always trusted that all the “regular” vaccinations for my kids were overall safe and effective. We have been VERY fortunate that they are overall very healthy. However, even without research, I could never authorize the HPV vaccination for them. Something about it seemed not right, even though at the time, I had nothing to support what I felt in my gut as not ok. I’m still having to tell their dr no. I have never received a flu shot (and have no recollection of ever getting the flu in my life!), and rarely have either of my kids gotten it. I’m not militant against it, but in the pit of my stomach, it seems a wrong choice for me.

    And the charts in your article demonstrating vaccines being introduced during the decline of each of those diseases, I never knew that. How do we know that the vaccines have or have not been key in KEEPING those diseases at bay? Is it provable, verifiable, or merely anecdotal and widely embraced as truth?

    I want to be able to respond intelligently with verifiable facts, as you have strived to do. Your response to people’s comments here has been just as informative as your article. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you or the kind words. I too am not approaching the topic of vaccines from an all or nothing stance. Frankly, vaccines are not and never were part of the ‘fabric of life’, until BIG PHARMA got the green light without to produce them without consequences. Once that occurred the BUSINESS of vaccines over-shadowed the MEDICAL NECESSITY for vaccines. BIG money, from the likes of Soros, Gates and the Rockefeller foundations started pouring in and literally ‘bought and paid for’ the research supporting vaccines………NOT FROM INDEPENDENT sources but from the vaccine manufactures themselves.
      The only stats I have is that the vaccine industry cleared almost 800 billion in 2012……can’t find stats on current figures. If you heard Gates during his TED talk, he flat out stated that his goal is to vaccinate ever person on the planet. Of course, Gate has no medical credentials except for his massive investments that will earn him $$$$$$$$$$.
      Vaccine exemptions were put in place not to protect the people but to give vaccine makers a legal way out from adverse reaction law suits; however now that they have total immunity from prosecution, merely calling any illness a PUBLIC EMERGENCY overrides ALL EXEMPTIONS. Therefore, you have no options or recourse. Vaccines will be tied to things like renewing your driver’s license, flying in a plane or even going to school.
      Yes…ALL vaccines have been initiated after the epidemic is over, so that the people will see only see that cases are going down after the vaccine. NOONE asks for or can they find the truth about the effectiveness of the vaccine.
      I can’t possibly cover everything in a blog so I depend on comments, that allows me to elaborate to the benefit to you and to others.

  61. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research about this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such wonderful information being shared freely out there.

    1. Hairstyles..Thanks for the kind words. I am fortunate to have contacts and resources that are not influenced by mainstream media, which allow me to produce content that would take a good bit of time to find. You can view all my past blogs on my Authors website: I would also suggest that you continue to seek out information from all sources. That is the only way to know what the “other side” is doing. There is an old saying that comes from the book written by a great chinese warrior; “THE ART OF WAR” where he states….”KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER” ENJOY and pass it on!

  62. You can read a lot of (mis-)information before you come to the simple conclusion, the death was in the needle. It may have been then and that was 100 years ago, but today we have other means far more subtle to get our mind’s around.

    1. Greg…Correct !! Today, there is almost no way to know for sure what is in the syringe. For example, most flu vaccines, pneumonia, Gardasil, Hep. B, and DPT shots have 3 spermicides included…not disclosed on the fact sheets…Polysorbate 80, Octoxynol 10 and Triton X-100. Why on earth would there be spermicides in vaccines?…………hmmmm….can you say POPULATION CONTROL?

      1. SAL, you might look in to John D Rockefellers interest in petroleum based pharma products. This might be another angle to this story. G

  63. Informative post. Leads one to research what was said and look at it critically if ones mind is open that is. If not open an insult with no backing will result. Thank you for taking your time and putting this all out there to ponder and research. During my research I have come across a few points you have stated but glad to see some i never came across, that leads to more windows of understanding.

