The Weaponizing of COVID-19: Time for A Reality Check

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

This writing is not meant to diminish the devastating effects of COVID-19.
It is intended to point out what the media DOES NOT mention.

Incorrect and/or Overestimated Predictions

It’s been 3 months since we learned of the COVID 19 virus in the U.S. Compared to past flu type epidemics, our national response was swift. However, this time something was different.

Within weeks, we were bombarded with dire predictions. Based on modeling from The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), possible deaths ranged from 100,000 to 2.2 million. In retrospect, every prediction has been seriously over estimated.

“Pandemic” Fear and Economic Shutdown

The media became the pseudo medical voice for America. On March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

“To be clear, a pandemic refers to the “spread of the disease” rather than the “severity of the illness”.

Since then, our country has moved into an “unprecedented” economic shutdown that, to date, has put 17.5 million people out of work and 90+ percent of small and mid-size businesses in peril.

FEAR now grips the country, and makes any rational analysis secondary.

Forces exist within our government that slowly chip away at our founding principles, under the guise of “the public good”… And we haven’t come to grips with this yet. 

Time To Take The Gloves Off and Tell It Like It Is

Words indeed have meaning, and is the basis for all my blogs and books. On March 18, 2020, Trump stated that the COVID-19 impact on America makes him a “war time” president. This is a MILITARY term, that implies extraordinary and sometimes “unconstitutional” measures becoming legal, as in “medical” MARTIAL LAW.

Distance and Population Control

When was the last time we witnessed complete “population control” measures for viral or flu infections FAR MORE DEADLY than COVID-19? By February 10, 2020 world health officials stated that COVID 19 is also spread via “aerosol” transmission; meaning it can float long distances. In short, social distancing is smart but how far/long are “long distances”. 

Bottom line is, viruses have been with us forever, and smart defensive practices are essential. However, evidence shows that this COVID-19 virus has opened the door to political, to previously-unattempted economic and social reform measures.

Let’s Examine Some Little-Known
Facts that Give Us Pause:

American Values: The Perfect Cover for Subversion

Americans as a whole, are good natured, trusting and willing to give the benefit of the doubt. We are the perfect cover for subversion, where values and principles are intentionally contradicted or reversed in an attempt to transform established social order.

What we are now experiencing in America is what happens when FEAR rules over INTELLECT. Confusion, feel-good rhetoric, and the promise of a better life; without giving details, is the hallmark principle of Socialism. It’s time to toughen up America. COVID-19 is certainly real, but is it cloaked deception for a bigger agenda?   

“Fundamental Change” and The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America

Under the guise of a Utopian society, Barack Obama, a relative unknown, came to power promising things like free healthcare, education and even cellphones to “Fundamentally Change America”. Americans never bothered to ask the question: “Fundamentally Change America To What?”.  

The fake rivalry between Obama and Hillary was actually the 16 year New World Order (NWO) Plan to which Obama’s “fundamental change” was eluding. 

After Obama’s half of the 16 year plan was completed, Hillary’s goal was to weaken America to the point where accepting the socialist agenda of the NWO becomes automatic.

Fortunately for America, Donald Trump spoiled the party. 

The Take-Away

While most of us try to uphold American values, some have found ways to exploit it. Unfortunately, by misunderstanding military-type deception or historical events, we simply dismiss “deception” as coincidence.

This is a FATAL ERROR and the perfect cover for subversion, where an attempt to transform established social order contradicts or reverses American values and principles.

A more in depth understanding about pandemics, the media, and government involvement is contained in my book:

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