Compliance vs Obedience…What’s it Gonna Be?


As we enter the third year of the Covid Pandemic, life, as we know it, has changed forever. This will not be the forum to discuss Covid nor its enormous impact on our society but suffice it to say Covid has provided the “cover” that Liberal-minded Americans have been waiting for; to fundamentally change our society

Something Evil Has Invaded Our Country


People have become hate-filled and irrational, to the extent that they will follow the insane direction of anti-American rhetoric designed to slowly take our country apart.

A Reality Check on Virology

A Reality Check On Virology - Blog Feature Image -

How sad that modern science has led so many astray in their understanding of human body functions by creating fear and panic while reaping vast profits for those in power as a result. Fear creates distrust in nature and our own bodies, making it appear that we are powerless in the face of disease. We have come to accept that only the medical establishment can save us from ourselves. Perhaps it’s time to do a reality check.

Equity vs. Equality


The words equity and equality are often confused because they appear to mean the same thing in conversation. They both have to do with the way people are treated, and both are used in the fields of law, government, politics, economics, and education. Specifically, these terms are used to describe actions that are attempting to ensure fair treatment of people. However, equity and equality are not the same, and the methods used to achieve them are often very different. Let’s look at what these two words actually mean and how they are being abused in present-day politics.

Political Observations


The comparison between the Trump Presidency and the Biden Presidency begs the question… why all the continuous turmoil in every facet of our country since Biden became president?

The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Explosion… The “Who Done It” Sabotage


The destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is pivotal to the future of world security. The “who done it” has become a game of speculation and concern as the “not so independent” media spins stories designed to evoke quick reflex conclusions to ensure the “elites” remain cloaked.

Leaving Afghanistan…The Truth Revealed

Leaving Afghanistan Truth Revealed - Blog Feature Image -

The hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan after a 20-year occupancy without any deterrent for a Taliban takeover is a callous disregard for the 20,752 injured and the 2,456 American soldiers that lost their lives during the conflict.  This is not the forum for discussing the reasons for the Afghanistan war but is of great interest as to WHY the sudden and ill-planned exit.

The Marxist Revolution Has Arrived

The Marxist Revolution - Blog Feature Image -

The American descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed, against the backdrop of a passive populace, willing to surrender their freedoms and souls, to the whims of the elites.

Climate Change Hoax…The Truth Revealed


Patrick Michaels, chief climatologist at the CATO Institute stated that in the last 100 years the global temperature is 9/10th of a degree Celsius higher; hardly the devastation climate scientists want you to believe.

The End of the Dollar

The End Of The Dollar - Featured Image

If a small group of powerful “elites” gets their way, money, as we know it, could literally disappear within the next year. The transition is already underway…

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