    1. adrianne…Research is a never ending battle to find the truth. Mainstream media and most of the social media platforms rarely, if ever, approach the truth because if they did and found out that they wrong, their corporate sponsors would abandon them. Sad, but it’s you and I that suffer and have to find alternate, reliable sources. KEEP DIGGING !

  64. Hi, Neat post. There is a problem with your site in internet explorer, would test this?IE still is the market leader and a good portion of people will miss your magnificent writing because of this problem.

  65. Thanks for the information.
    Being a spanish person, I appreciate this. I know it wasn’t only spanish, but here we presume to know what happened and it isn’t true.

    The poorwashed brains here will say sth like: ohh if I don’t see a certification of the letters that say KIA instead of vaccine consequences, they will not believe it.

    The need of believing in the leaders is so strong, they will lie to themselves.

    Take care and have nice 2021 as much as possible!

    1. Javier…Yes there is a lot we’ve been fed that isn’t true…….it’s part of what politics does to manipulate the unsuspecting public. That’s why the Constitution was written in such explicit language….knowing that those in power will try to abuse it. It’s up to the people to question what we are being told to flush out the truth and to hold those in power accountable at the ballot box. We have just witnessed however, how easy it is to corrupt the election process. Even our courts have agendas that attempt to nullify the legitimate evidence from the people. As was said many years ago by the Englishman, Lord Acton back in 1857….”Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” Stay strong !!



    1. The doctors in the film Vaxxed II
      and its producers say that it does not make sense for the medical industry to push these poisonous injections on the world population. Those who have followed the money tell that the pharmaceutical companies and health officials and leading doctors have a lot of money invested in pushing these Injections.
      But profits are not the ultimate reason for causing all this trauma. I have written up a brief history of a Satanic priesthood with references. The leaders of this priesthood take vows of chastity and poverty and vow to wage relentless war, overtly or covertly as ordered by their superiors in their Order.
      The only organization capable of providing the manpower and finances to control the nations of the world by their agents as elected officials, military leaders (especially through the intelligence agencies), news media moguls, university directors, public education officials and especially the social internet, is the Catholic church hierarchy.
      After Luther started the Reformation of the church, the Catholic hierarchy founded the Counter Reformation led by Ignatius of Loyola. Saint Ignatuis claimed that he was inspired to start the alumbrados, Illuminati, and his Jesuit Order by visions of the blessed virgin. Loyola really continued the occult practices of the Knights Templar.
      The Jesuit’s overt attempt to subdue Europe by the Thirty Years War was defeated so they had to revert to covert methods. The World Wars were a second Thirty Years War and the Jesuits succeeded in establishing their covert control over the world finances, governments, militaries and every aspect of our lives.
      The medical profession was taken over by the Rockefeller foundation through the 1910 pĺan of Abraham Flexner to fund the medical schools in the universities and control what is taught in them. The medical licences became controlled to what agreed with the curricula of the medical schools.
      So medical professionals and pharmaceuticals are not controlled by greedy bankers, but by evil occultists dedicated to mass murder.
      So trusting in doctors to protect you and your children from dreaded disease is most likely a deadly mistake. The injections contain toxic ingredients and organic contaminants that cause heart disease or cancer decades later. Before the diabolical injections began with Jenner’s cow pox jabs, cancer and heart attacks were unheard of.
      Do not trust anyone these days. Just say no.

  67. Wow Sal, all you seem to be doing is defending what you posted. Like Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.” You can’t fix stupid. One thing that is missing from your information is the fact that the Spanish Flu was really the Rockefeller flu (engineered) or more exacting the first bio weapons attack on the American public. Rockefeller medicine is what we have today and nothing will stop their attempts at eugenics. This video below should be seen by everyone. It’s a PHD claiming covid is a hoax and it is. Dr. Fraudci did a research paper back in 2012 as to why so many people died from the Spanish Flu. His conclusions were that 90% of the people who died, died from bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing masks. Now Dr. Farcy wants everyone to wear 1 mask, then 2, then 3, now back to 1 again. Dr. Farcy is a Rothschild, Rockefeller errand boy with Bill Gates at his side to carry out their eugenics program. They all own patents on the vaccine that has programmable microchips in it. These people need to be tried under international courts (the Hauge) for crimes against humanity, otherwise nothing will stop their assaults on humanity. Here’s the video link.

