Let’s Talk The Social Media Government Connection (Part 2)

By Dr. Sal Martingano FICPA

So… What’s the Connection?

Previously, (in part 1 of this blog), I referenced an exclusive interview with TV personality and political activist Joe Rogan. This coverage introduced the unholy alliance that now exists between the U.S. government and the social media industry.

“It is my intent to expose additional hidden facts that continually keep us asking: “what the hell is happening to our country?”

Q: How can our Federal Government legislate laws for its citizens, yet exempt themselves and any other entity they choose?

Q: How can our Federal Government actually take ownership of anything not designated by our Constitution?

The answers cannot be explained until we realize that we are not referencing the United States as a country. We are incorrectly referencing the United States as a corporation.

The United States of America: A Private Corporation

  • With The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, the “Country” of the United States of America became the “Corporation” of the United States of America.***
  • The “Corporate States of America” is a business. Making business decisions that are best for the corporation- not necessarily the country.
  • As 5G “Smart” technology and enhanced social media platforms grow (referenced in my previous blog “Google Agrees with Trump: China’s Communication Giant Huawei Now on U.S. Blacklist”), information never intended to become public, has indeed become public after all.
  • “Smart” technology makes us feel special, but emasculates the essence of privacy that our Constitution and Bill of Rights affords.
  • “Data” is now the NEW business “commodity” that drives the economy.
  • Social Media is a data collection business (corporations) that citizens freely participate in and contribute to.

The Corporation of the United States of America, with its built-in 329 million workers (U.S. citizens), simply buys, incorporates or “strong-arms” compliance from smaller data corporations under mutual benefit agreements and protections. This is no different than any large corporation buying out a smaller corporation.

*** Please see the following, related blog posts for further reading:
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Freedom of Speech Has Consequences

Despite constitutional protections afforded to all Americans, our present society is trampled by the very abuses from which our “elected” government officials were supposed to protect us.

• Social Media is the new partner in almost all businesses. Government regulates businesses and retains ownership with social media corporations. They have unfettered access to freely-given personal data via social media.

• Social Media can influence the ‘rule of law’.  Social Media affects public opinion, silences opposing voices and often becomes judge and jury before ever reaching our court system.

• People use social media as if gospel; no thinking necessary.

• Every keystroke on your computer, tweet, Facebook post or social media involvement becomes PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.

Our founding fathers were intuitive thinkers in designing our unique constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights to adapt with changing society. It was not perfect. It required 27 Amendments to accurately describe government’s function- yet secure restrictions on government from trampling on the independence of its citizens.

Over the years many attempts were made to incrementally circumvent government restrictions. The most obvious being the infamous words of, then, presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008, promising to “fundamentally change America”. Few understood the significance of those words at the time. With the direction of present day politics, it has become clear that Socialism is that direction.

So… What’s the “Take-Away”?

The take-a-way from this discussion is that the government can spy on you without a warrant if allowed to function as a corporation. They can use social media corporations to buy, sell, and use personal data with impunity. This is something our founding fathers could not have anticipated.

Our constitutional rights become fragile or non-existent if not enforced vigorously by our citizens and elected congressional leadership. Not knowing our history, as in the Act of 1871, means…nothing makes sense; the perfect tool for indifference. It is your duty, as well as mine, to preserve our representative republic. Allowing one political party or ideological philosophy to dominate our media/social media platforms, ensures the demise of this country.  ENUF SAID!


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