  68. wow your a nice guy sal you answer most of those comment with a far coviction in your no matter what mans ego opinion is. its all about big profit they should ashamed of them selfs

  69. you answer most of there questions sal tis a pitty a lot of people do not appreciate your vast efforts in finding this info out. great work

  70. First of all you need to realize you don’t have constitutional rights if you are a Territorial or Municipal citizen, which most people are because they were fraudulently converted to this status through their birth certificates about two weeks after they were born. Second which of the three constitutions do you think you get your “rights” from? As Municipal and Territorial citizens, you get benefits and you have consented to be owned by the US corporation which the Pope (Municipal) and Queen (Territorial) are responsible for.

    If you “come home” and properly declare your political status as an American National or American Citizen, you have something to stand on and the 10 Articles of the original Bill of Rights apply to you.

    American Nationals and American Citizens are living men and women on the United States land and soil. Corporate citizens are “persons” dead entities as in corpses (corporations).

    There are three jurisdictions (Land, Air, Sea (water)) as in LAW. Most people have been “mis-identified” on purpose and have been forced into the Air/Water jurisdictions.

    The US kangaroo court system illegally uses admiralty law (civil law) instead of common law. Their laws, mandates or what ever they want to fabricate does not apply to American Nationals or American Citizens on the land and soil. If you want learn more go to and GET OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM!

  71. For every flu virus disease/pandemic that has happened in the *last 150 years* I.e 1918 to 2019, there was a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth
    *In 1918*: There was the introduction of radio waves
    *Outcome*: Spanish flu Pandemic
    *In 1945*: Introduction of Radar equipment
    *Outcome*: Asian/Influenza Pandemic
    *In 1968*: Satellite equipment introduced emitting radioactive frequency
    *Outcome*: HongKong Flu
    *In 2019*: Introduction of 5G, with 20,000 emitting satellites
    *Outcome*: Chinese Virus/Kung Flu/Coronavirus
    Qn. How did the Virus on 1918 Travel from Kansas to South Africa in 2 weeks when there was not commercial airline operations?

  72. As an Allergy & Clinical Immunology board certified M.D. with 33 years of experience in clinical practice, I have grave concerns about the rushed, experimental, non-FDA approved, ‘vaccine’.

    The AMA and Dallas County Medical Society are pressuring physicians to influence their patients to receive the Covid ‘vaccine’ injections. I cannot do this because I do not believe any of us knows enough at this time to have ‘fully informed consent.’

    May 6, 2021 Texas Senate hearing on Bill 1669 features excellent testimonies by several ‘in-the-trenches’ physicians regarding vaccine safety concerns. This should be mandatory listening for everyone—especially physicians and their patients considering a vaccine.

    Apparently, in June 2020 the W.H.O. changed the definition of herd immunity. In the past, herd immunity ALWAYS included naturally acquired immunity which is more robust than vaccine immunity. The new W.H.O. definition states that ONLY vaccine-conferred immunity will constitute herd immunity.

    This is a dangerous deviation from a key precept of immunology.

    Many people are unaware they have naturally acquired immunity (either antibodies or T-cells) and thus, do not need a vaccine. It is unsafe to administer vaccines to persons with natural immunity.

    I am not an anti-vaxer. There is a time for vaccines—but not for a disease with 99.7% recovery rate and treatment/prevention regimens.

    Early treatments and preventatives such as HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Vit D, Zinc, Zithromax, etc., and the physicians who know how to deploy them, have been squelched.

    Successful treatments obviate the need for a vaccine thus, vaccines are given emergency use authorization (EUA) more readily when no treatments are available. And now, it has been decided there will be no herd immunity WITHOUT vaccines.

    Something is terribly, terribly wrong and the motive appears to be domination and control under the guise of health and wellness.

    Texas Senate Hearing:

    New definition of herd immunity by W.H.O.

  73. The government of the USA is NOT the constitutional government but a private corporation. Once the constitutional government may take over all those exemptions in liability will be meaningless – but only then. The powers that be (Deep State) made sure that all people in influential positions can be blackmailed or bought. The Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein made sure that this will work. This is how the mentally retarded President Biden can act as president even though he has got nothing to say. The real decisions are not his. Only big fools believe that Epstein committed suicide – the corps had different ears. The last constitutional president of the USA was Ulysses Grant. The elimination of 80% of the world’s population was planned for a long time. Here is a part of an interview with a highest ranking Freemason from 2002:
    “One of our primary goals has been to put an end to population growth. Moreover, we had to decrease world population numbers dramatically. In order to do this, we needed methods that could kill large numbers of people in a very short time. We have financed top-secret research projects for the production of deadly viruses. Some experiments have failed but others have yielded results.” (from the book: Transsylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar – it is worth reading!)
    Above the Freemasons is the Bilderberg group. Ever heard of Bohemian Grove? Further information you will find on the Georgia Guidestones.
    Do you get now what the fake vaccine for a virus that was never proven to exist is for?
    “There are two things that are infinite: God and human stupidity. But I am not so sure about God” Albert Einstein

  74. Such madness! Far too many have no ability to think critically or beyond the narrow paradigm they are programmed with. Those who are hypnotized by the shadow puppets on the cave wall edit out & disregard what they are actually experiencing. These masses have left their health in the hands of what I consider mass murdering wolves. This creepy all-consuming scenario has been planned for years and the dehumanizing ghouls behind it have used all kinds of mind-warping techniques to mislead and abuse the public. FEAR is the bullet, and the media is the gun – to enable them to shoot their lies into millions of human hearts and minds across the “world.” It is a sign of a sick society when people are told to stay indoors, avoid breathing fresh air, believe social contact is deadly, and receive experimental medical interventions for their health. If the benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight for human health has to be debated, is there any hope left for our civilization? This is inherently WRONG and deranged. It has come down as an act of defiance and disobedience to mingle with family and friends outside, to relax in a park, to hike in the mountains, to take a walk around the block. It is our basic human right to breath fresh air and to be outdoors with other people. This is outrageous to believe otherwise and if you believe that any of this is wrong or not compassionate, well you can kick rocks and live in your own delusion full of fear based off lies. The tendency to deny what we don’t want to believe is not restricted to the past, or to particular groups of people. All of us want to exclude what we can’t easily incorporate into our worldview. Changing paradigms, however, require that we stretch.

    By design, these “vaccines” are not all created equal. With any EXPERIMENT, there are many variables that affect the results of the “clinical trial.” All part of the experiment are VOLUNTARY (even with bootleg “mandates” to intimidate people), which is why and how “THEY” get away with no liability, because EXPERIMENTS need VOLUNTEERS–those willingly lining up to go to the slaughter house. It couldn’t be more obvious that there are placebos out there, too, which is why some are not being affected at all by the saline solution or water or some other benign substance. If everyone dropped dead immediately, the sinister nature of the game would all be too obvious. Not only that, I know deeply ALL vaccines, not just this current poison, have time released effects. Some will experience the effects immediately, while some down the road, and some will suffer more than others, while some suffer a little, while some drop dead, while some will slowly die in agony.

    The whole notion of virology is medical fraud. Germ theory is a lie to justify horrific medicine and vaccinations. What people are getting are allergic reactions to the toxins, poisons, heavy metals, and other foreign materials being injected into their bodies, eaten (medication and poisoned food), drank (poisoned water and other substances), and sadly, poisoned air, which are then labeled as “infections,” “colds,” “pneumonia,” “flu,” “covid,” etc. These are all allergic reactions to what is inside the body causing havoc.

    My question is, how do people get “deadly viruses” if these so called “viruses” have never been demonstrated experimentally the transmissibility of disease with pure cultures of bacteria and/or viruses by being isolated? It is IMPOSSIBLE that we “catch” and “spread” “deadly viruses” from one person to the other like we are infectious, biological weapons. That is what “THEY” (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) want us to beLIEve. Also, we do NOT catch “viruses” from animals.

    We are being poisoned and have been poisoned all our lives by Mommy Medicine and Daddy Government via pills, potions, and poisons all cloaked as pharmaceuticals to treat the ailments, when it’s the treatments and the “cures’ that are causing the sicknesses, diseases, and chronic illnesses, which keep us lifelong consumers of a very insidious medical business. Viruses occur as a result of systemic toxicity (tainted/laced food, air, water and foreign materials like metals and chemicals being injected into us), not because the body has been invaded by some external threat. That is the medical fraud we’ve been spoon fed by the system, in which the medical profession relies upon to justify the use of vaccinations. When the body becomes too toxic, cells will conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing specific non-living solvents know as viruses, which break down and disassemble those substances into particles to be expelled out through the skin, mucus, and bowels.

    Viruses only dissolve dead and dying waste in almost all circumstances. The only time a virus would appear to attack living tissue is when metals are embedded in the tissue, such as polio cases, where viruses have to get into spinal column areas and cleanse tissue. Since metal is hard to remove from the body, it is natural for viruses to break down living tissue to remove those metals, which gives the illusion that the virus is somehow working against the body. In reality, the virus is attempting to heal the systemic toxicity of the body and reverse it. Metals accumulate from the body from many various sources, one of which is vaccine adjuvants. More lies have the masses believing that adjuvants may be added to a vaccine to boost the immune response to produce more antibodies and longer-lasting immunity, thus minimizing the dose of antigen needed, when it’s really nothing but more poison being injected into the blood stream to make us sick. Making us sick and providing the treatment is PROFITABLE. Far too many are still swooned by false promises from people with initials like “Dr.” and “CEO” in front of their names. Vaccines are war chemicals” disguised as medicine
    There is no other explanation for how the human body maintains itself. It is the only logical answer. The truth has been hidden by science for almost 200 years, yet was revealed long ago in the 1800s by scientists such as Antoine Béchamp who documented in his own experiments that viruses are terrain dependent, non-living agents that break down waste matter, that they come from within, not from without. Viruses are nothing more than proteins that cleanse. The same is true about cancer. Cancer is another way the body tries to heal itself, by cocooning dead cells in a tumor in which the body is incapable of removing properly so that it can dissolve and cleanse those cells from the body at a later time. The body is miraculous and finds ways to heal no matter the circumstances. It has ways of short-circuiting and shortcutting pathways in times of trouble.

    It is sad that modern science has led so many astray in their thinking with regard to their own bodies and how it functions creating nothing but fear and panic, whilst reaping massive amounts of money for those in power as a result. Such fear places a distrust in our own bodies, our neighbors, and nature itself, making it appear as if we are powerless in the face of disease; that it is beyond our control and only the medical establishment can save us from ourselves. What might those in power benefit from such chaos? Explore that thought. This confusion has led to the coronavirus ‘outbreak’, and the resulting fear and chaos which surrounds this manufactured and blown out of proportion event. The covid operation aims to engulf all of civilization in a preposterous and fake medical nightmare with its roots in “modifying” citizens to accept medical dictates, by instituting police state style laws and measures around the world, and will only increase if the majority do not wake up to the lies surrounding the nature of viruses and disease. Virology/ “Germ Theory” is scam to play the pandemic card whenever they see fit and to sell vaccines. Fear is how you control people and until people know the evil that plagues this earth, they will remain in blind servitude.

    Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction. ― Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Very Well Stated !! Here is some additional information about Antoine Bechamp
      Pasteur’s “Germ Theory” was proven inaccurate by Bechamp because it did not take into account that “germs” mutate depending on the acidity and toxicity of the body… (we are born alkaline and become acidic)
      Therefore vaccines are adding micro organisms and contributing to the toxic internal environment left behind by vaccine components, which allows the organisms to further mutate into more serious diseases.
      However, Pasteur’s germ theory was profitable to the upcoming Rockefeller Foundation sponsored pharmaceutical companies who’s only marketing concern is compliance through fear.
      Germs animate and simplify the disease process…war on germs!
      Bechamp‘s work was never mentioned in medical school because it was not conducive to the “one cause / one solution” vaccine theory

  75. You will see by the date of my post that it is over 2 years since the first comment was posted. All I see today in August 2022 is that the historical perspective on “COVID 19” is already favoring that the original “virus” was a biological lab creation, that the “vaccines” are very much more toxic than the original “virus” and that there is/was an undeclared war on godly humanity (not to mention an arrogant challenge to our glorious Creator God). I have a couple of things to add to the record. One is a blog post from today: The other is an old research paper by Dr. Frederick Gates, a Rockefeller trained “doctor” who is in my opinion the likely instigator of the “Spanish flu”: At the link you can download a copy of the original PDF. It is very informative.

  76. Eleanor McBean’s claims that you base this article on are complete nonsense. The reality is that there was no vaccination campaign in 1918. The first flu vaccine wasn’t created until 1940. In 1918, nobody even knew that flu was caused by a virus, let alone attempting to create a vaccine for it.

    Similarly, the first bacterial meningitis vaccine didn’t exist until 1978. That’s SIXTY YEARS LATER. The idea that Spanish Flu deaths were caused by an experimental meningitis vaccine isn’t just wrong. It’s insane.

    1. Cal, As mentioned in the blog, the Spanish Flu was only named as such because at the time Spain had the only FREE press that reported the incident, therefore “the Spanish Flu”. You are correct that there were no APPROVED vaccines at the time but the AMA, realizing that more U.S. soldiers died from the 1918 flu than were killed in battle, had do try anything to protect the population from returning soldiers. Massive doses of Aspirin (30+ grams at a time) was tried. The toxic overload killed more people. The medical consensus at the time was that the flu might be a combination of unknown microbial agents, and experimental “potions” were tried, which had the same result as the Aspirin therapy. In 1919 the pandemic ended when the bodies immune system was able to build the proper antibodies due to the weakening from the serial passage of the virus. The secrecy surrounding what the medical profession actually did during that time will never be known. Eleanor Beans accounting of what happened was reported as such because she had first hand experience in her reporting.

  77. It’s 2023 and I hate to say it, but the conspiracy theorists were right again. The vax is a Bioweapon and Fauci is going down for it. Along with all involved. Sal, is it safe to say history repeats itself once again?

    1. Vincent…when it comes to healthcare, where there is a government incentive involved, history will ALWAYS repeat itself. Government has the power of the pen and the power control lives under the flag of EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION…even when there is no emergency. There is no oversight when MONEY is involved. Fauci served his purpose and is now out of the public eye, but his unspeakable damage has been done. it is my hope that our present republican house of representatives oversight committee will call him to task…the way that Senator Ron Paul has been doing

  78. This article challenges our understanding of the 1918 Spanish Flu and raises intriguing questions about the impact of vaccinations during that time. It’s a unique angle that prompts us to reconsider the complexities of historical health crises.

    1. Keretamoto… Panic set in when WW1 ended sooner than expected, resulting in a massive effort to “protect the Population” from what the soldiers would be bring home because of trench warfare. As a result the decision was made to vaccinate the civilians and the soldiers with experimental vaccines. in short, the Spanish Flu had nothing to do with Spain but Spain was a neutral country during WW1 and as such had an open press. The fact are that people died not from a FLU but from an experimental Bacterial Meningitis vaccine, that was compounded by additional experimental vaccines. It was a shameful attempt to test the wares of a newly formed pharmaceutical industry, which now had an unlimited number of “ginnea pigs”. Only the vaccinated died, proving that it was the vaccines not an imaginary flu that killed so many. You are right to reconsider your healthcare options before submitting. The past Covid crisis is just another example of experimental healthcare.

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